Goldwin Co., Ltd. The first development site for the GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK business concept promoted by Goldwin has been decided in Nanto City.

Goldwin Co., Ltd.
“GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK Business Concept” Promoted by Goldwin Decided Nanto City as the First Development Site

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GOLDWIN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Takao Watanabe) is promoting the “GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK Business Concept” project in Toyama Prefecture, where it was founded, aiming to open within 2026. , On January 18, 2023 (Wednesday), together with Toyama Prefecture and Nanto City, a press conference will be held at the Goldwin Tech Lab at the Goldwin Head Office (Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture), and Nanto City will be the first planned site for landscaping. announced that At the press conference, Toyama Prefecture Governor Hachiro Nitta, Nanto City Mayor Mikio Tanaka, Goldwin Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO Akio Nishida, and Goldwin Co., Ltd. President and CEO Takao Watanabe took the stage to talk about the planned landscaping site and business concept. explained.
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[From left] Takao Watanabe, President and CEO of Goldwin / Akio Nishida, Chairman and CEO of Goldwin / Hachiro Nitta, Governor of Toyama Prefecture / Mikio Tanaka, Mayor of Nanto City
This business concept, which started in 2020, the 70th anniversary of its founding, was announced in the long-term vision “PLAY EARTH 2030” in 2021, but the name of the facility to be developed in Nanto City is “PLAY EARTH PARK NATURING FOREST”. I also decided to do so. Nanto City is a city where various cultural resources remain and where people and nature live together.The project will start from the area around Sakuragaike Pond in the center of Nanto City.
Opened “NATURING GARDEN”, ​​a place where you can enjoy spending time with nature, and a campsite next to the garden where you can immerse yourself in nature in a rich environment. Vegetables are mainly cultivated at the farm, and the harvested products are provided in cooperation with the restaurant in the facility. In addition, we will work on developing fitness and activities that allow you to enjoy exercising in nature on a daily basis. At the activity center, which supports the experience of “playing with nature”, which is the prototype of sports, we have created a place where you can move your body according to the field, such as climbing and trekking, in cooperation with the surrounding area. To go.
The NATURING MUSEUM, a place where children can nurture culture together, is envisioned as a facility where play and learning can be experienced in a cross-disciplinary manner. Like the playground equipment of “GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK” which was held in Roppongi, Tokyo and Toyama City from the viewpoint of supporting the next generation in the spring of 2022, we will support children’s free play indoors and outdoors, and furthermore, we will create a complex facility such as an art installation. We aim to be a facility that stimulates children’s creativity as a place where they can come into contact with traditional culture.
In the “GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK business plan” for the wide area of ​​Toyama Prefecture, where our company was founded, we will solve problems through collaboration with various organizations and companies, which is the growth strategy of Toyama Prefecture, and revitalize the region with new ideas. Aiming for a “related population of 10 million”, and each and every person can be satisfied with living “in their own way” in the “connection” with various people and society, and feel rich and happy all the time. In addition, since 2013, Nanto City has been promoting “environmental
conservation/energy,” “agriculture, forestry, and fisheries,” “health/medical care/nursing care/welfare,” and “education/development of the next generation.” The “Nanto City Eco-village Concept”, which emphasizes the importance of local self-reliance and circulation while coordinating and interlocking the four fields, is compatible with the “GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK Business Concept” initiative. We regard them as partners with whom we can move forward while cooperating with each other.
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■ Toyama Prefecture Governor Hachiro Nitta
“We are very pleased that Nanto City has been selected as the site for PLAY EARTH PARK. Toyama Prefecture aims to achieve a “happy population of 10 million” with true happiness and the improvement of “well-being” as its pillars. We hope that it will be an opportunity for people to come into contact with the “foundation of happiness” such as rich nature, and that it will also contribute to the expansion of the related population. Through this project, which is one of the pillars of our growth strategy and is a leading public-private partnership project, we would like to create the future of Toyama Prefecture together with everyone involved. 』
■ Nanto City Mayor Mikio Tanaka
“Nanto City has been working on the eco-village concept since 2013 as part of community development. An eco-village is a lifestyle that accumulates “small cycles”, and the important perspective of the eco-village concept is to live in harmony with nature, make the most of local resources, and pass on life to the next generation. . We hope that this PLAY EARTH PARK project will be a great force for us to design the region as a place of coexistence with nature, new connections and liveliness. As a place to learn about nature, play, and the environment, as well as a place where people can use local resources and live a life full of culture, we would like to work together to deepen the eco-village concept so that this project can aim for even greater heights. . 』
■ Goldwin Co., Ltd. Chairman Akio Nishida
“I am very happy and excited to be able to work on a new business in Toyama, where you can experience the beauty of Japan’s beautiful nature in every season. First of all, we will start in Nanto City as the first step, but we will make use of the climate and natural features of various places in the prefecture to enjoy the rich nature, play and learn, and create a place where many people can enjoy. sea ​​bream. We would like to continue to contribute to the realization of sustainable business development and a sustainable society that are closely related to the local community, without forgetting our gratitude to Toyama, the place where our company was founded. 』 ■ Goldwin Co., Ltd. President Takao Watanabe
“We at Goldwin have started working to create a place where people and nature can connect and stimulate the imagination of the children of the future, based on the concept of “PLAY EARTH”, which is set out in our medium-term management plan. This time, as the first base of this concept, we have decided to develop the project mainly in Toyama Prefecture, where the company was founded.
This project was named “NATURING FOREST”. As the axis of the initial development, we designed a “NATURING GARDEN” with rich vegetation where you can feel the four seasons. There is also a campsite adjacent to it, and a fitness facility “NATURING GYM” that creates a healthy life in nature. And as a place to nurture culture together with children, we are envisioning facilities such as “NATURING MUSEUM” where play and learning can be experienced cross-sectionally. As the first project of “PLAY EARTH PARK”, we will work together with Toyama Prefecture and Nanto City to materialize these projects, and in the future, we would like to promote the project over a wide area with Toyama Prefecture. 』

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