General Incorporated Association CancerX Program announcement for the online event “World Cancer Week 2023” hosted by the general incorporated association CancerX

General incorporated association CancerX
Announcement of the program of the online event “World Cancer Week 2023” hosted by CancerX
A one-week online conference was held under the theme of “Collective Action!”
CancerX (Co-Representative Directors: Naoto Ueno, Erina Hanzawa, Yuta Mishima), a general incorporated association that aims for a society that does not get upset even if it is said to be cancer, announced the session content of World Cancer Week 2023. On February 4th, which is “World Cancer Day”, we will hold a talk session on social issues of cancer for a week from January 29th (Sun) to February 5th (Sun). In the talk session, people who are active in various fields from Japan and overseas, cancer survivors and cancer patients will be on stage. We will also hold an open talk with the participants.
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1) Date
January 29 (Sun) – February 5 (Sun)
There will be a full-day session on January 29th and February 4th, and a half-day session on February 5th.
From January 30th to February 3rd, viewers will be invited to participate in dialogues with other organizations as an open talk. (Scheduled to be held in the evening. Details will be announced at a later date.)
2) Format
Online delivery Held in multiple formats such as symposiums, workshops, and networking
3) Session schedule (as of January 11, 2023)
Sunday, January 29th
9:30-10:15 Opening
10:30-11:30 Society – What are corporate actions that impact society? 11:45-12:45 Fundraising ~Toward the Creation of Diverse Actions~ 13:00-14:00 Education and enlightenment-Aiming for a platform that transcends companies and governments-
14:15-15:15 R&D ~Patient-centered R&D and business~
15:30-16:30 Resilience ~To survive adversity with grace~
16:45-17:45 AYA ~Problems of the AYA generation and actions to solve them~ Saturday, February 4th
9:30-10:30 DE&I – Diversity issues in the oncology field –
10:45~11:45 Global ~Close the gap in the access to clinical trials for patients with cancer~
12:00-13:00 Patient Power ~Let’s expand the circle of empowerment~ 13:15-14:15 Information ~ What you can do from your standpoint to avoid being swamped with information during the first hour after the consultation ~
15:45-16:45 Food and Nutrition
Sunday, February 5th
9:30-10:30 Personalized medicine
10:45-11:45 Pharma
12:00-13:00 Patient treatment selection “Let’s make it together! Cancer information maze compass” ~Current status and issues of cancer information/education~
13:15-14:15 Ending
4) Participants
Anyone who is interested in various cancer-related issues and who has a desire to create a society where people will not be upset even if they are told they have cancer can participate.
5) Event overview
Date: January 29th (Sun) to February 5th (Sun), 2023
Venue: Scheduled to be distributed on an online platform
Organizer: General Incorporated Association CancerX
Participants: Assuming participation from a wide range of fields, including industry, government, academia, and private medicine Details and ticket application: Early bird ticket 3,000 yen Sales period 12/19-1/15
General ticket 5,000 yen Sales period 1/16 – 2/5
Event site:
6) To the press who are considering coverage
A special press code is available.
Before purchasing a ticket, please contact the following public relations inquiries.
7) About General Incorporated Association CancerX
CancerX will continue its activities with the aim of achieving comprehensive solutions to social issues related to cancer through collaboration between industry, academia, government, and private sectors, as well as medical professionals, etc. I will come.
8) Inquiries regarding this press release
General Incorporated Association CancerX
Public Relations: Okazaki, Moriuchi, Yoshikawa

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