FUNDINNO Co., Ltd. FUNDINNO concludes a partnership agreement with Kanagawa Prefecture on venture support

FUNDINNO signed a partnership agreement with Kanagawa Prefecture on venture support
~Participating in “Kana Yell” to support venture companies in Kanagawa Prefecture in raising funds~

FUNDINNO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,
Representatives: Yuki Shibahara / Manabu Oura, hereinafter “our company”) has signed a partnership agreement with Kanagawa Prefecture to support venture companies in Kanagawa Prefecture in raising funds. [Image 1d21941-192-b7575c2204032741690d-1.jpg&s3=21941-192-35e6165fec83d23b77ca0f983e2148d6-766x193.jpg
About the background and content of the collaboration
In order to create a future where anyone can take on fair challenges, we have been working to support growth by connecting fan investors and venture companies through the provision of FUNDINNO. Since it is a model that uses the Internet, it is used by companies nationwide from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa Prefecture in the south as a fundraising platform regardless of location. In addition to financial support, we also provide support through “FUNDOOR”, which solves shareholder management and business management of unlisted companies on a single platform.
This time, by collaborating with “Kana Yell”, which supports venture companies through crowdfunding operated by Kanagawa Prefecture, we will support the growth of companies in Kanagawa Prefecture, mainly in terms of fundraising, and contribute to the economy of Kanagawa Prefecture. We will continue to contribute.
* About “Kana Ale” operated by Kanagawa Prefecture
When using a partner’s crowdfunding service, by applying through “Kana Yell”, you will be able to receive various preferential treatment that the prefecture has agreed with the partner and the prefecture’s public relations support. In this way, we support venture companies in the prefecture that actively take on new challenges.
URL: [Image 2d21941-192-ab1c94c4b0eb26ebbd1a-0.jpg&s3=21941-192-d045d3361aa00268b47821702f5413a5-514x221.jpg

About FUNDINNO Co., Ltd.
Make the country’s venture market more open and democratic. Our mission is to eliminate gaps in information and opportunities for all entrepreneurs and investors, and to “create a future where we can challenge ourselves fairly.” To provide a variety of options for the challenges of entrepreneurs. And to deliver the support of investors to entrepreneurs. We will continue to transform to create a future open to ambitious people.
[Image 3d21941-192-f87870de124c035e755c-2.png&s3=21941-192-d7ef068dd6bb5ac44d50a3740a5dd463-1920x1080.png
FUNDINNO is Japan’s first* stock investment crowdfunding service. A platform that matches companies that want to raise funds with fan investors who want to support their businesses.
*From Japan Securities Dealers Association ● FUNDINNO PLUS +
FUNDINNO PLUS+ is a service that matches companies that want to raise large-scale funds with investors who want to make angel investments in start-up companies.
FUNDINNO MARKET is Japan’s first secondary market where you can buy and sell unlisted stocks on the Internet.
FUNDOOR is a business management platform for venture companies supervised by lawyers. We support CXO with a single business platform for shareholder management, shareholder meetings, financial management and IR distribution.
-FUNDINNO Co., Ltd.-
Location: 5-25-18 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Yuki Shibahara / Manabu Oura
Total capital and capital reserve: 3,592,479,340 yen (as of June 15, 2021) Established: November 26, 2015
Type 1 financial instruments business operator Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 2957
Member associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Fintech Association URL:
-About Fees and Risk Information-
Fees, risks, etc. for products handled in our services are the contents of the “Description of Important Matters
(” displayed on our website and the delivery before concluding a contract for each project. Please check the contents of the document. Please make your own investment decisions.
Note: This press release is a document to publicly announce FUNDINNO’s services and achievements, and is not prepared for the purpose of soliciting investment.

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