GINZAFARM Co., Ltd. Sales of pesticide spraying robot “Dr.

Sales of pesticide spraying robot “Dr.

GINZAFARM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kazuki Iimura), whose mission is to maximize social implementation of agritech, will mainly target greenhouse horticulture from 2023 to meet the needs of agricultural producers. We will start selling a mass production model of the pesticide spraying robot “Dr. FARBOT” (hereinafter referred to as FARBOT).
FARBOT is a platform type, and by changing the mounting mechanism, one robot can perform multiple tasks. As the first step, we will offer FARBOT equipped with a pesticide sprayer, which has the most inquiries. Our company has been selected for the Tokyo King Salmon Project in 2022, and we plan to deliver this FARBOT in the same PJ. [Image 1d66996-10-c2285daaa91ce2eeed85-0.png&s3=66996-10-55cd349041e5fae2e562975eb034dc3f-1664x1249.png
Model with Dr.FARBOT sprayer
Equipped with an electrostatic nozzle with excellent scattering properties, hose traction type with no restrictions on the amount of spray
The sprayer mechanism installed in FARBOT uses an electrostatic nozzle, which has excellent scattering and adhesion properties. It is a hose traction type combined with a power sprayer, so you can work continuously without the hassle of going to scoop up chemicals. The height of the sprayer can be adjusted up and down, and you can choose which nozzle to spray from, so you can change the spraying range according to the growth of the crops. Spraying can be turned on and off with a remote controller just like FARBOT, and by operating from a remote location, worry about pesticide exposure is greatly reduced. Sensing function can be added as an option.
In our verification test, we found that the work time was shortened by more than 30% and the amount of agricultural chemicals used was reduced by 20% compared to conventional manual spraying.
[Image 2d66996-10-2d45bb6e2bc1a39c427e-2.png&s3=66996-10-6a0323a8a7de9650346433e0b8d011ad-1444x895.png
Scattering situation by test machine
Size and functionality suitable for Japanese greenhouse horticulture fields Suitable for greenhouse gardening such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, green peppers, green peppers, and cultivated crops in hedges.
■ Auxiliary motor is attached for hose traction, assisting comfortable work Equipped with 3 speed switching modes
■Variable tread width makes it possible to handle both narrow and wide fields. ■ Easy to move between fields with a size that can be transported by a light truck
■ The battery adopts a versatile cartridge type
Dr.FARBOT body size: Length 825mm, Width 432mm (Tread width 3 steps 400mm, 460mm, 520mm), Height 373mm, Weight 25kg
Dr.FARBOT sprayer installation size: Maximum height 1800mm Minimum height 1690mm (Electrostatic nozzles left and right 5 stations) Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: FARBOT + sprayer mechanism 2,200,000 yen (tax included) per unit
Option: Sensing function
* We are preparing to provide a subscription that is easy to introduce new. *Specifications and prices are subject to change. The sales start time will be announced on the HP etc.
Voices of farmers who experienced the operation
Comments from a farmer who cooperated in the test (Tomato cultivation in Tochigi Prefecture)
“I was a little hesitant about using the robot, but when I first ran on the first lane, I realized that it was so easy to operate that my anxiety disappeared, and I quickly got used to it. I thought it was not only easy but also efficient because I could work while checking the
[Image 3d66996-10-39c86d325f4311c94a0d-1.png&s3=66996-10-ca5876301787fd168f47de8f0a559ebe-2066x1288.png
Test status by farmers

Further functions will be added to FARBOT in the future, and a control system will be built.
Technology to be installed in FARBOT
■ Pest diagnosis function by AI
■ Remote sensing mechanism using communication network
■ Optimal pest control diagnosis system by data acquisition and analysis by FARBOT
■ Control technology that does not use chemicals
We will continue to provide futuristic smart agricultural technology in anticipation of the Green Food System Strategy.
【Company Profile】
Head office location: 1-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Kazuki Iimura
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