GameFi ecosystem “PolkaFantasy” and MaxLV Ltd. have signed a business alliance in the Web3 game area!

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GameFi ecosystem “PolkaFantasy” and MaxLV Ltd. have signed a business alliance in the Web3 game area!

We are pleased to announce that the GameFi ecosystem “PolkaFantasy” has entered into a business partnership with MaxLV Ltd.
MaxLv Ltd. is a Web2.5 game development company that creates new game standards. This time, “PolkaFantasy” will support the NFT game adaptation of MaxLv Ltd.’s newly launched consumer title, and the two companies have formed a partnership.
■ About MAXLV Co., Ltd.
We are a Web2.5 game development company with the philosophy of creating a new game standard beyond the passion.
We are developing creative and innovative content centered on consumer games for the global market.
■ What is the blockchain game “PolkaFantasy”?
This work is a 3 VS 3 NFT card battle game, and in addition to the excitement and strategy of conventional JRPGs, it is a blockchain game that allows you to earn rewards by playing with your own skills. Incorporating game characteristics that break the concept of blockchain games, the production of more than 100 NFT characters, scenarios, NFTs with character voices using gorgeous voice actors, etc. are all developed in collaboration with Japanese Triple A studios.
From the official release, a strengthening and training system will be implemented, and NFT characters and weapons can be bought and sold on the game-specific NFT marketplace on the distribution platform “PolkaFantasy”.
(Scheduled to be implemented from the official release in Q2 2023) [PolkaFantasy Official Channel]
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■ What are NFTs?
An abbreviation of “Non Fungible Token”, it uses blockchain technology to make digital data “with an unforgeable appraisal/ownership certificate”. Converting digital data to NFT makes it possible to record it on the blockchain in association with its creator, owner, creation date, etc. It is now possible to add unique asset value. Since 2020, the NFT market has shown rapid growth worldwide and is attracting a great deal of attention as a new trading market for digital content.
■ What is a blockchain game?
This game is based on blockchain technology. By utilizing NFT technology for digital assets such as items and characters acquired in-game, they can be used in different target games, or freely traded in target marketplaces for Play-and-Earn (Play-and-Earn). It is possible to increase assets that can be used in the real world by earning while earning.
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