From Michiko Yamanaka’s skin care brand , we will release a fresh cleansing gel that removes makeup with gentle moisture.

Dia Corporation Co., Ltd.
From Michiko Yamanaka’s skin care brand -favs-, we will release a fresh cleansing gel that removes makeup with gentle moisture.
Dia Corporation (located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will release a gentle make-up remover and calming cleansing gel from Michiko Yamanaka’s skin care brand -favs- on January 25, 2022 (Wednesday). All -favs- items are developed based on Yamanaka’s own experience with sensitive skin and knowledge of beauty and fashion that she has cultivated, with the desire to deliver excitement to people with sensitive skin.
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On sale January 25, 2022 (Wednesday)
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Light as air, feels like water.
A cleansing gel that gently removes make-up from sensitive skin. A fresh and light gel-type cleanser. Focusing on avoiding irritation such as friction and dryness, it gently removes make-up from sensitive or sunburned skin. Approach to pore troubles while giving firmness and moisture. You can use it comfortably every day, and it will keep your skin healthy every time you wash it. A positive floral citrus scent with geranium, orange and rose.
favs calming cleansing gel
150mL ¥3,520 (tax included)
POINT01: Textures and ingredients that pursue gentleness.
When it comes to cleansing, which requires removing make-up, it is extremely difficult to find a balance between non-irritating skin and strong detergency. After spending more than two years developing favs, it has finally reached the realm of “comfort without pressure on the skin.” With a base containing daffodil root extract, it has a finish that does not compromise on everything, such as lightness and no resistance, refreshing freshness, and moist feeling after washing. It can also be used for eyelash extensions.
POINT02: Eight types of hyaluronic acid fill the skin with moisture while washing.
Formulated with 8 types of hyaluronic acid* with different molecular sizes to quickly lock moisture into the skin after cleansing. It provides three-dimensional moisturizing by forming a moisture barrier on the skin surface as it blends in. In addition, marine collagen** and phytocollagen*** give firmness and lead to bouncy skin.
*Sodium hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer,
hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate, sodium acetylhyaluronate, potassium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid (all moisturizing ingredients) **hydrolyzed collagen (skin conditioning ingredient) ***Shiroki jellyfish extract (skin conditioning ingredient)
POINT 03: Tighten skin with pores and create a sense of transparency*. Containing flavonoids, tannins, and catechins, it contains a pore care botanical complex** that tightens the skin and improves texture. It tightens skin that suffers from conspicuous pores*** and sebum secretion, giving it a silky smooth and transparent impression*. * Moisturizes the skin to give a transparent feeling ** Grape extract, persimmon leaf extract, Japanese knotweed root extract, coffee seed extract, safflower extract, Japanese pepper extract, chestnut husk extract, tea leaf extract (all skin conditioning ingredients) * **Due to dirt and dead skin cells
Characteristic component
・Fusazaki daffodil root extract: Sensitive skin care ingredient. Prevents rough skin, gives firmness and makes it healthy.
・8 types of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer, hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate, sodium acetyl hyaluronate, potassium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid): Molecular size hyaluronic acid of different types to moisturize the skin from a three-dimensional perspective.
・Marine collagen (hydrolyzed collagen): A water-soluble marine collagen peptide with a structure similar to that of human skin. For moist and lustrous skin.
・Phytocollagen (Shiroki jellyfish extract): Highly moisturizing, leading to firm, glossy and healthy skin.
・Pore care botanical complex (grape extract, persimmon leaf extract, Japanese knotweed root extract, coffee seed extract, safflower flower extract, Japanese pepper extract, chestnut shell extract, tea leaf extract): flavonoids, tannins, caffeine, catechins, vitamins, etc. Complex ingredients including It tightens and smoothes the skin. Brand Concept
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The experience of falling in love with your skin.
Choosing skin care is similar to choosing “how to spend the future”. If you could choose who you want to be from now on.
There is no “late” on the skin, there is only “from now on”. Beyond work, hobbies, and sometimes even age,
Collect your “Favorite” and return to your favorite.
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Brand Story
For everyone, more beautiful skin than now.
Since childhood, I have been suffering from sensitive skin such as atopy and allergies.
As for beauty, I have tried and errored and struggled from skin care to clinics. While getting along with your own skin
I came to think, “I want to make items that achieve clinic-level effects in daily skin care.”
Since my daughter’s skin is sensitive and easily irritated, I thought it would be even better if it could be used by parents and children in the future.
-favs- is a brand that embodies my thoughts.
I myself have been involved from the zero point of development, so that even sensitive skin can get satisfactory results.
It was completed after many trials.
Even those who are not confident in their own skin can use it every day. ●Both the impression that can be obtained the next day and the gentleness to sensitive skin.
-favs- is particular about “impressed by the change in your skin like when you return from the clinic”. The moment you use it, the next day, in a short span of time, you will fall in love with your skin. At the same time, don’t forget the gentleness that snuggles up to sensitive skin. We thoroughly eliminate the combination of risky ingredients. ●We don’t make things that already exist in the world. Developed from scratch with an uncompromising spirit.
I will not release anything that I am not even slightly satisfied with. This is one of my rules. For -favs- items, we do not imitate the skincare that already exists in the world, but envision what we ourselves and women really want and participate in development from scratch. In collaboration with an advanced Korean laboratory that produces outstanding results through the fusion of technology and nature, we prioritize quality over schedule and pursue manufacturing with value.
● Make use of all your experiences to create cosmetics that will be a light for many women.
I am a mother of a daughter, a woman with a job, and in my mid-30s who can really feel the changes in my skin, and I have experienced many skin problems such as atopy. That’s why I think I can stand in the position of various people. I hope that -favs- that all my experiences and ideas have been poured into will help many women.
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Director of “favs”, designer of “Alicia Stan” and CEO of EXJ. Born in Tokyo in 1985. Started studying clothing design at the age of 22. She started her own swimwear brand “Alicia Stan” in the spring and summer of 2013 because she liked traveling and going to the beach and collecting overseas bikinis. In my personal life, I am a single mother.

Dia Corporation Co., Ltd.
Instagram: @favs__official
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