Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Fukuoka-born actress Mio Imada makes a guest appearance at the opening ceremony of the plaza of “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City” A new spot in Fukuoka, “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Park” opens!

Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City
Fukuoka-born actress Mio Imada makes a guest appearance at the opening ceremony of the “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City” square A new spot in Fukuoka, “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Park” opens!
Mr. Imada expresses his expectations for Fukuoka, which is undergoing rapid development

Sekisui House Co., Ltd., Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd., Seibu Gas Co., Ltd., Nishi-Nippon Shimbun Co., Ltd., and Fukuoka Shoji Co., Ltd. are five Daimyo Project Special Purpose Companies. The plaza “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Park” in the center of the facility opened on Friday, January 20, 2023.
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Mio Imada from Fukuoka rushes to her hometown to celebrate the opening [Image 2d114338-3-710f97c6a3d28ed903eb-19.png&s3=114338-3-a3b02c8d9a43f659a2d5b7e475406a01-1571x511.png
At the first part of the opening ceremony held before the opening, the Mayor of Fukuoka City Takashima, five representatives of the Daimyo Project Special Purpose Company, and Mio Imada, who is active as an actress from Fukuoka, were guests in her hometown of Fukuoka. We had you rush and cut tape. In response to this opening, Mayor Takashima expressed his expectation that this verdant plaza would be loved by the locals and become a new exchange base. Mr. Ishii, Senior Managing Executive Officer of Sekisui House, hopes that it will be used not only as a place for citizens to relax, but also as a place where various people can come together, send out information, and enjoy culture. . and commented. Furthermore, Mr. Eizan Takikita, an artist who graduated from the former Daimyo Elementary School, performed a song based on the school song of the former Daimyo Elementary School, celebrating the opening of “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City.”
Mr. Imada expresses his expectations for Fukuoka, which is developing globally In the second part, Mayor Takashima and Mr. Imada talked about their memories of the Daimyo, who spent his school days in Fukuoka. “After all, the food in Fukuoka is amazing!”
Regarding Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City, which will have its grand opening this year, he said, “I think it will become a more and more global city from now on. I am doing it.”, and talked about his expectations for the future, and it was a peaceful event from beginning to end.
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Presentation of communication art by artists representing Fukuoka [Image 4d114338-3-064ec7ec05a4d48768e8-21.png&s3=114338-3-18adfdd11d924d8f66f37027eb7c2a1f-1926x628.png
In the third part, Fukuoka’s leading artist puppeteer Hiromine Nakamura, Masahiro Honda, an artist belonging to PICFA, a medical corporation Seimeikai Disabled Welfare Service Office, and Hiroyuki Harada, representative, took the stage. We unveiled the large komainu playground equipment “Daimyo no komainu” and the art board.
Open today! Fukuoka’s New Trendy Spot “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Park” Prior to today’s grand opening, we opened the approximately
3,000-square-meter plaza “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Park,” which will serve as the face of “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City.” In the square, there is an event hall “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Stage” and a large screen. Various events will be held in the future as a place for a wide variety of exchanges, such as a place for local exchange, a place for new learning and challenges, a place for hospitality for customers from overseas, and a place for promotion.
January 21st (Sat) – 22nd (Sun)
Event “THE MEET SYNERGY DAYS” to experience various synergies [Image 5d114338-3-0d6f18edc69fab3de815-22.png&s3=114338-3-ba465814573669d04b50bb32b2542cef-1898x579.png
Along with the opening of “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Park”, the event “MEET SYNERGY DAYS” will start tomorrow, Saturday, January 21, where you can experience the various synergies that Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City will create in the future. “&LOCALS” and “Fuku Marche”, which are committed to local production for local consumption and pursue the essential richness of Kyushu, are the first event to team up. Providing gourmet food using Kyushu-produced ingredients that are particular about local production for local consumption
[Image 6d114338-3-fdb3c326d3c17e3c9ec6-23.png&s3=114338-3-219ec69910195e561224345b238c5568-1766x579.png
We offer food that satisfies the mind and body using plenty of ingredients from Kyushu, such as “Nibosaba Yame Chazuke”, which is limited to 100 servings per day, and the signature product of & LOCALS, “Tabi Suru Oinari”. “MEET SYNERGY DAYS” started today. “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City” will continue to provide various synergies that can only be experienced here.
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023 11:00 – 21:00 / LO 20:30
January 22 (Sun) 11:00 – 17:00 / LO 16:30
Venue: Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Square (6-50 Daimyo 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
Outline of “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City”
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Concept “MEET SYNERGY Go through the gate to the next Fukuoka.” Fukuoka is evolving into a leader city in Asia. “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City” will be the driving force behind this. After passing through the symbolic gate, you will find yourself in a lush green garden. It is a borderless place where everyone can meet, connecting offices, hotels, shopping, community facilities, etc. An unprecedented exchange, fusion, and resonance will occur, and various possibilities will be born. Grow and succeed in your business. A highly sensitive experience for your lifestyle. By accelerating these two wheels, the next new Fukuoka will start from here.
・Attracting Kyushu’s first luxury hotel “The Ritz-Carlton Hotel” ・A high-grade office with an exclusive area of ​​​​approximately 2,500 square meters per floor
・Provision of startup support and human resource development environment in collaboration with “Fukuoka Growth Next,” a startup support facility in the former Daimyo Elementary School South School Building
・Various exchange bases with the world and local communities through approximately 3,000 square meters of plazas and co-working spaces


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