Gloture Co., Ltd. Evolved toughness, the ultimate case “GeeCase-Cards” that protects the iPhone 14 from drops and shocks is now on sale at the gadget store “MODERN g”

Gloture Inc.
Evolved toughness, the ultimate case “GeeCase-Cards” that protects the iPhone 14 from drops and shocks is now on sale at the gadget store “MODERN g”
[Multi-function/Smartphone ring & stand/Shockproof/Camera protective cover/Card storage]

Gloture Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: CHEN JUNYI) will start selling “GeeCase-Cards” on its EC site (MODERN g) from January 24, 2023.
I am strong in a shock and protect a smartphone from a fall
Built-in versatile smartphone ring for comfortable use
● Functional design with excellent operability
-Compatible with the latest iPhone 14 series
Product page
Strong case “GeeCase-Cards” with excellent impact resistance Have you ever used your smartphone on a daily basis and dropped it on the ground?
If you drop it on a hard surface such as concrete, your precious smartphone may get scratched or the LCD may crack…
But with GeeCase-Cards, you don’t have to worry about that!
GeeCase-Cards is a functional smartphone case with excellent impact resistance. In addition to the shock-resistant body, it has a functional design with a card slot and a cover to protect the camera.
It protects your precious smartphone from the impact of dropping. It’s made of resilient and impact-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry if you drop your smartphone!
It absorbs the impact of drops and protects your precious smartphone. Durable GeeCase-Cards that protect from scratches are highly recommended for daily use!
[Image 1

Built-in versatile smartphone ring for comfortable use
GeeCase-Cards have a magnetic pad on the back of the case.
Therefore, it can be attached to a magnetic wall or stand in the car or at work! It’s a strong magnet, so once it’s installed, it won’t fall off! It can be installed on the wall even when you can’t take your hands off it, such as when driving, so it is very convenient when using navigation.
[Image 2

GeeCase-Cards have a built-in smartphone ring on the back of the case, and you can prevent your smartphone from falling by hooking it on your finger!
In addition, the smartphone ring can be rotated vertically and horizontally, so you can change it to your favorite angle and use it as a smartphone stand!
If you use it as a stand, you can enjoy movies and videos anytime, anywhere, so it is great not only for use at home but also for travel! GeeCase-Cards are also recommended for families with children. [Image 3

Functional design with excellent operability
GeeCase-Cards comes with a sliding cover on the camera part. Many smartphone cases lined up in stores do not come with a cover to protect the camera.
Actually, a case with a camera cover like GeeCase-Cards is a very rare design! ! This cover protects the camera from scratches when not in use. Even if you drop your smartphone, GeeCase-Cards will keep you safe! [Image 4

The back of the case has a built-in slot for credit cards and ID cards! You can put cash as well as cards, so you don’t have to carry your wallet anymore! !
The design allows you to easily store cards, and the operability is outstanding. It is very convenient because it is completed with this one! If you use GeeCase-Cards, you don’t need to carry your wallet, so it is recommended for those who don’t want to carry a lot of luggage! [Image 5

The structure of GeeCase-Cards is multifunctional.
In addition to the body using durable PC material, it has a built-in magnetic pad, smartphone ring, stand, camera protective slide cover, and card slot.
Functional GeeCase-Cards will make your smartphone life more comfortable! [Image 6

Compatible with the latest iPhone 14 series!
GeeCase-Cards are compatible with the iPhone 14 series!
There are two colors, red and black.
The crisp primary colors will make your hands look cool!
In addition, GeeCase-Cards is compatible with the iPhone14 series. It is compatible with the latest models, so it is recommended for those who have just got a new smartphone or who are wondering which case to use!
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[Image 8

Product Specifications
[Image 9

– Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. ・The warranty covers initial defects and natural failures.
・The following items are not covered by the warranty.
1. If you do not follow the instructions on how to use
2. If the product is intentionally damaged
3. When the customer or a third party such as a repairer not certified by the manufacturer disassembles the product or replaces parts. About Gloture
Gloture Co., Ltd. operates MODERN g, a shop that proposes lifestyles in the near future.
Sales EC site
Gloture Co., Ltd. has been selling this product “GeeCase-Cards” from January 24, 2023 on its own EC site “MODERN g” as a sales agent. Please purchase from the URL below.
進化したタフネス、iPhone 14を落下や衝撃から守る究極のケース「GeeCase-Cards」【多機能/スマホリング&スタンド/耐衝撃/カメラ保護カバー/カード収納】
Selling price
¥3,980 (tax included)
[Gloture Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Established: April 2015
Location: 2F, 2-2-15 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business description:
– Operation of gadget store “MODERN g” – Product planning, manufacturing and sales
– Providing D2C PR-related services
Mission, Vision, Values: Create a more exciting world / Energize people’s lives with innovative products / Challenge with a spirit of adventure
Official website:
Amazon store: Facebook:
Youtube: Twitter:
[For companies considering sales agency or wholesale of our products] “MODERN g” handles various gadgets such as PC/mobile peripherals, smart devices, accessories, outdoor goods, and interiors.
For distributors and wholesalers who are considering new transactions related to products, please contact us from the following.
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