Full-scale launch of support business for “non-burdening memorial services” starting with “powdered bones ”

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Full-scale launch of support business for “non-burdening memorial services” starting with “powdered bones”
Charter ship operation to create “anniversary” Top company for marine scattering provides “peace of mind” for “compact final life”
Charter ship operating company “SPICE SERVE Co., Ltd.” (Representative Director: Kohei Yamada, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo * 1) will perform “powder bone” to powder the remains from January 17th. , has launched a full-fledged project “Gokoshi Support Tokoshie”
(https://tokoshie-kuyo.com/), which mainly proposes five methods of memorial service and realizes the wishes of the bereaved families. It is characterized by being able to provide ocean scattering at the lowest price range in the industry, which leads to a reduction in the mental and economic burden on the bereaved family. The preparation room for ashes care, the memorial service showroom, and the official website have also opened. With more than 2,000 custom-made cruises per year, we will flexibly respond to requests related to “departure” by making use of our experience in creating “anniversaries” for users. In the midst of the corona crisis and the declining birthrate and aging population, “compact final life” is attracting attention, and we will deliver “peace of mind” to those who want to consider the “burden on those left behind”.
[Image 1d17302-27-27336c91545b6ad2d7d6-0.png&s3=17302-27-467c01edc00cfd6003c29fc03c549bbf-937x1080.png
◆Marine scattering needs 1.4 times in 2 years◆
Against the backdrop of the declining birthrate and aging population and population concentration in urban areas, there was a growing tendency to move graves to other places (*2). Some inconveniences and burdens have been highlighted, and the number of marine scatterings in 2021 is 1.4 times (* 3) compared to 2019, and the trend continues to increase.
While some people have started to think about “shukatsu” in anticipation of the end of their lives, many of them say that the purpose of “shukatsu” is “I don’t want to cause trouble to those left behind.” sect (*4). In the “senior trend”, “compact shukatsu” ranked in (* 5).
□ Most records in chartered boats □
[Image 2d17302-27-492fd8b8725d9382486a-1.png&s3=17302-27-abdbf2379b4e4f0c672b14fb53ebc409-1248x754.png
As one of our cruising businesses, we operate the brand “Anniversary Cruise” for the purpose of having unforgettable anniversaries on board. Among them, the need for ocean scattering has increased, so since 2019 we have been developing the brand “Marine Memorial Sea Ceremony” specializing in ocean scattering.
Over 350 cases of ashes are scattered at sea on chartered boats annually. This is the largest number of cases in Japan that are not outsourced or joint (in-house research). In addition to throwing the ashes, you can make a custom-made service, such as playing the music that the deceased liked, or visiting the spots he liked on the way home, so that you can hold a memorial service that will remain in your heart. Demand is increasing year by year, and we are aiming for 500 cases this year.
■ Options that spread in powder form ■
[Image 3d17302-27-8880312a4a428f941405-2.png&s3=17302-27-8b4058249e1f9304971075e407e0e356-1302x832.png
The newly launched business “Tokoshie” is based on the diversification of needs for memorial services. will propose solutions. In the first year, we aim to receive 150 orders for “powdered bone”.
■ Remains Support and Eternal ■
[Image 4d17302-27-ea1a1ccb108c229afd12-4.jpg&s3=17302-27-c3585e496280cfe16d9772da6fd678f5-1289x609.jpg
The name “Tokoshie” includes the desire to “change the ashes into a familiar existence by caring for the remains according to their wishes, and to support the family to remember the deceased forever.” ・There are different types of powdered bones depending on the size, working method (mechanical or manual), and purpose (encasing ashes, memorial service at home, natural burial, etc.), and prices range from 9,900 to 55,000 yen (tax included).
・The lowest price range in the industry can be offered from 132,000 yen (tax included), including bone powder and sea scattering on a chartered boat. (*6)
・In addition to “ocean scattering”, there are “hand-held memorial services” in which the bones are placed in small jars, etc. “Satoyama burial” performed in the mountains “Tree burial” in which trees are used as grave markers instead of gravestones ▽Temples on behalf of individuals It can be roughly divided into five categories: “Permanent memorial graves and ossuary” managed by the cemetery.
・We will also develop a service that allows customers to visit the deceased on a business trip to receive the ashes, or to send them by post using a satellite positioning system (GPS).
・We also accept pet bones, which are in high demand due to the corona crisis. ・Regarding bone powder, we have received inquiries from temples and government agencies, and we will continue to respond to demand. ◆ Connect to peace ◆
Comment from Representative Director Kohei Yamada (*7)
[Image 5d17302-27-e63c5d06f837a354d282-3.png&s3=17302-27-fb9383153f5c27ccedbdc440a19b7b7c-614x796.png
Powdered bones are the “entrance” of the memorial service. We will expand the image of the user’s wishes and propose the best option. Scattering the ashes at sea and holding a memorial service at hand will lead to psychological peace of mind for those who are about to end their lives, as they do not want to place a burden on the people left behind. It also leads to a reduction in the economic burden such as the management cost of gravestones and graves. As the birthrate declines and the population ages, we hope to help alleviate the burden and stress associated with death.
*1) Company profile
Company name: SPICE SERVE Co., Ltd.
Head office: Bright East Shibaura 1F, 3-18-21 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Telephone 03 (6435) 6107 FAX 03 (6435) 4569
Established April 14, 2009
As a company that creates places, our corporate philosophy is to create and provide opportunities to accelerate life.
We provide “stimulating extraordinary services” to everyone involved in SPICE SERVE in their daily lives and help them achieve various goals.
“Continue to tailor-made “places” full of possibilities.” That is the job of SPICE SERVE. We define the “resort revolution” as the ability to instantly transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and we aim every day to explore the frontiers of unseen services.
Six major businesses other than the ceremony business of scattering bones and powdered bones that create “opportunities to accelerate life”
(1) Cruising
We are developing Japan’s largest “charter cruising event platform” with multiple purpose-specific brands, combining the passenger irregular route business and domestic irregular route business with travel agency qualifications.
(2) Management of ships and waterfront facilities
Effectively “reuse and manage” idle ships and waterfront facilities under the jurisdiction of individuals, corporations, and
administrative bodies. Our core business is the management,
maintenance, and operation of vacant ships as passenger ships, as well as full support services for ship maintenance and management for cruiser owners.
(3) Catering
From our own kitchen, we provide catering and delivery of
Japanese-Western lunch boxes, hors d’oeuvres, buffets, and finger food, and from our barbecue stores, we also provide catering with support for barbecues, and liven up the party scene at sea and on land. .
(4) Store operation
We operate unique stores, such as a chartered lounge where you can enjoy a barbecue and a cruise on the terrace with a private pier, and a delicatessen (Western-style side dish) that you can eat every day and not get tired of. We will continue to open a wide variety of new stores.
(5) Event planning and management
For corporations and individuals, we fully support secretary work at various social events. We handle everything from attractive event planning to venue, food and drink, production arrangements, day management, after-sales follow-up, etc.
(6) Travel business
Comprehensive planning and arrangement of itineraries for making memories that combine sightseeing and social gatherings, such as recruitment type / order type planning trips including cruising, company trips, inbound (foreign visitors to Japan), MICE (business trips), etc. We provide a one-stop shop for operation.
*2) Regarding the number of “reburials”
According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Health Administration Report Examples”, the number of “reburials” was 97,317 in 2016, 104,493 in 2017, 115,384 in 2018, and 124,346 in 2019. In fiscal 2020, the number of cases reached 117,772 even though there was a period when the government declared a state of emergency.
*3) Regarding the number of marine ashes and guidelines for ashes According to the statistics of the general incorporated association “Japan Marine Scattering Association”, the number of ashes scattered by association member companies was 1,049 in 2018, 1,201 in 2019, 1,503 in 2020, and 1,709 in 2021.
In 2020, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare presented the “Guidelines for Scattering Ashes” for ashes scattering businesses. It was characterized by its content that was useful for promoting the business of ashes scattering, such as showing the rules for scattering ashes and defining powdered ashes as a part of scattering ashes. *4) Survey on final life
In March 2022, San Holdings, which has a funeral company under its umbrella, answered 1,000 men and women in their 40s and 70s in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kinki area about their “awareness about final life.” The purpose of (multiple answers allowed) was “not wanting to cause trouble to those left behind” at 83%. 12% of people had a change in their way of thinking about “shukatsu” as a result of the corona wreck.
*5) About “Senior Trend”
In the “2022-2023 Senior Trends” announced by the “Halmek Life Skill Research Institute” of the women’s magazine publisher “Halmek Holdings”, looking back on the trends of the senior generation in 2022, “Compact Shukatsu” is the fourth. Ranked in. “If you just write on a sheet to organize your life, your surroundings and feelings will be refreshed. I introduced the feature that if you make funeral preparations “only for relatives”, you will be free from the ties of tradition and formalities.
*6) About the reason for the lowest price in the industry
Our company owns 6 vessels as a cruising business and operates 16 vessels in the ocean scattering business. We have our own pier in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and there are many owners of 1st class ship licenses and marine engineer licenses who can become captains. With a high operating rate and one-stop service, you can keep costs down and achieve the lowest price range.
*7) About the background of Representative Director Kohei Yamada ・I spent my childhood in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, where I loved festivals.
・Sponsored exchange events during university days. I went to England to study abroad in order to expand my possibilities as an
international person. Travel to Southern Europe and stay at a guest house where people from various countries gather. We had dialogues that transcended generations and races, and encountered various values.
・After returning to Japan, opened a “cafe & bar” in Yokohama while attending school. Although he tried to create a place where travelers could gather, the customers were mainly students and profits did not increase, so he was forced to close the shop after about two years. ・In order to learn management there, I experienced a recycling company, an investment company, and a web production company as an intern. In order to earn living expenses on Saturdays and Sundays, he works as a door-to-door salesperson promoting newspaper subscriptions. I have acquired sales skills and have been ranked number one in Japan as a part-time job.
・In charge of consulting for wedding venues, and in charge of event planning and operation to increase the occupancy rate on weekdays. Through many achievements, I decided to start a business centered on “place creation” that provides customers with smiles and affluence. ・In 2009, “Mid-Blue Co., Ltd.”, the predecessor of “SPICE SERVE”, was established and became independent. With the management skills that I acquired through my consulting career and the sales skills that I cultivated during my time as a door-to-door salesperson, I started business development centered on “place creation”.
・When I borrowed a cruiser from an acquaintance as one of the venues, I realized that cruising brings joy and surprises to many people. I decided to enter the cruising business. Furthermore, based on my experience in supporting a wide variety of industries during my time as a consultant, I have embarked on diversified management such as travel business and store management business, and have steadily increased my performance.
・We will continue to develop many businesses with the corporate philosophy of “Serving customers with SPICE (opportunities = time, experiences, and making friends) that accelerates life”.

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