Giselle Omotesando We propose a garden cushion that can be fully customized! GISELE, a high-end garden furniture company, has become the sole agent in Japan for “ECO DRY Foam (R)”, a cushioning material that specializes in outdoor weather resistanc

Giselle Furniture Co., Ltd.
We propose garden cushions that can be fully customized! GISELE, a high-end garden furniture company, has become the sole agent in Japan for “ECO DRY Foam (R)”, a cushioning material that specializes in outdoor weather resistance.

Giselle Furniture Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) (hereafter Giselle), which plans and sells outdoor resort furniture (garden furniture), has released “ECO DRY Foam (R)”, a cushioning material specializing in outdoor weather resistance. We have announced that we have become the exclusive distributor in Japan.
If you leave the “cushion” outdoors, won’t it get moldy?
The cushioning material that dispels such doubts is “ECO DRY Foam (R)”. A special material developed for outdoor use realizes
comfortable garden living.
[About the weather resistant cushion material ECO DRY Foam (R)]
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ECO DRY Foam(R) is a cushion material with excellent outdoor weather resistance created in 1997 with German technology. Its composition is a material processed into a coarse-mesh mesh (loofah structure), which has the characteristics of not absorbing water and being quick-drying. Recently, it has been adopted by top European brands, and Giselle has also adopted it for its “pillow cushions” and “order cushions”. ◆Three-dimensional structure open cell
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The secret to the excellent properties of Eco Dry Foam lies in its three-dimensional structure of open cells. Compared to ordinary urethane foam, each fiber of Eco Dry Foam is coarser and wider, so it absorbs almost no water and dries quickly even after absorbing a small amount of water. I have. This unique characteristic of eco-dry foam can be said to be a very attractive point for outdoor garden furniture.
Anti-mold processing “ultra-fresh (R)”
By applying the anti-fungal treatment “ultra-fresh (R)”, it is possible to minimize the growth of bacteria, which is a concern for fibers that contain water.
The figure below shows the results of testing Eco Dry Foam with Ultra Fresh and general urethane foam. Eco-dry foam with Ultra Fresh inhibits bacterial growth by 99.9%.
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◆Excellent water permeability
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Among the many cushion materials, there are many items with excellent water resistance other than eco-dry foam. However, no matter how water-resistant the material is, moisture can penetrate through the fine fibers, and in extreme cases, the moisture can stay inside and not dry. Eco-dry foam is a material that boasts of its own good drainage and air circulation.
◆ Ideal as a cushion material for garden furniture
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The advantage of using eco-dry foam as a cushioning material for garden furniture is its comfortable feel in addition to the original characteristics of the material. The loofah structure material, which contains plenty of air and is elastic, does not become flattened even after many years of use, so you can enjoy its comfortable texture for a long time. Even with outdoor furniture, you can feel the comfort of a living room sofa. Combining excellent properties with outstanding comfort, eco-dry foam is widely used in outdoor furniture.
◆We will create an original cushion according to your desired dimensions. Giselle can create a full custom garden cushion according to your request. How about introducing a built-in garden bench sofa that assumes an original cushion when designing a hotel or facility, or when designing a private residence?
・Click here for details about the full custom cushion
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About Agora (R) fabric made in Spain
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Agora (R) fabric developed in collaboration with world-famous fabric specialists “Sauleda” and “Tuvatextil”. It is also used to decorate luxury cruisers floating in the Mediterranean Sea, and the vivid colors of acrylic fibers add color to Giselle’s garden furniture. The manufacturing method is almost the same as the fabric made by Sunbrella (R) in the United States, which is used in many garden furniture, so there is no difference in durability and weather resistance. It has personality.
・ Click here for details on Agora (R) fabric made in Spain

スペイン製 Agora®(アゴラ)ファブリックについて

・Click here for Youtube video about Agora(R) fabric made in Spain
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About artificial leather “NAUTOLEX (R)” manufactured by Omnova in the United States
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The artificial leather fabric handled by GISELE uses “NAUTOLEX (R)” manufactured by Omnova in the United States. “NAUTOLEX (R)” is used as a mainstay fabric for yachts and garden furniture by manufacturers around the world, and its beautiful color, natural leather-like texture, high weather resistance, stain resistance, and resistance. Due to its abrasion resistance and easy maintenance, it boasts a track record of many installations in water sports, fitness equipment, hotels, restaurants, etc.
The product line using “NAUTOLEX (R)” includes yacht seat upholstery, interior cabin upholstery, boat flooring, trim components, etc., all of which have a special protective finish “PreFixx (prefix)”. is applied. It is a high-performance protection technology that assumes the most demanding marine environment, has passed various inspections and tests, and has top-class performance in the industry for wear resistance, durability, and easy maintenance.
・Resistant to water, rain, and seawater
The fabric was developed with the assumption that it will be used for the upholstery of yachts and interior decorations, so it has a high level of waterproof performance. GISELE is mainly used for the seat and back of sofas, pillow cushions, etc., but since moisture enters the cushion material through gaps such as sewing and zippers, the bottom of the cushion is made of mesh. , is breathable. For other cushions, you can use the product for a long time by opening the zipper after heavy rain and letting it dry well. Quick Dry Foam(R) (Eco Dry Foam(R)), which has excellent outdoor weather resistance, is used for the filling material of GISELE cushions, so “drying” is important for using the cushions for a long time. It’s going to be a good point.
・ “NAUTOLEX (R)” with numerous durability performance
Water resistance, UV resistance, high wear resistance, excellent stain resistance, easy maintenance, mold resistance, antibacterial, seawater resistance, oil resistance, blood resistance, urine resistance, ink resistance, etc. have The surface is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with PreFixx (prefix), and the lining is made of polyester knit. The service life of the “NAUTOLEX (R)” fabric itself exceeds 5 years. Click here for details on artificial leather “NAUTOLEX (R)”
manufactured by Omnova in the United States

米国オムノバ社製 人工レザー「NAUTOLEX®(ノートレックス)」について

About Giselle Furniture Co., Ltd.
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Giselle offers the finest garden furniture using the world’s leading materials. All of Garden Furniture’s furniture, which is made of carefully selected materials and reliable techniques, is carefully assembled one by one by skilled craftsmen, and is delicately crafted down to the smallest detail.
In addition, its sophisticated design has been adopted in five-star resort hotels and famous cafes around the world, and its performance continues to be highly evaluated by many users. Why don’t you spend a relaxing and healing time with the highest quality garden furniture that continues to play an active role in luxury resorts around the world?
The garden furniture with a wide variety of designs handled by GISELE are all original products directly imported from overseas. Our high-quality, low-priced, and well-designed products, which cannot be found anywhere else, are used in a wide range of fields, including five-star hotels, cafes, offices, and public facilities, and have been well received.
-Many adopted by five-star hotels, famous brands, and cafes- At GISELE, for corporate customers who are considering it, we offer not only free catalogs, but also discounts due to lot sales, free estimates, and proposal materials for clients. We provide extremely detailed service.
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