From Yamagata! Collaboration between manufacturing companies that have been in business for over 100 years. Launched sales of circular water tank “TANK” by glass shop and pottery

Okubo Glass Co., Ltd.
[From Yamagata! ] Collaboration between manufacturing companies that have been in business for over 100 years. Launched sales of circular water tank “TANK” by glass shop and pottery
A long-established company with a long history conveys the value of manufacturing from Yamagata to the world. Released on January 26th.
Okubo Glass Co., Ltd. (Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture,
Representative Director: Akihiro Okubo), a glass shop celebrating its 100th anniversary, is a traditional pottery company celebrating its 180th anniversary, Shinjo Higashiyama Ware Co., Ltd. (Shinjo City, Yamagata Prefecture, Representative Director: Masakazu Wakui) will jointly develop a circular tank TANK and start selling it on the online store from January 26th. TANK is a one-of-a-kind product created by utilizing the know-how of a long-established company that cares about its hometown Yamagata. Through this collaboration between manufacturing companies in Yamagata Prefecture, we will disseminate the value of Yamagata’s manufacturing to the world.
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Product concept
TANK is a circular tank with a Japanese-modern design that makes you feel the tradition of Japan, and is a little different from the conventional tanks. Okubo Glass has created a completely new aquarium by combining the high-level glass processing technology that Okubo Glass has cultivated over the years with the beautiful colors and textures unique to Higashiyama ware. We would like to deliver products made in Yamagata by these two long-established manufacturing companies to the whole country and the world.
■ TANK Official Site
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Product Details
TANK is a water tank, but what to put in is up to each person. It can be used not only for tropical fish and reptiles, but also for moss art that does not contain living things. In addition, with the cooperation of aqua shops and guppy gardens in Yamagata City, we will sell starter kits that include fish, gravel, food, lighting, etc.
3 colors are available.
The names are based on the image of the towering “frost covered trees” in Zao, the “ripples” that you can feel at the beach in Shonai, and the “full moon” that shines in the night sky of Yamagata.
Juhyo: The unique weather conditions and vegetation of the Zao mountain range in Yamagata Prefecture create ice and snow works of art called “juhyo” that are rarely seen anywhere else in the world. This powerful, pure white “Snow Monster” image was created. A white glow like the frost-covered trees of Yamagata.
Sazanami: Indescribable and delicate “Ren” blue. The colors that are unique to Higashiyama porcelain express the ripples in your heart that occur when you feel beautiful. It feels as if you have brought the water and emotions directly into the room. Relaxing ripples of water in your room.
Full Moon: What’s in the Moon? The shape of the moon we see is not perfectly round, and the truth is beyond our imagination. The fish swimming in the black that shines even at night may be real. The one and only black made by human hands.
[Image 3d113912-1-b7de47cdb31d70f1dabf-2.png&s3=113912-1-d383f72511e55212de11b9c8a0648abd-1484x900.png
All prices include tax and are as follows.
TANK small: 26,000 yen (30,000 yen with lighting)
Medium TANK: 31,000 yen (35,000 yen with lighting)
TANK large… 35,000 yen (39,000 yen with lighting)
The starter kit includes fish, aquatic plants, gravel, bait, living organisms, etc., and will be sold starting at 7,000 yen.
■Can be purchased from the official online store.
TANK is one of the projects carried out as part of HANDSHAKES, a collaborative manufacturing project of Okubo Glass, the founder, and Okubo Glass is planning tie-ups with companies with various know-how in the future. .
From the founder, Okubo Glass Shop Okubo
I want to make things with companies in Yamagata! While continuing to spread the message, I met Mr. Wakui of Higashiyama ware. I felt that Mr. Wakui himself is similar to me in that his hobby is making things and he takes pride in his work. When we were discussing whether we could make use of our glass processing know-how, the aquarium came up. If you’re going to go to great lengths to make it, it’s not a normal shape, but the shape of TANK was created as a result of designing and producing with particular attention to colors and shapes that can only be produced in Yamagata. We thought that we could provide value through the collaboration of the unique color and flavor of
Higashiyama ware and the inherent beauty of glass.
If the customer picks up the TANK, a conversation is born, a child of a fish is born, a smile is born, and if I can be responsible for such happiness and fun, the goal has been achieved! With that in mind, each product is made by hand. Please feel free to use it.
From Wakui, representative of Higashiyama ware
When I make pottery, the most important thing that I put into my work is to make the lives of customers who use my products richer and easier. We strive to create products that are fun to use and warm your heart. This TANK was born from the idea that it would be fun to recreate the waterside scenery and nostalgic scenery that I saw in my childhood in various places such as offices and homes. Create a one-of-a-kind space by using TANK, which is expressed by combining warm ceramics and sophisticated glass.
Since our founding, we have been selling glass products such as cups and plates as a glass sales company. In recent years, our business has focused on sales of architectural glass, and as we approach our 104th year in business this year, four thoughts came to mind as we thought about the future of the industry, Yamagata, and our company. . 1. About the original value of glass
Glass was originally a naturally occurring product, and was valued for its brilliance and beauty as a decorative item. In recent years, glass has been used more for its physical functionality than for its beauty, and I began to wonder if I could convey the true value of glass. 2.Regarding the essential reason for existence of the company While we mainly sell architectural glass, windows (glass + frame) are originally what connect the inside and the outside, and we believe that providing a comfortable life through windows is our value. felt. We want to provide happiness and enjoyment through the glass we provide.
3. Thoughts on manufacturing
Okubo, the founder of the company, has been interested in
manufacturing since he was a child, and he wanted to one day create a business at his company and provide it to the world. Furthermore, when looking to the future, I came to think that it would be necessary to have a channel from B2B as the main business format to B2C.
4. Thoughts on Yamagata
It has been 10 years since Okubo, the founder, made a U-turn to Yamagata. Okubo loves his hometown Yamagata, and feels that it is his mission as a manager to make the future of Yamagata, including his children, prosperous. During that time, I met various companies with the same thoughts, and began to think about how we could return the value of each company to Yamagata in a good way.
Among the above four reasons, I came to think that if we collaborate with many professional people with technical skills, we can provide new value of glass.
In addition to Okubo Glass and Higashiyama ware, TANK also
collaborated with Guppy Garden to contribute to a happy life beyond just providing products, and a living body set was realized. Furthermore, with the desire to be particular about packaging and its PR, we have collaborated with package maker Spack Co., Ltd. and branding company Brand new day Co., Ltd., and have realized this manufacturing with a total of four companies.
We believe that it is our long-cherished desire if Yamagata companies collaborate with each other while making use of their respective know-how, and if the value of Yamagata increases through
manufacturing. Therefore, companies in Yamagata work together to provide value. shake hands It became a project called HANDSHAKES in English. We would like to deepen HANDSHAKES as a platform and achieve our company’s vision of “made in yamagata” to the world.
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