General Incorporated Association Femtech Community Japan Released Femtech Community Japan “Latest information on Femtech in Japan and overseas 2023”

Femtech Community Japan
Released Femtech Community Japan “Latest information on Femtech in Japan and overseas 2023”

The general incorporated association Femtech Community Japan (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Tomoko Minagawa, hereinafter referred to as Femtech Community Japan) announces that it has released the report “Latest! Latest trends in Femtech in Japan and overseas”. This report is distributed only to corporate members of Femtech Community Japan.
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Our organization, Femtech Community Japan
(, has the concept of “A wide range of stakeholders are connected to promote Femtech-related businesses, products and services, discuss, share information, network, and disseminate information. It was launched in 2021 and became an incorporated association in July 2022 with the aim of realizing an ecosystem that performs
In the Femtech field, which has been attracting more and more attention in recent years, various femtech companies, products and services are being announced one after another in Japan. In addition, the expansion of Femtech products and services, the increase in the number of Femtech events, the entry of major companies that are conscious of women’s health into the Femtech market, and the entry of major companies that are conscious of women’s health into the Femtech market. The global Femtech market is estimated to reach $97.3 billion in 2030 (*1).
On the other hand, since our organization Femtech Community Japan was established in 2021, we have felt various current issues in promoting the femtech business through discussions with many entrepreneurs and people in charge of new business at companies. . For example, there are many male decision-makers and investors, and it is difficult for them to understand women’s health issues. I don’t know who to talk to.” Our organization will reduce the various healthcare issues and gaps faced by women and promote the expansion of activities of players engaged in the Femtech business in order to solve these issues. In this report, we aim to help solve that problem, and also pay attention to the latest information from overseas. Target categories and services are analyzed and investigated in the following six areas. ・Menstruation/contraception
Pregnancy/Fertility/Reproductive Health
・Gynecological diseases
Women’s Wellness
・Pregnancy / Infertility
・Healthcare ・Hormone
General Health Care/Fitness Health Care/Hormones
・Sexual wellness
Sexual Wellness/Sextechnology
[Image 2d102901-3-06e6fd205c4c5d26eb1a-1.jpg&s3=102901-3-4fb6db4cce7d9b7b665ea43a598a7486-1280x720.jpg
The Femtech market in Japan is thought to be about 6 to 8 years behind the leading European and American markets, but what is common in both Japan and overseas is that the market will be fostered from areas that are easy to work on, such as menstruation and fertility. I’m here. It is very important in this field to predict the trends and expansion of the Femtech field based on an understanding of global trends and the characteristics of each country and region, and to promote data acquisition, utilization and collaboration for the future. It’s going to be We hope you find this report helpful.
Our organization will continue to catch up on overseas information as quickly as possible and pass it on to our member companies. We aim to widely disseminate the latest overseas cases, investors, supporters and Japanese players, as well as advanced cases and trends in Japan. In addition, we would like to strengthen collaboration and networks with various overseas Femtech-related communities, investors, and accelerators.
We are looking for members and collaboration partners to promote business in the Femtech area!
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(*1) FemTech Industry 2021 / Q2 Landscape Overview, FemTech Analytics


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