greeden Co., Ltd. Skills at a price. The call app “Experienshare” that connects you with your consultant will hold a limited-time point grant campaign!

greeden Co., Ltd.
Price your skills. The call app “Experienshare” that connects you with your consultant will hold a limited-time point grant campaign! [Implementation period: From Sunday, January 22, 2023 to Tuesday, February 28]
We will hold a limited-time point grant campaign for new registrants. This point program will have the following two contents.
Price your skills. 500 points will be given if you complete the SMS authentication of the anti-fraud function from the “point program” on the “Experienshare” calling app that connects you with the person you want to consult. * The given points can be used for calls within “Experienshare”.
Price your skills. In the call app “Experienshare” that connects you with your counselor, Experiencers who use the service during the campaign period will be free of charge*1 for the reward that normally costs 25%. *1 System usage fees and remittance fees for transferring reward points to a designated account are not covered.

Therefore, we would appreciate it if you would consider reporting and publishing in your paper.
■ About “Experienshare”
“Experienshare” is a call app that allows Experiencers (skill registrants) and consultants to communicate directly by voice or video call, and speedily leads to the consultant’s learning.
Easy to use. After downloading the “Experienshare” app, register as a member and purchase points in advance.
Consulters can search for an Experiencer (skill registered person) who matches the content they want to consult, and consult with the chat function of “Experienshare” or voice call / video call.
Chat only and the first minute of calls are free.
After that, the caller will be rewarded with points according to the call charges set by the Experiencer*1.
Experiencers can receive rewards as Reward Points*2.
From November 2021, it will be deployed in a total of 10 countries in Asia and Oceania, including Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the
Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.
In Japan, the service started in August 2022.
Experiencers who can consult in a wide range of genres from business to private scenes, such as those who have experience launching new businesses at major manufacturers, and SNS influencers with a wide range of knowledge based on psychology and brain science, are registered.
■ About the background of the development of “Experienshare” The impetus for development was a scene of confession in a church that I saw in a movie.
For example, if there is a system where people can feel free to talk about their worries with just one coin, they may be able to solve their worries and problems.
I started developing it because I thought that people who were mentally exhausted would also be able to relax. As a result of thoroughly researching the form of the service, we started developing an app that allows people to share their experiences, knowledge, and skills around 2014, and the service will start in 2021.
“Experienshare” is characterized not only by data and chat exchanges, but also by directly connecting Experiencers and consultants by “voice” and “video call”, and by challenging the lowest fee* in the industry.
We are also aware of the overseas market and are expanding our business in 10 countries overseas.
For example, users who want to learn English conversation, travel abroad, or start a business overseas can directly consult with local consultants or listen to local information with this new service. *Based on in-house research.
■ About service and operating company
Application formal notation: Experienshare
Company name: greeden Inc. Representative: Kazuhide Goda
Headquarters: No. 501 Daiichi Meiwa Building, 1-6-14 Honjo-nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka Date of establishment: July 11, 2016
Corporate site:
App site:
Main business: Web content planning and production, system development support, campaign project system development for public-private integrated demand stimulation, accommodation reservation site construction, video distribution site construction, etc.
■Television broadcast decision!
The only terrestrial smartphone information variety program TOKYO MX program “Eejanaika !!” will be broadcast on January 22, 2023 at 25:35!

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