General Incorporated Association Medical Development Fundamentals An internationally accredited online learning course to understand drug development and issues in the medical field will start in 2023

General Incorporated Association Medical Development Institute Internationally accredited online learning course to understand drug development and issues in medical practice will start in 2023 Information on courses that anyone from patients, citizens,
development companies, and academia can learn

The Institute for Medical Development – JI4PE – (located in Midori-ku, Yokohama, Representative Director: Kyoko Imamura), which promotes social participation in drug and medical development, provides drug development education in accordance with an international curriculum. We offer it to everyone. In recent years, attention has been paid to the participation of patients and citizens in the development of vaccines and drugs for intractable diseases and the provision of medical services. Sharing knowledge about the underlying health system is important. Recently, as a result of an examination by the PharmaTrain Federation, an international drug development education accreditation body, our company has been accredited as a Center of Excellence (CoE) in recognition of the high evaluation of our social participation type education. Furthermore, of the five study courses offered by our corporation, the C course was also certified as meeting international educational standards.
[Overview of JI4PE study course]
We offer high-quality study courses that meet international standards at affordable prices and can be taken online. For this reason, you can apply from anywhere in Japan, and those who meet the completion criteria will be issued a certificate of completion as a CoE accredited organization above. Below is a list of courses and dates for 2023. Click here for details: -Courses mainly for patients and citizens-
Course A: Process from drug discovery to prescription, laws and regulations, medical communication course: Starting February 4 Course B: Organization building, management, and leadership
development course for patients and citizen groups: Scheduled to begin in October
Course E: General training course for research ethics review committees necessary for conducting clinical research: Starting March 25
-Courses for pharmaceutical and medical developers-
Course C: International drug development education syllabus-compliant drug discovery, marketing, and medical evaluation course: Starts in April
Course D: Human Resource Development Course for International Accreditation Program based on Competency Evaluation: Accepted all year round
Re-learning in a third-party evaluation-type learning course that meets international standards is essential for developing human resources who will play an active role in the new era, such as investment in people and reskilling. In response to these needs, we provide learning courses and awareness events that contribute to personnel development at each workplace and individual career advancement.
Until now, the course has been attended by leaders of patient groups, pharmaceutical companies, contract companies, and some people from academia, but with this international accreditation, an even wider range of people can take the course with confidence. We will grasp the needs of the field and lead to an increase in the number of
participants. We will continue to develop and provide high-quality learning courses and enlightenment seminars, etc., to provide more satisfying learning.

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