Fujitsu Constructing the “Taiwan Central Weather Bureau 6th Generation Supercomputer System” to Contribute to the Realization of a Safe and Secure Society in Taiwan

Fujitsu Limited
Construction of “Taiwan Central Weather Bureau 6th Generation Supercomputer System” Contributing to Realization of Safe and Secure Society in Taiwan

We have constructed a sixth-generation numerical weather forecast supercomputer system for the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau (located in Taipei City, director: Cheng Ming-chun, hereinafter referred to as the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau).
The system will begin operation in June 2022, and will be delivered in phases over a three-year period starting in 2021. The final system, which will be completed in December 2023, will have a total
theoretical computing performance of 10 petaflops (Note 1). It will be the fastest supercomputer in Taiwan in terms of theoretical computing performance.
Taiwan, which has tropical and subtropical climates, is one of the regions most susceptible to the risk of weather disasters such as typhoons and torrential rains. It is expected to improve the accuracy of observation and forecasting, and strengthen the observation and analysis of long-term climate change.
In addition, we will contribute to the diversifying meteorological business as a system infrastructure that supports the promotion of smart and advanced meteorological business, which is the medium-term plan of Taiwan’s Central Weather Service.
This system uses the FUJITSU Processor A64FX processor, which is also used in the supercomputer Fugaku, which was developed by RIKEN, a national research and development agency (located in Wako City, Saitama Prefecture; President: Makoto Gonokami) and Fujitsu. It consists of the FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX1000, a Fujitsu supercomputer installed at the core.
We support the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau’s weather forecasting business with our technical knowledge of HPC (High Performance Computing), our know-how on general meteorological work, and the high reliability that supports meteorological business operation. [About trademarks]
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Note 1 Petaflops:
   PFLOPS (Peta Floating-point Operations Per Second).
   Peta means 1,000 trillion (10 to the 15th power), which means that 1,000 trillion floating point operations can be performed per second. [About our contribution to SDGs]
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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 are common goals that the entire world should achieve by 2030. Our purpose (raison d’être), “to bring trust to society through innovation and make the world more sustainable,” promises to contribute to the SDGs.
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