General Incorporated Association Tennoz/Canalside Revitalization Association Vintage Scandinavian general stores from all over Japan gather in Tennoz! Nordic City on the banks of the canal NORDIC JOURNEY Vol.4 will be held on February 11 (Sat) an

General Incorporated Association Tennoz Canal Side Revitalization Association Vintage Scandinavian general stores from all over Japan gather in Tennoz! Nordic City on the banks of the canal [NORDIC JOURNEY Vol.4] will be held on February 11 (Sat) and 12 (Sun)!
-Waterside market project, “TENNOZ MARKET PROJECT” will be held regularly at “Isle Shinagawa” in 2023-

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Tennoz Canalside Revitalization Association (Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo/Chairman Yasuyuki Miyake) is a general incorporated association that promotes Japan’s unique marche and market culture under the theme of “creating a lively waterfront” in Tennoz.・We regularly hold market events for the purpose of further revitalizing the waterfront and promoting tourism in the Tennozu area.
From last autumn, new regular events such as [Tennoz Harbor Market] and [Home Made] started as a waterside market project “TENNOZ MARKET PROJECT”. We will continue our activities in 2023 as part of the revitalization of the region by creating opportunities to meet and feel at home unique to the Tennozu area.
In February, the 4th “NORDIC JOURNEY Vol.4 in THM” will be held on February 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun). This is a special two-day market event where select shops related to Scandinavia gather from all over the country, mainly handling vintage and antiques at the warehouse venue along the canal.
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February 2023 event schedule
You can fully enjoy the unique charm of “NORDIC JOURNEY”, which is a Scandinavian stall food provided in a kitchen car, including popular tableware and miscellaneous goods, carefully maintained MCM furniture, and vintage items and artists from other than Scandinavia. You can also meet works, flowers and plants.
From 2023, Nordic City will be held twice a year (February/August) as a regular event.
-NORDIC JOURNEY Vol.4 in THM Overview-
Date: February 11, 2023 (Sat) 11:00 – 17:00 / February 12, 2023 (Sun) 11:00 – 17:00
Venue: Isle Shinagawa (former Higashi-Shinagawa Cleaning Workplace) Official website:
Official Instagram: Organized by: Million Dollars Department / Tennoz Canalside
Revitalization Association
Support|Shinagawa Ward/Embassy of Sweden/Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark/Embassy of Finland
About Isle Shinagawa
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As part of the legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Games, Shinagawa City will create a bustling city centered on culture and sports, such as a place where diverse people can gather through parasports, initiatives aimed at realizing an inclusive society, and a place for artist activities. It is a facility that is temporarily utilizing an administrative facility whose cleaning business use ended on March 31, 2020. -General Incorporated Association Tennoz Canal Side Revitalization Association WEB
-Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and requests- At this event, we are taking measures in line with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Infection Prevention Guidelines” to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Please check the following items before your visit and thank you for your cooperation.
・Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms such as fever (37.5° or higher), headache, cough/sore throat, discomfort in smell/taste, or fatigue.
・Be sure to wear a mask regardless of whether or not you have been vaccinated. ・Please disinfect your hands with alcohol for temperature measurement and disinfection at the entrance. In addition, the organizer will confirm the names and contact information of the visitors.
・Please wash your hands and gargle after using the restroom. ・Please refrain from eating, drinking and talking face-to-face, and try to maintain a social distance.
・In the unlikely event that you feel unwell at the venue, please immediately contact a nearby staff member.
・Depending on the congestion situation, admission may be restricted. -Other precautions-
* Due to various circumstances such as bad weather, the date and time, contents, and holding method may be changed or canceled without notice. Please note.
*If the event is canceled due to bad weather, etc., we will inform you on Facebook etc.
*There is no car/motorcycle/bicycle parking at the venue. Please use the surrounding parking lots, etc., so as not to cause inconvenience to nearby residents and pedestrians.
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