General Incorporated Association Childcare ICT Promotion Association Established the “Childcare ICT Test” to visualize childcare ICT skills

Childcare ICT Promotion Association
Established the “Childcare ICT Test” to visualize childcare ICT skills Supporting staff working on the introduction of ICT in childcare
The Childcare ICT Promotion Association (Headquarters: Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture, Representative Director: Touma Miyoshi, hereinafter referred to as the Association), which is engaged in seminars and information dissemination to connect ICT to better childcare, is positive about the use of ICT in childcare. As part of efforts to support staff and facilities that are working on this, we will establish and implement the “Childcare ICT Test” with the aim of visualizing capabilities related to ICT in childcare.
On February 18, 2023, a childcare ICT test “beginner” will be held (free). By having them acquire the qualification, we aim to support the staff who are promoting ICT in the childcare facility and to develop human resources.
Childcare ICT Test Official Website (

Background of the establishment of the “Childcare ICT Test”
The childcare industry faces many challenges, such as improving the working environment for childcare workers, ensuring the safety and security of children, reducing costs and conserving resources through paperless operations. As one of the means to solve these problems, the use of ICT in childcare is progressing these days. on the other hand ■ I became a person in charge of the childcare system, but I don’t know what to do
I want to explain to my colleagues how the introduction of ICT to childcare will improve things.
■ I want to systematically acquire knowledge of ICT
There are many employees who feel that ICT is a problem. By conducting the childcare ICT test, we aim to deepen our knowledge of ICT and develop human resources who can actively use it.
Purpose of the “Childcare ICT Test”
The childcare ICT test has three main purposes.
■ Development of human resources
By taking the childcare ICT test, you can deepen your knowledge of IT that is required in childcare sites, and develop human resources with knowledge of ICT and skills to use it.
■ To a self-propelled facility
If many staff take the exam in the park, knowledge of ICT will be shared, and if a problem occurs, it will become a self-propelled facility that can guide the solution by themselves.
■ Supporting staff members who promote ICT utilization
It is also intended to visualize abilities through certification and to support staff who are promoting the use of ICT.
“Childcare ICT Test” beginner’s content
Broadly divided into the following two levels, those who have basic knowledge of childcare ICT can acquire it.
■ Basic knowledge of ICT
■ About childcare system
It is certified as a level that can actively utilize ICT systems and participate in ICT projects in the facility.
In the beginner’s class, you can learn more practical ICT
implementation by taking up the basic functions of the childcare system, using Codmon, which has been introduced many times throughout the country, as an example. (You can take the Childcare ICT Test and the Codmon Test at the same time.)
“Childcare ICT Test Elementary” 1st test implementation and application method [Imaged87054-3-57f81d0277d766e8b32b-0.png&s3=87054-3-a90d9990ac11c6cd8c6f0f41863bd39c-640x200.png
Target audience
■ Childcare workers (persons involved in childcare facilities) ■ Those who are interested in childcare and ICT
■Students aiming to become nursery teachers
Exam fee
Application method
Register for the first webinar here
( Flow on the day of the exam
Take an online pre-course (30 minutes) *You can take the course at the same time on the same computer
After the online pre-course is over, we will inform you of the URL of the test web page (URL, QR code)
Access the test web page from a PC, tablet or smartphone and take the test (20 multiple-choice questions, about 10 minutes)
success criteria
Post-course exam correct answer rate 65%
About ICT in childcare
The childcare industry still relies heavily on handwriting and telephone calls for planning and recording childcare, daily contact with parents, and managing children’s arrival and departure from kindergarten. The use of ICT in childcare, which aims to digitize these using systems and apps and improve work efficiency, is attracting attention.
Communication with children, guardians, and staff that you want to cherish is as it is.
We aim to utilize ICT to realize the childcare that we want to do. About the Childcare ICT Promotion Association
【Company Profile】
Childcare ICT Promotion Association
Headquarters: Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture
Established: September 2021
Official website:
Official blog:
From Representative Director Toma Miyoshi
While working as a nursery teacher at a nursery school in Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture, I have been involved in the introduction and use of ICT, but the road to ICT adoption is not smooth. I have been keenly aware of this myself, having been involved in the introduction of ICT in many kindergartens for many years while working as a nursery teacher.
Therefore, we established the Childcare ICT Promotion Association to support teachers who are trying to use ICT.
By using ICT, we can reduce the work burden of everyone involved in childcare, build an environment that allows them to focus on childcare, and aim to secure and improve the quality of childcare. We will continue to do our best to act as a bridge between childcare workers and ICT systems. Thank you for your support.
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