GA technologies Co., Ltd. Real Estate Investment Monthly Report December 2022

GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Real Estate Investment Monthly Report December 2022
Percentage of multiple purchasers recovers to record high level
GA technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director, President and CEO: Ryu Higuchi; Securities code: 3491; hereinafter “the Company”), which operates the online real estate marketplace “RENOSY” , today, January 25, we released the customer trends for December 2022 in RENOSY real estate investment, which has been No. 1 (* 1) in asset management-type used condominium sales for three consecutive years.
[Points of this case]
37% of the number of properties purchased by contracted customers is “multiple”. Recovered to the highest level ever.
The age group with the largest percentage of contracted customers is 45-49 years old (21%). The highest ratio since the monthly report started.
The volume zone of contracted customers in the annual income range is 16% in the 5 million yen range, 12% in the 6 million yen range, and 11% in the 9 million yen range.
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◆ Overview
Since November 2019, RENOSY has released monthly customer trends for RENOSY real estate investment, which has been No. 1 (*1) in sales of asset management-type used condominiums for three consecutive years. In December 2022, the ratio of multiple purchasers recovered to a record high level. See the December report below for details. RENOSY publishes a variety of real estate data that it has accumulated with the aim of improving transparency regarding “real estate and money.” We will contribute to its realization.
◆ RENOSY real estate investment monthly report
Contents: “RENOSY real estate investment” contract customer
attributes, contract customer trends, sales property information Period: 1 month (December 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022)
* Each data is the data at the time of contract conclusion. Due to rounding, the total composition ratio may not add up to 100%. December 2022 report: RENOSY Real Estate Investment Service Site: [December 2022 RENOSY Real Estate Investment Monthly Report Topics] ◆ Number of properties purchased by contracted customers
Of the customers who concluded contracts in December, 63% had only one property at the time of purchase (down 3 points from the previous month), and 37% had multiple properties. 1 in 3 closed customers buy multiple properties.
The percentage of those who purchased multiple properties was the same as the highest percentage since the monthly report began.
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◆ Age of contracted customers
The age group with the highest percentage is 45-49 years old at 21% (up 8 points from the previous month), the next highest percentage is 30-34 years old at 19%, followed by 25-29 years old at 18%. The proportion of 45-49 year olds is the highest proportion since the monthly report started.
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◆ Annual income of contracted customers
The volume zone is 16% in the 5 million yen range (up 4 points from the previous month), 12% in the 6 million yen range, and 11% in the 9 million yen range.
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◆ Customer’s voice
RENOSY’s owner’s experiences and real voices are posted on the service site, from the trigger to the decision to start real estate
[Table 2: ]
◆ About the online real estate marketplace “RENOSY”
RENOSY is an online real estate marketplace provided by GA
technologies Co., Ltd., whose management philosophy is to create a world-class company that inspires people through technology and innovation. Based on the concept of “easier housing search and asset management,” we are able to “rent,” “buy,” “sell,” “lend,” “renovate,” and “invest” in real estate. We operate a real estate information website. With a cumulative total of about 320,000 members, we are working to improve the customer experience related to both online and offline housing while promoting the efficiency of analog and opaque real estate operations.
*The number of RENOSY members is as of the end of October 2022. [Image 6d21066-254-146ac64af14334c66e0f-2.png&s3=21066-254-4baa91dc30c04f168d934bb0ed063fd6-650x343.png
◆ About RENOSY real estate investment
RENOSY’s real estate investment is mainly focused on second-hand compact condominiums in urban areas, and according to a survey conducted by Tokyo Shoko Research in March 2022, it won the top sales performance nationwide for second-hand condominium investment for three consecutive years from 2020. I did (*1).
Unusually for real estate investment, office workers in their late 20s to early 30s make up the majority of our customers. In addition, its features include (1) promotion of online transactions using
technology, (2) comprehensive service from rental management to profit-oriented renovation, and (3) inventory turnover at 1/20 the industry average speed. (*2) One example is the ability to purchase properties that utilize AI and technology.
[Image 7d21066-254-49a50c4a17253b45edc1-3.png&s3=21066-254-d557a9ef250fca270f9c9e3004402a5c-1920x1081.png
(*1) GA technologies Co., Ltd. “Renosy’s real estate investment and second-hand condominium investment sales performance for the third consecutive year won the No. 1 nationwide” (announced on April 7, 2022)
(*2) The period from purchasing a property to selling it is called the inventory turnover period, and it is used as an indicator of how much inventory moves in and out. Our inventory turnover period is about 14 days/time (monthly average in 2020), and according to our own research, the average of 8 other companies in the same industry is about 277.5 days (as of the end of October 2020).
◆ Overview of GA Technologies
GA technologies Co., Ltd. is a real estate tech company working to transform the real estate business with the philosophy of “creating the world’s top company that creates excitement for people with technology and innovation.” Five years after its founding in 2013, it was listed on the Growth Market (formerly the Mothers Market), and in the three years since its listing, it has achieved rapid growth, including M&A of eight companies.
In 2017, the first (*) AI division in the real estate industry was formed, and from 2020 to 2022, it was selected as a “DX brand” for three consecutive years (the only one in the growth market), leading real estate tech.
(*) Our research
Company name: GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryu Higuchi, Representative Director, President and CEO URL:
Headquarters: Sumitomo Realty & Development Roppongi Grand Tower 40F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 2013
Capital: 7,238,798,466 yen (as of the end of October 2022)
Business description:
・Development and operation of online real estate marketplace “RENOSY” ・Development of SaaS-type BtoB PropTech products
Group companies: Itanji Co., Ltd., RENOSY PLUS Co., Ltd., and 12 other companies such as Kamui Second San Co., Ltd.
◆ Major Awards
・2020-2022: Selected for the third consecutive year in the FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific, a ranking of the fastest growing companies in the Asia-Pacific region jointly conducted by the Financial Times and Statista.
・ 2022: Ranked 23rd in the “2022 Rapid Growth Companies in Japan (Ranking of 100 companies with increased sales)” jointly conducted by Nikkei Business and German research company Statista
・2020-2022: Selected for the third consecutive year as a “Digital Transformation Stock (DX Stock)” jointly implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange
・2020-2022: Acquired “National No. 1 in second-hand condominium investment sales performance” for 3 consecutive years at Tokyo Shoko Research
・ 2020, 2021: Selected as the best company in the medium-sized category of the “Great Place to Work (R) Institute Japan Ranking” Details about this release:


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