GLOBIS Graduate School of Management invests in DAC-NOTE, which promotes DX in the field of infrastructure Winning the grand prize at the “G-CHALLENGE” business contest that supports current students and graduates in starting businesses

GLOBIS Graduate School of Management
GLOBIS Graduate School of Management invests in DAC-NOTE, which promotes DX in the field of infrastructure Winning the grand prize at the “G-CHALLENGE” business contest that supports current students and graduates in starting businesses

GLOBIS Graduate School of Management (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshito Hori) is DAC-NOTE Inc., which provides tablet CAD applications and cloud solutions for recording and confirming inspection details at public infrastructure maintenance sites such as bridges, tunnels, and dams. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masayuki Okabe Subaru, 2021 admission to GLOBIS Graduate School of Management, hereinafter referred to as DAC-NOTE) invested 5 million yen. This is the 19th investment from the G-CHALLENGE fund, an investment program for winners of the GLOBIS Venture Challenge (G-CHALLENGE) business plan contest sponsored by the GLOBIS Graduate School of Management. In addition, i-plug Inc.’s CEO Tomoya Nakano (2012 graduate of GLOBIS Graduate School of Management) and other angel investors have invested in this round, bringing the total amount raised to 14 million yen.
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At the “GLOBIS Venture Challenge (G-CHALLENGE) 2021” held in January 2022, DAC-NOTE set the vision of “zero people from all over the world suffering from infrastructure accidents”, and started the
infrastructure maintenance business. presented a business plan to promote DX and won the grand prize. After that, after repeated mentoring by GLOBIS faculty members, the company was evaluated for its business potential and social contribution, and investment was decided. After winning the G-CHALLENGE, DAC-NOTE participated in the 4th Batch Incubate Track of the accelerator program “G-STARTUP” provided by GLOBIS for seed-stage entrepreneurs, enhancing their management perspective and product development and development. We have accelerated business development.
Globis School of Management will continue to support current students and graduates to play an active role in society as “spiritors of creation and innovation.”
G-CHALLENGE 2021 Jury Chair Satoshi Hirose Dean of GLOBIS Graduate School of Management (English program)
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Mr. Masayuki Okabe, the representative of DAC-NOTE, has experience working on the maintenance site of public infrastructure facilities. has been polished. Many GLOBIS MBA students cooperate in the process of business plan creation and team building. We are also grateful to Tomoya Nakano, the representative of i-plug, who graduated from GLOBIS Graduate School of Management in 2012, for his support as an angel investor. We at GLOBIS University will continue to support
entrepreneurs who aim to create businesses and transform society. DAC-NOTE Representative Director and CEO Masayuki Okabe Subaru (Enrolled in 2021 at GLOBIS Graduate School of Management)
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I founded DAC-NOTE with the ambition of “zero people around the world who are unhappy due to infrastructure accidents.” Ten years have passed since the Sasago Tunnel accident, but my heart aches when I think of the suffering of the victims and their bereaved families. In order to prevent such an accident from happening again, I will make use of my own experience in the field to develop “digital tools with a sense of analogue” that will enable higher quality and more efficient inspections and reduce the burden on the field. send in the wind. At the same time, infrastructure maintenance is a necessary activity all over the world. Having participated in G-STARTUP, we will do our best to move forward with a big vision of “going high, creating world-class services, and aiming to become a unicorn” while firmly responding to current needs.
After dropping out of Kyoto Sangyo University in 1999, joined the Tokyo Fire Department. Since 2014, he has been engaged in visual inspection, hammering inspection, and various non-destructive inspections by approaching high-place sites such as bridges, dams, and oil tanks using ropes at Tokukosho Gijutsu Co., Ltd. From 2019, while working, he started studying MBA at GLOBIS Graduate School of Management with a view to starting a business, and is currently enrolled in the same graduate school. Founded DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd. in March 2022 and served as CEO.
■ DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd.
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Location: Inside the Ichibancho Incubation Center on the 7th floor of the Sagamiya Head Office Building, 6 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Subaru Okabe, Representative Director and CEO Established: March 2022
About GLOBIS Creative Ecosystem
The GLOBIS Graduate School of Management offers a variety of programs to support entrepreneurship, both during school and after graduation, including courses on “creativity” that teach students about successful venture companies. For those who are preparing to start a business, we provide mentoring, support for the execution of new businesses, and a school-certified club activity “GEC (Globis Entrepreneur Club),” and many other students and alumni who aspire to start a business are interacting with each other. In October 2018, we launched an investment program “GLOBIS Alumni Growth Investment” (commonly known as G-GROWTH) for venture companies started by current students or graduates. It is a program that invests up to 100 million yen per company on the condition that the cumulative procurement record is 100 million yen or more, and has invested in 8 companies so far. In addition, in April 2019, Globis launched the accelerator program “G-STARTUP” for seed-stage entrepreneurs, aiming to build a platform that will produce 100 unicorn companies. Select startups that are expected to grow into leading venture companies in Japan in the future, and conduct lectures by successful entrepreneurs and venture support experts. We support product development and business development by being accompanied by mentors who are active venture capitalists.
The entire group is actively promoting the establishment of a venture ecosystem through entrepreneurship support, startup business development, and business growth support through “G-CHALLENGE”, “G-STARTUP”, and “G-GROWTH”. increase.
[Overview of G-CHALLENGE 2021]
G-CHALLENGE provides a forum for many current students and graduates aiming to start a business to compete with their business plans, and by supporting start-up funds, encourages more entrepreneurship. In addition, the company aims to gain a foothold from the GLOBIS community to grow into a mega-venture in the future. For the investment, GLOBIS University School of Management and GLOBIS Co., Ltd. formed a fund. Winners will have the opportunity to receive an investment of up to 10 million yen. In addition to the marketability, competitive advantage, feasibility, and profitability of the business plan, the evaluation criteria emphasize whether it is in line with GLOBIS’ educational philosophy, such as sociality and the will and aspirations of management members. .
Reference: GLOBIS Graduate School of Management Entrepreneurship Support
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