Gloture Co., Ltd. Smart and functional, safe to use when traveling or going out! Multifunctional adapter “GeeTrip” that also becomes a wireless charger is now on sale at the gadget store “MODERN g”

Gloture Inc.
Smart and functional, safe to use when traveling or going out! Multifunctional adapter “GeeTrip” that also becomes a wireless charger is now on sale at the gadget store “MODERN g”
Fast charging up to 20W/Recommended for travel/Super lightweight 210g/Wireless charging

Gloture Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: CHEN JUNYI) will start selling “GeeTrip” on its own EC site (MODERN g) from January 12, 2023.
・High-speed charging at up to 20W
・Lightweight and compact body
・Multifunctional and easy to use
・ Simple and smart design that you will never get tired of
Product page
Fast charging up to 20W
The maximum output of GeeTrip is 20W.
If you use it as a charger, just hold it over and your device will be charged in no time!
Available devices are
It is highly recommended for those who often use electronic devices such as camera smartphones and laptops outside the home, such as when traveling!
[Image 1

Light and compact body
Adapters and mobile chargers that you bring for travel should be small and light so as not to become a burden.
GeeTrip is compact with a size of 15 x 10 x 8 cm!
Moreover, it weighs only 210g.
The size allows you to put it in your handbag, so you can take it out and use it anytime, anywhere.
[Image 2

Versatile and easy to use
GeeTrip is
travel adapter
wireless charger
These two are set!
No more cables required for traditional chargers.
It’s wireless, so you’ll be free from the stress of tangling cords! [Image 3

In addition, GeeTrip supports plug types around the world.
It will help you when traveling!
[Image 4

Timeless simple and smart design
Simple and smart design, timeless design that everyone likes. Not only can it be used while traveling, but it is also easy to use at home, as it blends in with the interior.
The slightly rounded design is skin-friendly and won’t hurt you. We recommend GeeTrip, which is convenient because it is 3 in 1 and can be carried all at once.
[Image 5

Product Specifications
[Image 6

– Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. ・The warranty covers initial defects and natural failures.
・The following items are not covered by the warranty.
1. If you do not follow the usage described in the manual
2. When the product is intentionally damaged
3. When the customer or a third party such as a repairer not certified by the manufacturer disassembles the product or replaces parts. About Gloture
Gloture Co., Ltd. operates MODERN g, a shop that proposes lifestyles in the near future.
Sales EC site
Gloture Co., Ltd. has been selling this product “GeeTrip” from January 12, 2023 on its own EC site “MODERN g” as a sales agent. Please purchase from the URL below.
Selling price
¥4,980 (tax included)
[Gloture Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Established: April 2015
Location: Mita Tsunamachi Duplex R’s 202, 2-2-15 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description:
– Operation of gadget store “MODERN g” – Product planning, manufacturing and sales
– Providing D2C PR-related services
Mission, Vision, Values: Create a more exciting world / Energize people’s lives with innovative products / Challenge with a spirit of adventure
Official website:
Amazon store: Facebook:
Youtube: Twitter:
[For companies considering sales agency or wholesale of our products] “MODERN g” handles various gadgets such as PC/mobile peripherals, smart devices, accessories, outdoor goods, and interiors.
For distributors and wholesalers who are considering new transactions related to products, please contact us from the following.

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