Fukuyama High School students earn money for feeding the animal therapy sheep “Mofuo” in the school at a workshop! Glocal Workshop will be held at Anchor Hotel Fukuyama.

Sun Clair Co., Ltd.
Fukuyama High School students earn money for feeding the animal therapy sheep “Mofuo” in the school at a workshop! [Glocal Workshop] will be held at Anchor Hotel Fukuyama.
Learning about the circular economy through familiar subjects
At ANCHOR HOTEL FUKUYAMA (located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as Anchor Hotel Fukuyama) operated by Sun Clair Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, CEO: Masayuki Hosoba, hereinafter referred to as Sun Clair) Fukuyama Municipal Fukuyama Junior and Senior High School (Location: Akasaka-machi, Fukuyama City, Principal: Yoshiyuki Takada, hereinafter referred to as Fukuyama High School) held a “Glocal Workshop” on the 28th of the month, a workshop for fourth graders to learn about the circular economy. increase.
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“Mofuo” and Fukuyama High School students
From this year, at Sun Clair, we have been conducting activities to learn and think together with students as a research destination company for the “Fukuyama City Glocal Human Resource Development Project ‘Learning Cafe'”, which Fukuyama High School is working on under the guidance of the city board of education. increase. What is the Fukuyama City Glocal Human Resource Development Project? Fukuyama High School 1st graders have been conducting local
exploration activities since 2017. Research the efforts of local companies and organizations that lead to the SDGs, and conduct “exploratory learning” to find solutions to the problems that companies and organizations face. (From Fukuyama High School HP) [Image 2d39759-99-972d0cb1f3ca082c85f1-0.jpg&s3=39759-99-e120c8d1b662dd26972e401c0780b536-3900x2605.jpg
How to make wool felt
As part of the Learning Café activities, Sun Clair asked the students to plan innovative services for Generation Z customers at the anchor hotel, which has a large proportion of customers in their 20s even in Fukuyama City. I requested. Therefore, from the perspective of the circular economy, we processed the wool of Fukuyama High School’s animal therapy sheep “Mofuo” into wool felt, and created a workshop called “Glocal Workshop” to make wool accessories that Generation Z can enjoy. ” will be held at Anchor Hotel Fukuyama with students.

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Fukuyama High School Animal Therapy Sheep “Mofuo”
The animal therapy sheep “Mofuo” is a sheep that has been raised at the school since 2020 to help keep students mentally healthy during the corona crisis. Proceeds from the workshop will be donated to feed the growing Mofuo and challenge sustainable animal breeding. In this initiative, the students took the lead in everything from grasping the current situation of the hotel, event planning to sales promotion activities, and running the workshop on the day. Saint-Clair tried to teach students how to create interesting projects with free thinking, teamwork in project management, and how to generate sustainable money. At Sun Clair, we will continue to work closely with the local community and nurture connections that can contribute to the development of Fukuyama together.
About the Sustainable Workshop “Glocal Workshop”
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An example of accessories
Date: Saturday, January 28, 2023 13:00-16:00 (reception at any time) Venue: ANCHOR HOTEL FUKUYAMA 1F BAR
Eligibility: Everyone
Participation fee: 300 yen (tax included)
Contents: Fukuyama Municipal Fukuyama Junior and Senior High School 4th graders plan and operate. The wool of Mofuo, the school’s animal therapy sheep, is washed and dried, processed into ball-shaped wool felt, and made into accessories such as earrings and key chains according to the taste of the participants. After deducting expenses from the collected sales, the entire amount will be donated to the school as food for Mofuo. The aim is for the guests to have a good time as a memory of their stay, and for the locals to learn about Mofuo and get interested in the school.
Fukuyama Municipal Fukuyama Junior and Senior High School Educational Research Department Teacher Chika Nishida’s Thoughts
Using a needle to create a ball (sphere) from wool felt seems difficult, but once you get into it, it’s surprisingly fun. The students were more dexterous than I expected, which surprised me. When I saw the finished work, I thought, “This is the workshop, and I can provide the guests of Anchor Hotel with an enjoyable time as a memory of their stay.” And let’s use the profits to feed Mofuo! So, with the support of Saint Clair, we decided to hold the event. The corona misfortune has decreased the opportunities for school events and life experiences. However, I am grateful for the opportunity to enrich the school life of the students through this activity. Rather than saying, “I can’t do it,” I would be happy if they learned how to contribute to society by coming up with ideas and working on their own problems while having fun with their friends.
Sun Clair Co., Ltd. Learning Cafe manager Maki Azuma’s thoughts I am very grateful for the opportunity to let high school students know about the hotel industry, which they probably don’t know about, and the charm of Fukuyama, which I want local people to know about. Originally, we were planning to ask you to plan specific services such as accommodation plans, but after repeated dialogues, we thought that it would be possible to connect themes that are more familiar to the students themselves with the circular economy. connected to planning. As a company and as an adult in this town, I would be happy if, through this initiative, you could feel that the origin of the idea is surprisingly close, and the importance of having fun and trying things out.
A hotel that opened in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture in December 2018 with the concept of anchoring (connecting) the culture of Hiroshima and Fukuyama with domestic and foreign customers. The main features are the conversion from a used one-room apartment and the collaboration with local companies. Aiming to be a “salon” in the city where you can experience the new design and culture of Hiroshima and Fukuyama in a space that incorporates local content such as “denim”, “iron”, and “ship equipment”, it is a new place of communication between local customers and tourists. offers. 5th Fukuyama brand certified.
Location: 1-1-10 Shiromicho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture General Manager: Kazuyuki Kako
Official website: https://anchor-hotel.jp/fukuyama/
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Exterior of Anchor Hotel Fukuyama
About Sanclair Co., Ltd.
Seven hotels connected to the region centered on the Seto Inland Sea, such as the headwaters of the Shimanto River and Mori no Kuni Mizuki no Lodge. Rather than simply creating a box hotel, we are promoting the revitalization of the area (Re-generate) by connecting guests to the history, culture, food, and human activities of the area. We continue to take on the challenge of becoming a pioneer in leading Japan to become a true tourism nation.
Head office location: 1-1-6 Shiromicho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture Representative Director and CEO: Masayuki Hosoba
Official website: https://sun-crea.biz/
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