From YY Co., Ltd. Whitening teeth before Valentine Whitening 1,000 yen discount campaign-until 2/14

YY Co., Ltd.
[Whiten your teeth before Valentine] Whitening 1,000 yen discount campaign-until 2/14
Would you like to whiten your teeth for Valentine’s day?

YY Co., Ltd. (Location: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihisa Suwa) will carry out a campaign to offer a 1,000 yen discount for each course of self-whitening of teeth at the whitening gym Ikebukuro that it operates.
☆ Click here for the official website Our company operates a “whitening specialty store whitening gym” in Ikebukuro, but I want to do something about the yellowing of my teeth before Valentine’s Day! Since there are many customer voices, we will carry out a great campaign where you can receive a 1,000 yen discount for all courses of self-whitening of teeth.
If you want to whiten and clean your teeth before meeting someone special on Valentine’s Day, please take advantage of this opportunity! [Image 1d44061-25-8a2a2e4a4446c2eebf7e-0.jpg&s3=44061-25-61fc5ee1e8c56a4fd49a94e3038fcbe1-1600x1200.jpg
The following three courses are covered.
・20 minutes irradiation course 3,980 yen → 2,980 yen
・40 minutes irradiation course 5,980 yen → 4,980 yen
・Premium course 7,480 yen → 6,480 yen
A uniform discount of 1,000 yen will be given on any course. Even if you are new to self-whitening, please rest assured that we will explain the procedure in detail and provide solid support. We hope that you will be able to see with your own eyes that the color of your teeth will change to white.
This campaign is for treatments until February 14 (Tuesday). To make a reservation for whitening, please comment “I saw PR Times” in the remarks column of the reservation form from the official website below.
Whitening Gym Official Homepage
[Image 2d44061-25-f91152d3a0c6992a732e-1.jpg&s3=44061-25-65ae0afbc61a677870f51857522de3f8-800x600.jpg


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