GIG We have started providing the free handout “Recruiting Marketers in 3 Minutes”! 【Workshop】

We have started offering the free handout “Recruiting Marketers in 3 Minutes”! 【Workshop】
Simplify the process of recruiting marketers

GIG Co., Ltd., which operates “Workship (”, a recruitment and recruitment service for freelance and sideline human resources, has started providing a free white paper entitled “Recruiting Marketers in 3 Minutes”. increase.
■ Overview of this document
Today, with the development of the Internet, it is possible to choose services and products based on more information.
For companies, marketing to get customers to choose them is becoming more important.
However, in the broad field of marketing, simply hiring marketers is not enough. Even people called marketers often have different job categories and skill sets, so it is necessary to hire people who match the business content of the company.
This document introduces basic knowledge to clarify the role of marketers and methods to strengthen marketing capabilities.
Please help us in your company.
Title: Hiring Marketers in 3 Minutes
Number of pages: 24 pages (PDF)
■ Document content
What is a marketer
Environment surrounding marketers
Basic flow of recruitment
■ How to download
You can download it for free from the link below.
■ About GIG Co., Ltd.
From national clients to startups, we provide DX support such as web consulting, UI/UX design, and system development. In addition, we will develop “Workship”, a matching service for freelancers and side businesses with about 40,000 registered users, and “LeadGrid”, a CMS specializing in lead acquisition.
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