Garage Bank Co., Ltd. Garage Bank Co., Ltd., which plans and develops the asset management and utilization app “cashari”, and GMO Aozora Net Bank, have begun considering new services.

Garage Bank Co., Ltd.
Garage Bank Co., Ltd., which plans and develops the asset management and utilization app “cashari”, and GMO Aozora Net Bank, start considering new services
Aiming to provide a new service that centrally manages physical and financial assets by utilizing GMO Aozora Net Bank’s “Simple Embedded Financial Service”

Garage Bank Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshihito Yamamoto, hereinafter Garage Bank), which operates the asset management and utilization app “cashari”, and GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo) Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Representative: Chairman Takehito Kaneko, President Takeshi Yamane, hereinafter referred to as GMO Aozora Net Bank) has launched a bank API, one of the “simple embedded financial services” provided by GMO Aozora Net Bank. We will start considering a new service that can grasp the value of real assets in the same way as financial assets in “cashari”. This service is scheduled to be available around the spring of 2023, and is premised on Garage Bank obtaining the necessary licenses, such as electronic payment agency business.
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Background of the initiative
In recent years, due to the expansion of flea market app users, SDGs, rising prices, etc., the promotion of reuse and the transaction of vintage items are becoming active, and the interest in real assets is increasing. On the other hand, compared to financial assets, it is difficult to grasp the value of real assets, and since it is not possible to manage the high or low value of assets held at a glance, there is an issue that it is not possible to convert them into cash when necessary.
In response to the challenge of monetizing such real assets, the two companies have added a bank API, one of the “simple embedded financial services” provided by GMO Aozora Net Bank, to the “cashari”
application provided by Garage Bank. By connecting the two, we will start jointly considering the provision of a new service that has never existed in the world until now, which centrally manages real assets and financial assets, which has been considered difficult until now.
About “cashari”
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The property asset management and utilization app “cashari” allows users to check the asset value of owned items such as digital gadgets and brand items in a short period of time with simple application operations, and to monetize them whenever necessary. Service. You can choose from “sale” or “leaseback”* as the method of
monetization, and you can also “donate” the items as they are to children at child welfare facilities. From the start of service in November 2020 to December 2022, the number of downloads has exceeded 30,000.
“cashari” service site URL:
* What is “leaseback”?
It is a usage method that allows you to make money without letting go of the items you own. By selling the ownership of the item to Garage Bank and then paying the lease fee for the item to Garage Bank, you can continue to use the item for the duration of the contract. In addition to bank transfer, you can also select a Seven Bank ATM that does not require bank account registration to receive the sale proceeds. Also, when the contract period expires, you can choose to buy back the item or send the item to the Garage Bank as it is and let it go (return).
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Comments from representatives of each company
Garage Bank Co., Ltd. CEO Yoshihito Yamamoto
Garage Bank defines familiar physical assets owned by people as “material assets” and promotes the utilization of their value. The utilization of physical assets is important from the perspective of the SDGs, but on the other hand, there is no unified value standard for physical assets. We have received your feedback and would like to improve this situation.
Under such circumstances, by adopting the API of “Easy Embedded Financial Service” provided by GMO Aozora Net Bank for our service “cashari”, we will eliminate the boundary between physical assets and financial assets, We have decided to start working on the development of a new service that can provide an asset utilization experience. We will continue to focus on efforts to smooth the flow of “people, goods, and money” and support the challenges of many people. GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd. Chairman Takehito Kaneko
Our “easy embedded financial service” can be used in the “cashari” service provided by Garage Bank, allowing service users (end users) to centrally manage real assets and financial assets. We are happy to support new service value and customer experience. Toward the realization of this service, both companies will continue to study and do their best to provide new value to the world.
About Garage Bank Co., Ltd.
Garage Bank Co., Ltd. is a startup established in January 2020 with the mission of “making the value of things “possible” for everyone.” In November 2020, we released “cashari”, an application for managing and utilizing physical assets.
By establishing a system that fairly evaluates the value of things and immediately monetizes that value, we will create a new experience of managing and utilizing physical assets.
About GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.
With the corporate vision of “Everything we do is for our customers. Aiming to be the No. 1 technology bank,” we were established in July 2018 as a new online bank. By in-house system development, we are able to provide customer-friendly financial and payment services with a sense of speed. Mainly used by small and start-up companies due to online account opening application, speed from application to start of use, low fees, highly convenient financing service, full bank API, etc. In response to the rapid increase in demand, we have set three major pillars as our medium- to long-term strategy: 1. No. 1 bank for small and start-up companies, 2. No. 1 embedded financial services, and 3. Tech-first We are striving to develop new systems and provide services in order to be a bank that grows together with our customers, based on the concept that “growth of our customers’ businesses = growth of our company.” We are here.
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Bank API:
Simple embedded financial service: Company profile of each company
[Garage Bank Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Location: Kasamatsu Chiyoda Building 5F, 2-17-4 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yoshihito Yamamoto
Capital: 277.88 million yen (as of October 31, 2022 (including capital reserve)) Date of establishment: January 22, 2020
Business description: Small-amount personal property
leasing/second-hand goods purchase/vehicle leasing business
[Company profile of GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.]
Head office: Shibuya Fukuras, 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representatives: Takehito Kaneko, Chairman and Representative Director, Takeshi Yamane, President and Representative Director Capital: 21,629,950,000 yen
Date of establishment: February 28, 1994
Inquiries from the press regarding this matter
Garage Bank Co., Ltd. Public Relations Aoki
E-mail: / Tel: 050-5370-5960
GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd. Corporate Communication Group Hosoda and Menda E-mail: / Tel: 03-4531-2323
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