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Fujia Co., Ltd. Changed company name to Fujia Co., Ltd. “BPO Technology Co., Ltd.”

Fujia Co., Ltd.
Company name changed to Fujia Co., Ltd. “BPO Technology Co., Ltd.” Aiming to solve the labor shortage of companies with the vision of “making online assistants commonplace in Japan”

Fujia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinya Yamada, hereinafter referred to as our company), which operates the online assistant service “Fujiko-san (R)” (, has announced “BPO We would like to inform you that our company name will be changed to Technology Co., Ltd. Along with the company name change, the corporate logo and service logo will also be renewed. [Image 1d86224-10-80c906410ad2dd9b3a7a-2.jpg&s3=86224-10-f116e4f98540871d1956a70e3da57ff0-1221x394.jpg

Background of the company name change
Our company, which was founded in 2017, has been striving to expand our business so that online assistants can become a natural choice for companies to solve labor shortages, as in Europe and the United States, and to become a natural choice for workers. rice field. In recent years, when work styles have diversified after the corona crisis, human resources can be turned to core operations, improving productivity, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and resolving labor shortages. R)” has been increasing. Since its founding, the average sales growth rate of “Fujiko-san” has been 180%, and the business content of consultations is also diverse.
Against this background, for many companies suffering from a shortage of human resources, human resources with extensive practical experience remotely support various back-office operations, such as accounting and general affairs, web operations, translation, and call work. From general corporate assistant work to higher-level and highly specialized work, the company name is aimed at promoting and utilizing the service of “Fujiko-san”, which supports all work that can be done on a personal computer with a team. “BPO Technology Co., Ltd.” has renewed its corporate/service logo.
New corporate logo/service logo
■ Corporate logo
[Image 2d86224-10-80c906410ad2dd9b3a7a-2.jpg&s3=86224-10-f116e4f98540871d1956a70e3da57ff0-1221x394.jpg
With the shortage of human resources and the diversification of work styles, social needs are increasing in BPO for small and medium-sized enterprises. It expresses the will to continue.
■ Service logo
[Image 3d86224-10-e0674acb305846ffb252-0.jpg&s3=86224-10-4038b46591172279b27f214b845451c1-565x144.jpg
A sharp illustration of an online assistant that can be requested from outside staff at home via the Internet for only the necessary parts of the company’s work. It suggests that we have a team of experienced online assistants who can ask you for as much work as you need, when you need it.
Comment from Shinya Yamada, President of BPO Technology Co., Ltd. [Image 4d86224-10-360e3feb552311e3fa2b-1.jpg&s3=86224-10-7fa074fbefbb08b7547a99a9ba1c5f5f-185x186.jpg
Our company has a vision of “making online assistants commonplace in Japan”, but there are important numbers in aiming to realize that vision. About 70% of business owners in the US use online assistants, while only 3% in Japan. (Popularized as Virtual Assistant in the US) The reason for such a high usage rate in the United States is that online assistants are a very easy-to-use solution for small and medium-sized enterprises with weak recruiting capabilities to solve the labor shortage. Among other things, it is a service that is compatible with companies that use rental offices and virtual offices, which tend to be particularly weak in hiring.
In addition to resolving the labor shortage, we would like to further improve added value such as promoting corporate DX and improving operational efficiency and automation. At the same time, we would like to further expand the opportunities for those who were unable to continue their careers due to changes in life stages such as childbirth and childcare, transfer of partners, and nursing care. Under the new company name of “BPO Technology Co., Ltd.”, we will play a leading role in resolving these social issues by providing services that optimally integrate humans and AI to realize a sustainable society.
New company name and trade name
Japanese company name: BPO Technology Co., Ltd.
English company name: BPO Technology Inc.
*There is no change in location or phone number.
Company Profile
■ BPO Technology Co., Ltd. (
Our vision is to make online assistants commonplace in Japan. The online assistant “Fujiko-san (R)” service handles a wide variety of back-office operations, as well as promoting corporate DX from the standpoint of an assistant and proposing the construction of clerical operations that make the most of SaaS. . Our highly experienced staff, who live in 33 countries around the world, including Japan, will respond in a sustainable way by taking advantage of the time difference, such as at night and on holidays.
We will continue to aim to be an infrastructure that solves the labor shortage of companies.
・Established: February 2017
・Representative: Shinya Yamada, President and CEO
・Head office: 6-14-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
BPO Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: 03-4405-3635 / Email:
Details about this release:

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