General Incorporated Association Ota Tourist Association Must-see Showa Retro Exhaustion Retro-themed photography exhibition & Showa merchandising / picture-story show performance-Would you like to experience the enthusiasm and nostalgia of the S

Ota Tourism Association
Must-see [Showa Retro Exhaustion] Retro-themed photography exhibition & Showa sales pitch / picture-story show demonstration-Would you like to experience the enthusiasm and nostalgia of the Showa era that transcends generations and get energized?
Ota Ward Photo Exhibition

■ Purpose of implementation
“Old Shopping District Scenery Panels” based on photos from the local museum, winning works of the Instagram photo contest “Retro I Found” held in autumn 2022, Kamata Konjaku Map, etc., and exhibitions of Tokyo Experience the enthusiasm and nostalgia of the Showa period through demonstrations of Showa merchandising and picture-story shows by artists belonging to the Street Performance Research Group, who are active as official Heaven Artists of the Tokyo Metropolitan
Government. We hope that you will get hints for surviving in today’s highly sensitive world.
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■ Events during the period
Sunday, January 22nd
1. Showa-era merchandising speech Appearance Tachisuke Funiya Performances: Banana sales, Gama oil sales
Saturday, January 28th
2. Nostalgic Showa picture-story show Appearance: Kamishibaiya Motchii Performance: Golden Bat, Ta-chan
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■ Participation method Free admission, no reservation required For details, please see the Ota Tourism Association official website
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■ Sponsor: Ota Ward
■ Operation: Ota Ward Shopping District Association General
Incorporated Association Ota Tourism Association
■ Cooperation: Granduo Kamata Street Performance Study Group [Contact]
Ota Tourism Association
TEL 03-3734-0202
Ota Ward Industrial Plaza 2F, 1-20-20 Minamikamata, Ota Ward

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