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Guerlain Co., Ltd.
[Guerlain] Limited edition lipstick inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms February 1, 2023 Limited release at some stores

Introducing a special collection that celebrates the poetic beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms that fascinate people around the world. [Image 1d18096-194-f5f2d65f145757d0f8ae-0.jpg&s3=18096-194-aae4f718769c6420e12a2617b1dbb362-2539x1651.jpg
The sight of pale pink flowers covering the entire area as if to herald the arrival of spring continues to fascinate people every year. Jean-Paul Guerlain, the 4th generation perfumer of Guerlain, who once visited Japan, was also impressed by this scene, and the famous incense – Cherry Blossom – was created.
When the gentle and faint scent of flowers emanating from the cherry blossoms in full bloom envelops the street corners, turning every moment into a poetic moment. A special collection was created in collaboration with Guerlain Makeup Creative Director Violette and Japanese artist Kyoko Sugiura, who were inspired by the spectacular scenery created by nature.
February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) Nationwide Release -Rouge Je Cherry Blossom- [Image 2d18096-194-7fb725abff9edbce1394-1.png&s3=18096-194-bfeaf30ff8ad2e4f58466b3bf7abc93a-2000x2000.png
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom -Rouge Je Case-
A lipstick case that looks like jewelry -Rouge Je Case-.
Kyoko Sugiura’s special design is full of poetic beauty. The white grain leather has a Japanese paper-like look, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom with a delicate touch, accented with gold glitter. rouge je case
Cherry Blossom
Limited edition 4,730 yen including tax (main unit price 4,300 yen) Like Cherry Blossom Petals-Rouge Je-Limited Shade
A new color created by Violette inspired by the soft and delicate beauty of cherry blossoms will also appear. The soft rosewood color lip named “Rosy Bloom” has a satin finish that symbolizes -Rouge Je-. The lipstick is also engraved with a cherry blossom motif.
Rouge Je
Limited to 1 color Price including tax: 4,180 yen (main unit price: 3,800 yen) A proposal for a soft and fresh “Sakura look” like cherry blossom petals. [Image 3d18096-194-1818a83b98dd830ff9d4-2.jpg&s3=18096-194-6db0c94be4ee245c97a9f9ad9ff1801b-1790x1171.jpg
With Guerlain makeup and fragrance, we propose a “cherry blossom look” that is as soft and fresh as cherry blossom petals.
-Rouge Je Cherry Blossom- for radiant fresh skin finished with -Meteorite- luminous pearl powder. In addition, if you color your eyelids with -Ombre Je-No.530 “Majestic Rose”, you can enjoy the color harmony of various tones of pink.
For the finishing touch, if you wear -Flora Cherizia- from the -Aqua Allegoria-collection, you’ll have a “cherry blossom look” that’s perfect for spring. A fruity cherry blossom scent inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms creates a lovely mood. A gentle eau de toilette that blends the fruitiness of pear and watermelon with the scent of cherry blossoms that have just bloomed.
from left)
Meteorites Bee No. 2 Price including tax: 8,470 yen
Rouge Je Case Cherry Blossom Price including tax: 4,730 yen *Limited quantity Rouge Je N°63 ROSY BLOOM Tax-included price 4,180 yen *Limited quantity Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherizia 75mL Price including tax: 14,520 yen Ombre Je No.530 Majestic Rose Price including tax 10,340 yen @GUERLAIN #GUERLAIN #GUERLAIN #ROUGEG #Rougeje

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