Gracia Co., Ltd. Gift EC “TANP” releases popular gift categories for the second half of 2022

Gracia Co., Ltd.
Gift EC “TANP” releases popular gift categories for the second half of 2022
Gracia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuyasu Saito) conducted a survey on the popularity trends in the second half of 2022 and the year in the gift EC “TANP” that it operates.
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■ More than 60% of “fashion accessories/room wear” will be
concentrated in the second half, and more than 60% of “flowers/flower miscellaneous goods/stationery” will be concentrated in the first half.
In the second half and full year of 2022, the popular gift categories within the TANP service are as follows. While many categories tend to be purchased half-and-half (around 50%) in the first half and the second half (about 50%), more than 60% of “fashion accessories” and “room wear” are in the second half, and 60% are “flowers”, “flower miscellaneous goods” and “stationery”. These tend to be purchased in the first half of the year, and some categories reflect the events and seasonality of each month.
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In addition, in 2021, there is a strong trend of demand for
“households” that enhance the home environment, and “kitchen miscellaneous goods”, “body care (creams, oils, etc.)” and “fishery products and processed marine products” are gaining relatively high popularity. However, in 2022, it has calmed down somewhat, and instead, “catalog gifts” and “body soap/hand soap (soap, etc.)” are increasing in popularity.
* Second half: July 1st to December 27th, 2022 / Annual: January 1st to December 27th, 2022. In the figure, more than 60% of blue markers are categories that are popular in the second half, and more than 60% of red markers are categories that are gaining popularity in the first half.
* Each popularity trend refers to the number of sales in TANP. At TANP, we are strengthening promotions and expanding our products in consideration of the sales situation and the times, but this is not taken into consideration in the ranking of this article.
Gift EC “TANP” releases popular gift categories for the first half of 2022: -Popular gifts that can be given at “TANP” recommended for Valentine’s Day and White Day-
Introducing popular gifts for the first half, second half, and year from the gifts on sale at TANP. We have many items that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, so please take a look.
Preserved Flower “Petit Veil Rose” | Ruplan
[Image 3

[Price] ¥3,300
Many people are moving to a new life, and in the first half of the year when the warm weather continues, flower gifts that brighten up their lives are especially popular. Ruplan’s preserved flowers are handmade one by one and given special processing to fresh flowers. It does not require water or sunlight, so you can enjoy its beautiful appearance for a long time, so it is recommended as a gift to prepare in advance.
20 stick rusks chocolate | CAFE OHZAN
[Image 4

[Price] ¥4,644
Sweets gifts are always popular in any gift scene. CAFE OHZAN’s stick rusk, which will brighten your heart, has received a lot of attention, and was chosen by many people last year as well. In addition to plenty of chocolate, the rusks are decorated with flowers, dried fruits, nuts, etc. and look like jewels. Each one is carefully finished by craftsmen. 20 different flavors are individually wrapped, and it is also recommended for situations where you want to share.
INU series | MR. & MRS. CHIEF
[Image 5

[Price] ¥2,750
MR. & MRS. CHIEF microfiber towels are popular fashion accessories. It can be used not only as a handkerchief, but also for wiping oil stains on glasses and smartphone screens. Each microfiber boa, which has high water absorption and dries quickly, is embroidered with a cute “INU”, and you can choose your favorite one according to the design on the back. It will be delivered in an original gift box, so it is also recommended for collection.
Slippers designed for “walking” | room’s
[Image 6

[Price] ¥2,970
In the room wear category, in addition to warm clothing popular in winter, comfortable room’s slippers are also popular. Adopting the manufacturing method of shoes, the sturdy slippers are made with wooden molds and have a raised toe shape that prevents them from falling over. It is finished in an item that is easy to use. In recent years, more and more people are spending time at home, so it is recommended not only as a gift, but also for yourself.
-Crunch Chocolate-Dark & ​​Milk & Caramel & White 60g | VIVEL PATISSERIE [Image 7

[Price] ¥1,080
Introducing crunch chocolate from VIVEL PATISSERIE, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day and White Day, from sweets gifts that are popular throughout the year. A mixture of dark, milk, caramel, and white chocolates, these small chocolates have a flavor that spreads the moment you put them in your mouth, and a crunchy texture that will make you addicted. As a high-quality sweet that can be enjoyed little by little, it is a gift that adds a touch of glamor to tea time. It is also recommended to give it with coffee, tea, or your favorite gift item.
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■ “TANP’s Valentine’s Gift” is perfect as a gift or as a reward for yourself. TANP publishes various gift products from time to time, including sweets gifts and miscellaneous gifts that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. There are also “e-gifts” that allow you to send tangible gifts without asking for addresses, and a variety of optional services that enhance the Valentine’s mood, so please take advantage of them. (See below for details on eGifts and options.)
-If you want to send a gift online, use TANP-
Android: [Image 9

◼ TANP’s “Online Letter” that can be used as an eGift
With TANP’s “eGift”, which allows the recipient to specify an arbitrary address for receipt, it is possible to optionally create an “online letter” that will be displayed when the recipient opens the web page for entering the address. In the following update, in addition to the renewal of the template design, the number of types has increased to about 40 types, so please make use of it.
[Reference] Renewal of online letter design that can be used for free at gift EC “TANP” and “e-gift” that can be given without asking for address: [Image 10d33774-52-fc3008daf71d644067b4-9.jpg&s3=33774-52-d0a1e4b8c67466259d19c475eb4fce22-2048x1536.jpg
◼ TANP gift options that brighten up the scene
TANP offers a large number of “gift options” that will brighten up your gift. In addition to message cards, we also offer gift boxes and drawstring type wrapping, so please feel free to use them.
In addition, for “TANP shipping products” shipped from TANP’s own warehouse, it is possible to select many gift options including TANP’s unique options. You can specify “Display only products shipped from TANP” in the search conditions, so please use this as well.
*The options included in the images in this article are examples. Available options vary depending on the product and stock status, so please check on each product page.
[Image 11d33774-52-940b8c4130e1c8179c36-10.jpg&s3=33774-52-5d37ff75782c30f2417f86f1c87c476b-2408x600.jpg
◼For greetings, events, and employee benefits! Please consult TANP for multiple orders and novelties with company names.
At TANP, we also accept inquiries from companies considering gifts in the business scene. We provide total support from planning to completion of shipping, including company name text and logo image engraving, product requests such as wrapping and bundled items, proposals within your budget, and consultation on specifying delivery destinations. increase. Please feel free to contact us.
I want to send to multiple addresses. I want the recipient to specify the delivery address.
I want to create a novelty with a company name (text) engraved and embroidered on the product.
I want to create a novelty with a brand logo (image) on a product. Such ★We can handle even small lots. There are no quantity or amount conditions. ★ We will respond as flexibly as possible, such as optional
customization and implementation methods.
★Consultation is free. Please feel free to contact us even at the stage of consideration.


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