From Ningyo Joruri to Sachiko Kobayashi, “3D Encyclopedia”! Tomu Kawada (AR Three Brothers) new work “Virtual Body Encyclopedia” released

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From Ningyo Joruri to Sachiko Kobayashi, “3D Encyclopedia”! Tomu Kawada (AR Three Brothers) new work “Virtual Body Encyclopedia” released
VIRTUAL NIPPON BODIES 2023 – Communicating the value of experienced bodies and opening up new possibilities for physical expression
Precog Co., Ltd. is the latest work of the human body data archiving and dissemination project, “VIRTUAL NIPPON BODIES (Virtual Nippon Bodies) 2023”, which has been working on for three years since 2021 under the general direction of Tomu Kawada (AR Three Brothers). will be released on a special app from Saturday, February 11th.
In the previous year, we recorded data on butoh dancers, dancers, para-athletes with prosthetic legs, teenage professional
skateboarders, performers of bizarre Japanese festivals, Japanese drum players, and more. I created a work that unifies underground. Sachiko Kobayashi (singer), Yoneda 2000 (comedian), Chinza DOPENESS (rapper), former Tamano Koji Ishikawa (singer-songwriter) from the field of entertainment and music, and Igami no Kon from traditional performing arts. Futoshi + Puppeteer (Ningyo Joruri Bunraku), Otonashi Fumiya (Sho), traditional events, Toyama City’s Owara Kaze no Bon (song and dance folk song), Goto Islands Goto City’s Chankoko (Nembutsu dance) are newly welcomed, art A list of about 20 people’s data, including sports, will be published as a “virtual body picture book” on the special app “Social Experiment”.
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main visual
[Special site] URL: This work, in which bodies with a sense of dynamism appear in front of us beyond the screen, presents the possibilities of physical expression unique to data that can be viewed from anywhere in the world at any time. I will tell you. In the app, you can see the picture book, and there is also a function that allows you to combine each 3D data and motion capture* individually, so you can create various patterns of performances in front of you. In addition, limited edition original works such as the “Specimen Poster,” which reveals three-dimensional information when viewed through the app, and the experimental “Experience Trading Card,” which combine body cards and movement cards to create an iconographic image. increase.
*Motion capture: A technology that records human “movements” by recording the positions and movements of parts that characterize human movements, such as joints.
On February 11 (Saturday), the release date, an event will be held at Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT], inviting the performers of the project, digital archives of the body and cultural assets, and experts on virtual events. (Shibuya). It will be a day to think about the possibilities of creating works with the theme of storage and utilization of “digital body data”, examples of utilization, future possibilities, etc. There will be 5 relay-type talk events, workshops, exhibitions and hands-on corners moderated by general director Tomu Kawada. Limited cards with AR function will be given as a special gift to the first 100 event reservations and visitors, so please come and join us.
In recent years, there has been a growing movement to “open up data” both in Japan and overseas, but the cost of producing 3D models was initially high, and even today, the use of 3D models is still common. There are situations where it is not. In the future, as technology such as 3D data and motion capture become more familiar, we will explore the possibilities of new art and performance that can be realized by making the body AR.
[Performer: Message from Sachiko Kobayashi]
I believe that this activity will surely create the form of
entertainment in the future. I always want to keep my antenna up and try new and interesting things. In the past and now, it was great to work with the three suspicious AR brothers!
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Sachiko Kobayashi during motion data shooting

General Director: Message from Tomu Kawada
The movement to take human existence lightly was the first move of the corona misfortune. Many of the talented artists involved in
entertainment and the arts, who could not expect audiences to mobilize, had nowhere to go. Body and movement, if I could capture this with digital technology and archive it in the best condition. We have been trying for several years in this direction, believing that if we could reproduce it in a new way, the situation would change. This year, I would like to update the archive + playback method with the motif of a picture book, a specimen, and a card game. We hope that all producers of art and performing arts, those involved in physical expression, those in charge of museums, and those in charge of goods will participate and expand the possibilities of digital archives together.
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Tomu Kawada
VIRTUAL NIPPON BODIES 2023 work summary
[App delivery] February 11 (Sat) ~
If you download the special app “Social Experiment” from your smartphone, anyone can enjoy the “Virtual Body Encyclopedia” in front of you.
Price: Free * Compatible models: iPhone 8 or higher / Recommended environment: iOS 13.0 or higher * This app is iOS only.
[“Virtual Body Encyclopedia” specimen poster]
A special poster that reveals three-dimensional information when viewed through the app
Price: 1,650 yen (tax included) Sales: At a public event on February 11th [“Virtual Body Encyclopedia” Experience Trading Card (Prototype)] *Limited to 10 sets
An experimental trading card that combines body cards and movement cards to create an image.
Price: 3,500 yen (tax included) Sales: At a public event on February 11th Public commemorative event
Date: February 11 (Sat) 14:00-20:30
Venue: Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT] 〒150-0042 3-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Tobu Hotel B2F *Limited trading cards will be given to the first 100 people who have booked the event and who will be attending the event.
▼Experience corner
14:00-18:00 (free, no reservation required)
▼Body data workshop with the three AR brothers “A game? A performance? What to make?”
Let’s all think about games and performance ideas that can be created using digital data of physical expression.
16:00-17:30 (free, application required) *Maximum 10 people
AR Three Brothers (development unit), Yu Miyazaki (board game designer), Orta (artist)
Details and application: ▼ “Tomu Kawada General Moderator Big Relay Talk” on Digital Body Data 18:00-20:30 (free, application required) *Maximum 40 people
Details and application: Introduction What is VIRTUAL NIPPON BODIES? New release
Tomu Kawada (AR Three Brothers)
Commentary on specimen posters, experience trading cards, and virtual body encyclopedias
1. “A game? A performance? What to make?”
Yuu Miyazaki (board game designer), Orta (artist)
2. What form of performing arts can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere? Senmu Sato (bedridden president) x Shintaro Shimada (representative of Techno Tool)
3. Digital technology in the preservation and renewal of traditional performing arts
Akihiro Hatanaka (Folklore) Chankoko (Nenbutsu Dance) x Owara Kaze no Bon (Folk Songs and Dances)
4. Archives of Musicians as Performers
Yurika Kuremiya (Dance Critic) x Fumiya Otonashi (Gagaku) ​​Koji Ishikawa (Singer-songwriter/former Tama)
5. Can NFT drive the VIRTUAL NIPPON project?
Taihei Shii (Representative Director of Startbahn Co., Ltd.) x Daiki Furuya (Kitan Club)
*The talk event will be live-streamed on YouTube. Performers (in alphabetical order)
Koji Ishikawa (singer-songwriter)
[Image 4

Koji Ishikawa (singer-songwriter)
Otonashi Fumiya (Sho, Gagaku player)
[Image 5

Otonashi Fumiya (Sho, Gagaku player)
Owara Kaze no Bon (folk song event)
[Image 6

Owara Kaze no Bon (folk song event)
Sachiko Kobayashi (singer)
[Image 7

Sachiko Kobayashi (singer)
Chankoko (Buddhist prayer dance)
[Image 8

Chankoko (Buddhist prayer dance)
Chinza DOPENESS (Rapper)
[Image 9

Chinza DOPENESS (Rapper)
Puppet Joruri Bunraku (Puppeteer: Minshiro Yoshida)
[Image 10

Yoneda 2000
*For the profile, please see the PDF version release (attached) or the WEB (
Title: “Virtual Body Encyclopedia VIRTUAL NIPPON BODIES 2023” General director: Tomu Kawada
Development: AR Three Brothers
Cast: Sachiko Kobayashi (singer), Chinza DOPENESS (rapper), Koji Ishikawa (singer-songwriter), Yoneda 2000 (comedian), Igami no Gonta + Puppeteer (Ningyo Joruri Bunraku), Owara Kaze no Bon (traditional), Chancoco (Nembutsu dance), Fumiya Otonashi (Sho)
Cooperation: Bunraku Association
Music: Shuta Hasunuma
Design: Taeko Isu
Production: TASKO inc.
Barrier-free coordination: THEATER for ALL
Production desk: precog Inc.
Public Relations: Haruka Murakami
Produced by Kaori Kanamori (precog Co., Ltd.)
Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioned Project “2022 Strategic Arts and Culture Creation Promotion Project”
Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs, precog Inc.
Partnership: Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]
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Comprehensive production
Tomu Kawada
Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1976. After 10 years working for a manufacturer and engaging in patent development, he became the eldest son of the unprecedented development unit AR Three Brothers. New book “Augmented Reality” (2020), old book “AR Three Brothers Proposal” (2010). Serialized at the end of WIRED, J-WAVE “INNOVATION WORLD”, BS Fuji “AR Three Brothers’ Wonderful World”, Techno Conte. Director of BTC (Braintech Consortium). The eldest son both in public and private. A passing genius. star of the world. New cultural person.
AR Three Brothers
Yamada’s unprecedented development unit consisting of eldest son Tomu Kawada, second son Shinji Takagi, and third son Yu Ogasawara. Since 2009, he has continuously published material related to AR (augmented reality). From entertainment to art, from Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi to the Romance Car Museum. Its expansion range is as vast as a black hole, like the Tokyu Hands Shibuya store in Tokyo.
[Image 13
[Image 14

Management: precog Co., Ltd.
We are a production company that plans and manages various “events” to be held in Japan and overseas. We will create an exciting chemical reaction with the audience and artists, and convey the fun of the “current” that is updated daily. By leveraging the networks and relationships unique to precog and conducting repeated research from multiple perspectives, we continue to improve the quality of our works and performances, and pursue the contemporaneity of our projects and the continuity of our business. We find value in everyday
“expression”, connect with the international scene and local communities, and create the future of “expression” with an eye on education and welfare.
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[General inquiries]
“VIRTUAL NIPPON COLOSSEUM” Management Office (within precog Co., Ltd.) Mail: Tel: 03-6825-1223 (Reception hours weekdays 10: 00-17: 00)
[Inquiries from the press]
Public Relations Haruka Murakami | Tel: 090-5074-2320 |
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