Ginco Co., Ltd. Meetup to discuss and interact with the future and challenges of Web3 games. “Web3 Development MTG Vol.5” will be held on February 6th (Monday)

Ginco Co., Ltd.
A meetup where you can discuss and interact with the future and challenges of Web3 games. “Web3 Development MTG Vol.5” will be held on February 6th (Monday)
Held at LIFULL with Glee Murata, Thirdverse Moriyasu, and Yamada of Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. as speakers.

Ginco Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuuto Morikawa, hereinafter referred to as our company), a Web3 Development Company that utilizes blockchain technology to support the Web3 business of companies, is a company that is interested in Web3. , will hold the 5th “Web3 Development MTG”, an event that co-creates the development of Web3.
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“Web3” is attracting attention as a serious issue from 2022. While recognition has increased through the entry of major companies and the reflection of policy policies, and the business environment has been improved, such as regulations, it has not yet reached the stage where the general public can realize its appeal and value.
At Ginco, we are aware of the problem that Web3 must not end up as a temporary boom, but must continue to grow and develop. Development MTG” has been held.
This time, the 5th time, the event was titled “Let’s talk about Web3 games”, and as experts who cut into the Web3 business from the game area, Mr. Takuyu Murata of GREE Co., Ltd. Mr. Isao Moriyasu of Thirdverse Co., Ltd. Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Mr. Kozo Yamada of Ltd. will be invited to have a discussion.
5th event overview
Event name: Web3 Development MTG Vol.5
Theme: “Let’s Talk Web3 Games”
Date: February 6, 2023 (Monday) 19:00-21:00 (doors open at 18:45) Location: LIFULL Co., Ltd. 8F 1-4-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Organizer: Ginco Co., Ltd.
Participation fee: Free
How to enter: Please register through Peatix.
1.Web3 Development Topics
・Introduction of Ginco
・Introduction of business trends in the Web3 industry
2. Web3 Development Cross Talk
“Let’s talk about Web3 games”
Scheduled speakers
・GREE Co., Ltd. Metaverse Business Division Web3 unit
Head of Business Development Mr. Takuyu Murata
・Mr. Isao Moriyasu, General Manager, Thirdverse BCG Division ・Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltd. Founder & Co-CEO Mr. Kozo Yamada ・Ginco Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President Yohei Fusayasu (Moderator) 3. Ginco’s News
4. Commemorative photo
5. Social gathering
Socialize over snacks and drinks
*Please note that the contents of the program may change due to circumstances. Speaker profile
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Takuyu Murata Metaverse Business Division Web3 unit, GREE Co., Ltd. Head of Business Development
Joined GREE in 2010 after working in BtoB sales at a security software maker. Together with domestic and overseas game companies and partners, we have consistently engaged in business development, such as domestic and international game collaboration and JV establishment.
In 2017, he was appointed executive officer in charge of business development at a game subsidiary, and was in charge of M&A, business investment, and business sale of the game business.
From 2022, he will be the head of business development for the web3 business at the Metaverse Business Headquarters. Currently in charge of partnerships in the web3 ecosystem including blockchain companies, relationship building, validation business, investment sourcing and DD including tokens. His hobby is rakugo.
[Image 3d31033-63-4d0b7f084a497675370c-2.jpg&s3=31033-63-1dc6eadb67425f7c65113b871c06c94b-640x644.jpg
Isao Moriyasu General Manager, Thirdverse BCG Division
In 1998, graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering), joined Oracle Corporation Japan in April of the same year, and joined DeNA Co., Ltd. as a system engineer in November 1999. In 2004, he launched the mobile auction site “Mobaoku” and the affiliate network “Pocket Affiliate”, and in February 2006, he launched “Mobage Town (now Mobage)” and was appointed as a director in June of the same year. Appointed Director and COO in April 2009. In April 2010, he was appointed Director, Social Media Business Headquarters and COO. In June 2011, he assumed the post of President and CEO.
Retired in June 2021. In October 2021, he assumed the post of Director and COO of Timee Co., Ltd. Retired in March 2022. Joined Thirdverse Co., Ltd. in June of the same year.
[Image 4d31033-63-b0ce747442139b0f3545-3.png&s3=31033-63-1871d7884d4a37b2f9a45def52771b20-1000x1000.png
Kozo Yamada Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltd. Founder & Co-CEO After graduating from Tohoku University, experienced business planning and risk management departments at insurance companies, securities companies, etc. After that, he joined GMO Wallet Co., Ltd. (currently GMO Coin Co., Ltd.) in 2017. When I joined the company, GMO Wallet Co., Ltd. was just starting up, and I was engaged in various tasks, including the construction of the company’s overall structure. After that, he was consistently in charge of the business administration department, and now, in addition to the business administration department, he is in charge of the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) review department, and is engaged in overall company operations. [Image 5d31033-63-6b1a3235f3c25e25c50d-4.png&s3=31033-63-8f029cd4de0ae5e2e2340efcebdf4c88-328x328.png
Yohei Fusayasu Executive Vice President, Ginco Co., Ltd.
After majoring in computer science such as speech recognition and natural language processing at Kobe University graduate school, he was involved in UI/UX design at a blockchain technology development company. After that, he was engaged in the business strategy of the smartphone wallet service “LINE Pay” at LINE Corporation, and was in charge of alliances and growth measures. In 2017, he co-founded Ginco Co., Ltd. and served as Executive Vice President.
Ginco Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Ginco is a Web3 Development Company that uses blockchain technology to support the Web3 business of companies with the vision of “changing the economy”.
Infrastructure and enterprise services that can create new services such as Web3 and improve the value of existing services by utilizing blockchain faster, more securely, and more cost-effectively, and crypto assets that allow individuals to safely and securely. We are developing a wallet that can use digital assets such as
Location: 3-27-4 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032
Representative: Yuuto Morikawa
Established: December 21, 2017
Business description: Cloud-based blockchain infrastructure and development, operation, and provision of various enterprise services using this infrastructure
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