Game On Press Release K-POP idol support app “IDOL CHAMP” for smartphones has started its service in Japan today!

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K-POP idol support app for smartphones “IDOL CHAMP” Japan service starts today! Starting with the Japanese localization of the app, a voting event with outdoor visions as rewards for fans in Japan has started!
 GameOn Co., Ltd. [Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Moon Jisoo] has started the Japanese service of the K-POP idol support app “IDOL CHAMP” today.
K-POP idol support app “IDOL CHAMP” is NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. [Headquarters: Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Co-representatives: Kim Seung-cheol / Bae Tae-geun] and MBC PLUS [Korea] [Headquarters: Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, CEO: Cho Nun-hee] jointly operates, and Game On will be in charge of domestic services in Japan. Along with the start of the service in Japan, we have started localizing the app, added a login function with the message app “LINE” account, and started voting with the reward of the outdoor vision advertisement in front of Shin-Okubo Station for the first time in “IDOL CHAMP”. did. From now on, we will actively try to make domestic users more convenient and enjoy life.
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■ What is “IDOL CHAMP”?
It is an application service for smartphones linked to the music program “SHOW CHAMPION” (broadcast every Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:00) distributed by MBC PLUS on cable TV, and you can vote in advance for the program from the application. can. The results will be reflected in the weekly ranking, and the songs of the champion artists will be distributed in the program.
In addition to the program vote, the app also allows you to vote on a variety of topics, and the artist who wins the top spot will be shown support advertisements in street vision advertisements, advertising spaces in stations, etc. A donation will be made. In particular, it is linked with votes to select artists to appear in famous magazines such as “Forbes (Korea)” and music awards, and it is showing great excitement every year.
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(*) MBC PLUS is a subsidiary of Korean terrestrial channel MBC, and owns multiple channels that provide services such as cable, satellite, and IPTV. Currently, it is a new media broadcasting station that operates a total of six domestic and overseas channels, including drama, variety, music, sports, and the Americas region.

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■Long-awaited support for Japanese!
Until now, Japanese fans have enjoyed “IDOLCHAMP” by exchanging information on SNS and sharing Japanese guides created by volunteers. You can use it comfortably by supporting languages.
■Information in Japanese is available on the official blog and official Twitter account!
In addition, an official Japanese blog and official Twitter account have been opened for the purpose of enriching information and revitalizing the community.
On the blog, I mainly post service usage guides and program voting results. On Twitter, we will provide Japanese translations of content sent by the global Twitter account, including exchanges between the management team and fans.
-“IDOL CHAMP” Japan Official Blog:
– “IDOL CHAMP” Japan Official Twitter Account: Addition of login function with LINE account
In order to improve convenience when signing up, we have added a login function using the message app “LINE” account.
(*) Due to the specifications of the app, login data cannot be transferred, so this function is recommended for customers who are new to “IDOL CHAMP”.
■Start voting with the reward of the outdoor vision in front of Shin-Okubo Station, the mecca of Hallyu!
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The fandom advertisement for the artist with the most votes in the poll “I thought you were Korean! Which Japanese member is the most fluent in Korean?” held from January 11, 2023 (Wednesday) is JR Shin-Okubo. Appears in the outdoor vision in front of the station. Voting will be held in the app until 23:59 on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, and after the first place is decided, we will solicit
advertising materials from fans for the artist to be screened on the outdoor screen.
[Image 6 -“IDOL CHAMP” official blog voting information page:
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■Follow & Retweet campaign now being held!
To commemorate the start of the service in Japan, 20 people who follow the official Japanese Twitter account and RT the specified tweet during the period will be selected by lottery to win an Amazon gift card worth 3,000 yen. In addition, we will hold a campaign to present CHAMSIM worth 500 yen to 100 people by lottery.
 CHAMSIM is a paid point that can be used for in-app voting. Please take this opportunity to get CHAMSIM and enjoy “IDOL CHAMP”! ≪“IDOL CHAMP” Japan official blog campaign announcement page≫
≪IDOL CHAMP Japan Official Twitter≫

■ Operating environment
[Table 2: ]
■Official SNS
[Image 8d10988-1246-3f2581442a507c85ba6e-7.jpg&s3=10988-1246-c383f03c29219090221796aa594b6ec9-600x200.jpg
-“IDOL CHAMP” Japan Official Blog URL-
-“IDOL CHAMP” Japan Official Twitter URL-
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■ Application download
-App Store-
-Google Play- ●Copyright notation
(C) NEOWIZ All Right reserved. (C) MBC PLUS All Right reserved. (C) GameOn Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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