Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Investing business know-how of local businesses in DX Thesaurus Co., Ltd.

Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Invested in DX Thesaurus Co., Ltd. with the business know-how of local businesses

Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City; Representative Director: Wei Kin; hereinafter referred to as “FVC”) has partnered with Nagano Prefecture to establish “Shinshu Startup/Succession Support Investment Business Limited” jointly with financial institutions in the prefecture. Thesaurus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: We are pleased to announce that we have made an investment in Tsuruga Gondo-cho, Nagano City, Representative Director: Takehiko Arai, hereinafter “Thesaurus”).
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◆ About investee companies
Thesaurus’ mission is to create new businesses with ideas and information technology, and mainly promotes businesses that support small and medium-sized enterprises in formulating IT strategies and developing new businesses using IT platforms. Currently, we are developing our own cloud-based platform goodsoil to disseminate and permeate the business know-how of regional businesses that have achieved sustainable development as SaaS. In April 2023, we plan to start selling SaaS “goodsoil for enterprise” that comes standard with CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (business resource and business process management) based on the goodsoil platform. In the future, based in Nagano, we will actively work on DX support for local businesses inside and outside the prefecture.
Trade name Thesaurus Inc.
Representative Director Takehiko Arai
Head office location: 2312-1 Tsuruga Gondo-cho, Nagano City
Date of establishment: November 2018
U R L https://www.thesaurus.co.jp/
*Bangladesh Development Center scheduled to open in spring 2023 About the Shinshu Startup/Succession Support Fund
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Nagano for the purpose of developing the local economy and creating new employment by providing funds through investment to companies in the start-up and second start-up phases and companies that have problems with the purchase of successors’ stocks in business succession. This is a fund jointly established by Nagano Prefecture’s regional financial institutions and FVC in cooperation with the prefecture.
About Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (FVC)
[Image 3d11403-152-b3e9aa78426d89159bae-2.png&s3=11403-152-057c0ea0b09b6f66fa6c8fe6faf3a814-545x513.png
An independent venture capital firm headquartered in Kyoto. We are working on a “regional revitalization fund” to support regional venture companies, a “CVC fund” to promote open innovation by business companies, and a “general fund” to invest in promising venture companies regardless of region. is. In addition to investing funds, we also support business development, human resource development, business consulting, etc. for long-term business continuity. Trade name Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Takei Kin
Head office location: Karasuma Chuo Building, 659 Taraimizu-cho, Karasuma-dori, Nishikikoji, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Stock code 8462 Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard
URL https://www.fvc.co.jp/

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