G-Confidence Co., Ltd. From January 30th, Genius instructors will release “The Last Class” to examinees.

G-Confidence Co., Ltd.
From January 30th, Genius instructors will release “The Last Class” to examinees In response to the self-restraint of support at the exam venue due to the corona wreck, support junior high school students with a unique attempt Posted message advertisements from the instructors at all 73 stations near the exam school to support exam students just before the exam.

G-Confidence Co., Ltd. (Representative: Norimasa Matsumoto), which operates the junior high school entrance examination school Genius, supports examinees at all 73 stations near the examination school for students who are preparing to take the junior high school examination from Genius instructors. The message advertisement “The last class” will be posted from Monday, January 30th. In addition to these message advertisements, the “last class” video, which was shot in the same tension as the students, without redoing the actual one-shot shot, is also available on the official Genius YouTube channel “Genius at the 0th hour” (https https://www.youtube.com/@genius_zero/) will be released on the same day.
[Image 1d114799-2-d559140dd9f058dbb91e-0.jpg&s3=114799-2-c051af0823c9d7cba6a572a3c290a095-2048x724.jpg
The usual practice of cheering and encouraging students around the venue on the day of the exam has been restrained in recent years due to the influence of the new coronavirus. However, at Genius, even in such a corona disaster, we wanted to send a cheer to the students who were about to take the exam, so we posted message advertisements from the instructors to the students, “The Last Class”, at all 73 stations near the entrance exam school. I decided to. We hope that by seeing the instructors and the messages written on the blackboard as if they were actually there, the tension just before the exam will be relieved and the students will be able to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.
Also, in the “Last Class” video, the instructor was told only that “the students will have the last lesson” and “it will be a one-shot shoot without redoing”. I took a picture of the class inside. The “last class”, which is held in a different place than usual, in a situation where the instructors themselves are under the same pressure as the examinees, is a serious game, and contains a real message from the instructors to the examinees.
■ Message video overview
Title: Junior high school entrance exam genius “Last class”
Appearance: Genius instructors
Release date: January 30, 2023 (Monday)
Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/@genius_zero/
[Image 2d114799-2-af852393080314b7be29-26.png&s3=114799-2-6c05180dd55d279d1f394cef4058b4b8-1742x495.png
[Image 3d114799-2-937a52e791bb9e8c2163-25.png&s3=114799-2-1a74f83386e9c76946ce93ce78634269-1740x491.png
[Image 4d114799-2-27b523e1ab5c51ee9e5a-24.png&s3=114799-2-ca3f192d60e9fcaf4bd9efc7e7d709b6-1737x491.png
[Image 5d114799-2-67c19e27a4e7e70a5153-23.png&s3=114799-2-0a4bae07abb1bfde250bc6b1e785f9c6-1740x492.png
[Image 6d114799-2-c1074c43f9c4cdb8ef12-22.png&s3=114799-2-76aa757a2b655d7a71416f321a1b9e3a-1745x489.png
■ Outline of message advertisement
Posting start date: Monday, January 30, 2023
Posting location: All 73 stations near junior high school entrance examination schools in Tokyo and Kanagawa
▼Tokyu Toyoko Line Shibuya Station
[Image 7d114799-2-b65b9f3f0fc948becc39-11.jpg&s3=114799-2-16464ebe22abf27e4a7fb3414064c009-2048x1536.jpg
▼Odakyu Odawara Line Kyodo Station
[Image 8d114799-2-320cfead38782ad99ada-12.jpg&s3=114799-2-3365e79e514356be3612169d956eaf83-2048x1312.jpg
[Image 9d114799-2-53a70a1f1bfba44a3612-27.png&s3=114799-2-10ab1418ad71d55fb9e05bafeb6f1781-1727x614.png
[Image 10d114799-2-f5367e82b6483e22f683-28.png&s3=114799-2-2aac75271826d13708ce44b2117f6e93-1727x611.png
[Image 11d114799-2-a04e2d8f738f9c1c003d-29.png&s3=114799-2-65c46f73f95dbf3e7e79a3761bc6b5c6-1725x608.png
[Image 12d114799-2-e1a6127b18df0bbb718a-30.png&s3=114799-2-c8dc72b6a3f2ad158ba32a2d317bd1fe-1725x614.png
Comment from Genius Nobumasa Matsumoto, Representative of Junior High School Entrance Examination School
Many of this year’s students entered the school just before the corona disaster, wore a mask for three years, and went online immediately after the start of the school.
These are the kids who have become a daily life. Still, I studied earnestly and showed me a smile over the mask.
When such a brave and strong student enters the examination hall, he is alone. You may suddenly feel anxious. You may soar.
I think it’s a message that I want to convey at such times, a talisman. As long as it’s a competition, I want to see the faces of relief and the tears of joy after passing.
I wish all the students good luck.
■ About Genius
A cram school specializing in junior high school entrance exams that operates eight schools in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture.
As a small instructional cram school with 9 students per class of mathematics and Japanese, we will answer questions and correct writing in class. In addition, we have been distributing videos since before the corona crisis, and the number of students has increased
significantly even during the corona crisis. As of January 2023, about 1,400 students from grades 3 to 6 of elementary school are learning. In order to change the way junior high school entrance examinations benefit only students who attend top schools such as “Gosanke”, we offer a variety of special training for each school of choice. Overseas and local students are also participating in special training that allows Zoom participation.
Company name: G-Confidence Co., Ltd.
Representative: Norimasa Matsumoto
Established: 2006
Location: 5th floor, 1-15 Sumiyoshi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0065 Business content: Operation of junior high school entrance examination guidance cram school, mock exams by school, transmission of entrance exam information, training camp events, etc.
Official site: https://labo-g.net/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/genius_east
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@genius_zero/

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