General Incorporated Association Human Capital Management Promotion Association Event Report Established the Human Capital Management Promotion Association. Establishment kick-off event was held on January 25, 2023

General Incorporated Association Human Capital Management Promotion Association [Event Report] Established the Human Capital Management Promotion Association. Establishment kick-off event was held on January 25, 2023
The Human Capital Management Promotion Association*, a general incorporated association that aims to promote and disseminate human capital management, held a kickoff event on January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) to announce the establishment of the organization. . * Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative Directors: Hideki Nozawa, Yuko Sasaki, Daisuke Matsubayashi, hereinafter Human Capital Management Promotion Association
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This event will be held as a hybrid. The venue is completely invitation-only, and about 70 people in total, including corporate CHROs, investors, cooperating companies, and the media, participated. Nearly 200 people participated in both real and online.
At the beginning, Hideki Nozawa, representative director of the Association for Promotion of Human Capital Management, explained the purpose of the establishment and the purpose of this association. [Image 2

In Part 1, Mr. Kunio Ito (Director, CFO Education and Research Center, Hitotsubashi University), who is one of the founders of the Human Capital Management Consortium, gave a lecture titled “Human Capital Management to Transform Japanese Companies.” I was. The details of the system that the Financial Services Agency has been considering to make disclosure of “human capital”, which is regarded as a company’s capital, obligatory, have finally been finalized, and information disclosure is finally starting to spread in Japan. He gave a lecture on how “human capital management” will change.
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Part 2 was titled “Human Capital Management from the Perspective of Capital Markets,” and featured a panel discussion with Kunio Ito, Haruna Usui, Head of Responsible Investment, Alliance Bernstein Co., Ltd., and Ayako Fujita, Director of the Association for Promotion of Human Capital Management. rice field.
Human capital management is a “means” rather than an end, and there is a need for a combination of “predetermined behavior” that should be standardized as a global standard and “free behavior” that depends on the business model of each company. There was an in-depth discussion on what to expect, the purpose and types of indicator disclosure, and the communication between capital markets and management that will be necessary in the future. From the perspective of market participants, we will disclose the regulated performance without escaping from the peculiarities of Japan, and then communicate each free performance to investors from the perspective of improving profitability.
expectations were expressed.
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In addition, Mr. Kunio Ito, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. Executive Officer Corporate Planning Headquarters PR / Recruit Co., Ltd. Executive Officer Human Resources, Public Relations / Sustainability, Public Relations Mr. Mio Kashimura, Human Capital A discussion was also held with Yuko Sasaki, representative director of the Management Promotion Association. How can companies quantify the opportunities they provide and invest in their employees, and create mechanisms and stories for improving ROI and improving corporate value? At that time, what will the management team ascertain and what kind of discussions will be held? While listening to Recruit’s specific processes and the new discoveries they made in the process, we also discussed the impact that this kind of human capital management promotion process would have on corporate management and Japanese society.
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After that, a question and answer session and information exchange session were held at the venue.
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New points of discussion were actively presented from the venue, and it was a highly heated place for flat discussions from the
perspectives of investors, corporate management, and practical levels. It was a time to deepen our understanding of the future of promoting human capital management from a variety of perspectives and
perspectives, highlighting what the key to solving the challenges of Japan’s capital market from a global perspective is through human capital management. I was.
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Daisuke Matsubayashi, Representative Director of the Human Capital Management Promotion Association, gave a closing address, and the event ended.
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Comments from participants
● RENOVA, Inc. Executive Officer CHRO Hiroyuki Nagashima
“Putting the ‘question’ of raising employee well-being and at the same time raising corporate value at the center, we will bring together all participants to ‘human capital management’ from various perspectives such as employee perspective, management perspective, and investor perspective. It was a very stimulating place to have a flat
discussion, and I was able to learn a lot. It was an opportunity to reconsider our company’s investment in human resources. ”

Mr. Junichi Ito, Director, Executive Officer and CHRO, CrowdWorks Inc. “While human capital has become a buzzword, I was a little relieved to see their stance of taking it relatively calmly and doing what they can in their respective positions.
Since it is still in its infancy, discussions may move forward and backward in various directions, but I think it was a good opportunity to share our knowledge in a forum like this. ”
Implementation overview
[Date and time] January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) 15: 00-17: 30
[Venue] Roppongi Academy Hills Tower Hall
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 49F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6149 [Holding format] Venue participation / online hybrid format
[Official website]
■ Mr. Kunio Ito
Hitotsubashi University CFO Education and Research Center Director Professor Emeritus, Department of Business Administration, Graduate School of Business Administration
Chair of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry project “Study Group for the Realization of Human Capital Management”
Mr. Haruna Usui
Head of Responsible Investment AllianceBernstein K.K.
Mr. Mio Kashiwamura
Recruit Co., Ltd.
■ Yuko Sasaki
President and Representative Director, Lixis Co., Ltd. / President and CEO, Changewave Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Human Capital Management Promotion Association ■ Ayako Fujita
JP Morgan Securities Co., Ltd. Chief Economist
Director, Human Capital Management Promotion Association
Cooperating companies (in alphabetical order)
Kaonavi Co., Ltd.
JP Morgan Securities Co., Ltd.
SmartHR Co., Ltd.
Mori Building Co., Ltd.
Unipos Inc.


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