French restaurant “Jfree” by a Michelin 3-star Quintessence chef will open on January 7th! !

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French restaurant “Jfree” by a Michelin 3-star Quintessence chef will open on January 7th! !
In addition, “free” new flavors and spaces presented by chefs who have honed their skills in top-level environments such as Florilege, L’EAU, Hiroya, Akasaka Shozan…

The modern French restaurant “Jfree” (Kagurazaka), managed by owner chef Tsubasa Jinnai, will open on January 7th. Please enjoy a dish created from the skills and experience cultivated at a famous restaurant. Reservations can be made online.
We offer a chef’s choice course that is authentically French, but with Japanese taste sprinkled throughout.
It is characterized by a familiarity like Japanese food that you will want to eat the next day.
Our restaurant specializes in dishes that make the most of the taste of the ingredients, and has a strong commitment to ingredients. Above all, we are proud of our dishes using fresh vegetables from “Kajinami Farm” in Miyazaki Prefecture, whose deliciousness often surprises Chef Jinnai.
[Image 1

Conger eel Kujo spring onion
[Conger eel with Kujo spring onion]
A plate of grilled conger eel with fragrant skin and rare flesh. By intentionally adding a bit of bone cutting, it creates a more fluffy texture. A refreshing sauce made with duxelles and sherry vinegar is accented with Kujo spring onions.
[Image 2

Miyazaki Beef Aitchbone Jerusalem Artichoke
[Miyazaki Beef Aitchbone Jerusalem artichoke]
Miyazaki beef aitchbone, which is characterized by the finest meat quality and fine marbling, is fragrant on the surface and fluffy on the inside. Jerusalem artichoke puree and crunchy jerusalem artichoke chips are accented with the subtle sweetness of the meat. Enjoy with Perigueux sauce.
[Image 3

Dates Nougat Glace
[Dates Nougat Glace]
Dates, once loved by Cleopatra, are now known as a superfood. Desserts from a “chef’s perspective” that is conscious of the flow of the course. An elegant taste with a slightly sweet taste. Please enjoy the pairing with after-meal liquor by adding a little brandy to your liking.
【menu 】
Lunch: appetizer (amuse), appetizer (hors-d’œuvre), soup (soupe), fish dish (poisson), meat dish (viande), bread (pain)
・Dessert, petit four & coffee or tea (9 items in total)
Dinner: appetizer (amuse), appetizer 1 (hors-d’œuvre), soup (soupe), appetizer 2 (hors-d’œuvre), appetizer 3 (hors-d’œuvre)
・Fish dish (poisson) ・Meat dish (viande) ・Bread (pain) ・Dessert 1 (dessert) ・Dessert 2 (dessert) ・Small sweets (petit four) & coffee or tea (cafe) 12 items in total
[*Complete reservation system; reservations can be made online]
[Official Instagram]
[Jfree owner chef Tsubasa Jinnai Biography]
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Owner and Chef Tsubasa Jinnai
Born in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture. After graduating from Tsuji Culinary Institute France, he hone his skills in top-level environments such as Michelin two-star Florilege, Michelin three-star Quintessence, L’EAU, Hiroya, and Shozan Akasaka.
In particular, he gained experience in Japanese cuisine at Akasaka Shozan, and later became the head chef.
With a “free” world view that incorporates not only French techniques, but also Japanese taste, the concept of “enjoying with intuition and a taste that is somewhat familiar” is to create new flavors and spaces that have never existed before. Create with ideas.
[About Jfree]
[Image 5d114621-1-3477262af86fd5934f48-0.png&s3=114621-1-7032911557df8ec7e6f7a4f8c3e412f5-710x710.png
j free logo
“J” comes from 1.”J” in my last name Jinnai 2.”j”e which means “my” in French. “free” comes from the name Tsubasa. It represents new tastes and spaces created with free ideas.
[Image 6d114621-1-2af2b272bc0a60989f98-2.jpg&s3=114621-1-6432b18ec041b490cf37bbda38b160b8-2000x1335.jpg
6 counter seats
A one-piece counter table and a spectacular open kitchen. The audience seats are intentionally raised, and the design allows you to look over the kitchen from slightly above. After enjoying the cooking scene, the chef will serve the freshly prepared food right in front of you. You can experience a special live feeling not found in Grand Maison. [Image 7d114621-1-be170bbbad2e2dec3de6-3.jpg&s3=114621-1-99426113412a9b177ec4ca81d92080dd-2000x1335.jpg
4 private rooms
It can also be used for entertainment. It is a spacious and calm space where the ink art works of Mr. Rogan Ebihara, who was appointed as a cultural exchange envoy by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, stand on the walls.

Address: 〒162-0825 2-11-7 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo AY2 Building 2F S Phone number: 03-6457-5547
Hours: Lunch 12:00~15:00, Dinner 18:00~22:30
Closed: Sundays, Mondays Irregular holidays
Reservation site: Official Instagram: Course fee: Lunch ¥8,000, Dinner ¥13,000
(10% consumption tax and 10% service charge will be charged
separately. Private room usage will be charged separately ¥ 5,000.) Nearest station: 2-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Iidabashi Station B3 Exit, 3-minute walk from JR Sobu Line Iidabashi Station West Exit

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