Global Heart Co., Ltd. The “Securities Appraiser Qualification” system to calculate the future potential o f the business and the value of the company has started!

Global Heart Co., Ltd.
The “Securities Appraiser Qualification” system has started to calculate the future potential of the business and the value of the company!
Bank Loan Is Possible Without Owning Real Estate – How and Who Calculates Business Growth Potential and Corporate Value? – The role played by “securities appraisers” will increase more and more.
Global Heart established the Japan Securities Appraisers Association in August 2022, and in November of the same year, held the 1st Semester Securities Appraiser Qualification Course and certified those who passed Level 2.
How should the value of securities, which are important assets of the people, be judged in the future? Necessary knowledge and judgment materials for investment are necessary before asking investors to take responsibility. The purpose of securities appraisers is not to sell financial products, but to judge the future value of securities based on their own knowledge and insight, and to provide information for investors to make decisions.
Japan has experienced an era of low interest rates and deflation for about 30 years, and from now on, we are required to respond to a society in an era of high interest rates and inflation in addition to the declining population. Even if new blood from finance (blood and milk) enters the Japanese social system, which has been said that innovation will not occur, the financial system (banks, securities, exchanges) as before If it is preserved, it will be a rice cake in the picture.
Securities appraisers calculate the corporate value (stock price calculation) of unlisted companies as well as the future potential of startup businesses, and support the construction of a new capitalist social system in Japan from an objective standpoint. Contribute to building a capitalist society.
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