Fukumitsuya Co., Ltd. “FRENAVA natural & organic” “Cleansing Cream” is now a pump type. January 18th ( Wednesday) Renewal new release

Fukumitsuya Co., Ltd.
“FRENAVA natural & organic” “Cleansing Cream” is now available as a pump. January 18th (Wednesday) Renewal new release
Co-developed with Cosme Kitchen. Makeup remover certified organic by JNOCA (Japan Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association).

Fukumitsuya Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture) is an organic skin care brand “FRENAVA natural & organic” jointly developed with Mash Beauty Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and released in February 2021. & Organic) “Cleansing Cream” container has been renewed from the conventional tube type to a more user-friendly pump type, and from January 18, 2023 (Wednesday), cosmetic kitchens nationwide, cosmetic kitchen WEB STORE, makeup. It will be on sale at Up Kitchen (some stores), Makeup Kitchen WEB STORE, Beeple (some stores), brand official WEB STORE, and Fukumitsuya directly managed stores.
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FRENAVA natural & organic cleansing cream (pump type)
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With the same liquid crystal emulsification as the lamellar structure of the skin
Achieves smooth cleansing without straining
A smooth texture that is as close to milk as possible. Blends quickly with foundation and point makeup, and removes cleanly. In addition to moisturizing ingredients such as sake lees extract, fermented rice liquid, yeast extract, and sake lees powder, it leaves your skin moist and smooth.

Uses 5 original ingredients born from fermentation technology Aspergillus oryzae, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria, which are essential for sake brewing, work together to create beauty ingredients useful for the skin. In order to make the most of this fermentation process, we have been thoroughly particular about the raw materials. Fukumitsuya has been working on contract cultivation of sake rice, which is the key to sake brewing, since 1960, and started organic cultivation in 2006. Based on this achievement, only for “Flenaba Natural & Organic”, 4 kinds of original raw materials “Organic rice fermented liquid” *1 “Organic sake lees powder” *2 “Organic sake lees extract” *1 using 100% organically grown rice. 3 We have developed Fukumitsuya’s original “sake yeast extract”*5, which is extracted with “organic sake lees oil”*4 and Ecocert-certified glycerin.
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Two unique raw materials are used that make effective use of Kuromoji that grows wild in the Hakusan forest.
The key ingredients of Frenaba, “Kuromoji distilled water” *6 and “Kuromoji essential oil” *7, are grown naturally under the cedar trees at the foot of Mt. By protecting and cultivating this kuromoji, which is cut together with the cedar trees when they are felled and thinned, and using them, forest maintenance will proceed and the cedar growing environment will be further protected. It is connected to protecting forests, water, the sea, and traditional sake brewing.
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*1: Moisturizing ingredient (fermented rice liquid) *2: Moisturizing ingredient (sake lees) *3: Moisturizing ingredient (sake lees extract) *4: Moisturizing ingredient (sake lees extract) *5: Moisturizing ingredient (yeast extract) *6: Moisturizing ingredient (Kuromoji leaves/branch water) *7: Fragrance (Kuromoji leaves/twig oil) [Image 5d71988-9-89f18b5e3f26c377ead2-5.jpg&s3=71988-9-66b890c0e2945fb43f0fb12bb73758f3-2424x748.jpg
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Obtained organic certification from the Japan Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association

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FRENAVA natural & organic cleansing cream (pump type)
Product Summary
Product name: FRENAVA natural & organic cleansing cream pump type (using biomass plastic)
Capacity: 135g
Price: 4,180 yen (tax included)
how to use:
Take an appropriate amount (about the size of a cherry) on your dry palm, lightly massage your skin, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
Full Ingredients:
Water, kuromoji leaf/branch water*2, rice bran oil, glycerin, macadamia seed oil*1, rice fermented liquid*1, glyceryl stearate, sunflower seed oil*1, cetearyl alcohol, sake lees extract*1, yeast extract, sake lees *1, phenethyl alcohol, sodium stearoyl lactylate, citric acid, kuromoji leaf/twig oil *2, lemon peel oil *1, sandalwood oil *1, orange peel oil *1, grapefruit peel oil, clove leaf oil, bergamot fruit oil
*1: Organic *2: Wild plants
release date:
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Available at Cosme Kitchen, Cosme Kitchen WEB STORE, Makeup Kitchen (some stores), Makeup Kitchen WEB STORE, Beeple (some stores), brand official WEB STORE, Fukumitsuya directly managed stores nationwide. URL https://www.fukumitsuya.com/cosme/item/b-frenava/
Introduction of all FRENAVA items/recommended usage steps
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FRENAVA natural & organic
Skin care that makes you look forward to tomorrow’s skin, comfort that fills your skin with the blessings of nature. A natural yet
sophisticated fragrance. Selected rice and water, the power of fermentation by bacteria and organic ingredients, and the mystery and power of plants resonate. With the pure strength of organic
ingredients developed for FRENAVA, combined with the power of plants and fragrance, we will send you ale for your tomorrow.
[Image 9d71988-9-651b3fbbbd2e86c8b731-6.jpg&s3=71988-9-6ff45fbca39207c5ec89c0c9cdb5afe5-1934x1112.jpg
FRENAVA natural & organic All 6 items
Fukumitsuya was founded in 1625. This sake brewery has the longest history and tradition in Kanazawa. As a junmai brewery that brews sake with only rice and water, we have made it our goal to use healthy raw materials, production methods, and products. Entered the cosmetics business in 2003. We continue to develop natural cosmetics based on fermented rice.
[Image 10d71988-9-335151c5aa7a74ec3a04-7.jpg&s3=71988-9-1280f70b57cb3b7eb6389ffd900c21fd-1934x664.jpg
Organic rice cultivated under contract with Fukumitsuya’s “100 year water”, which originates at the foot of Mt. Hakusan, the same habitat as the raw material Kuromoji

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