Guy Dining 7 Izakaya restaurants in Kanagawa Prefecture have gathered Hon-Atsugi South Exit Ichibangai is now open!

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7 Izakayas in Kanagawa Prefecture are gathered [Hon-Atsugi South Exit Ichibangai] is now open!
A new symbol is born in Honatsugi!

This time, Hon-Atsugi South Exit Ichibangai will be opened in a 1-minute walk from Hon-Atsugi Station South Exit.
Through our restaurants, we want to create a place where people who love Hon-Atsugi and people who love bars can smile in the future! With that in mind, we launched Hon-Atsugi South Exit Ichibangai.
What is Hon-Atsugi South Exit First Avenue?
Hon-Atsugi South Exit Ichibangai is a lively alley where seven popular shops are gathered in one large space.
The shops are gathered in one space, so it’s convenient when you’re lost or want to choose an empty shop, or on a cold or rainy day! It is also a nice point that it is a 1-minute walk from Hon-Atsugi Station! [Image 1

List of stores
[Image 2

◆Beef kitchen stand
[Specialty beefsteak 290 yen! ]
A popular steak bar where you can drink alcohol while eating steak. All dishes are small plates, so the point is that you can enjoy various dishes little by little.
[Image 3

◆ Motsushige
[Birthplace of Noge, Yokohama]
Skewers carefully grilled with outstandingly fresh offal,
The special “salt offal stew” that takes time and effort
Both are excellent and popular!
Because the taste is determined by the freshness of the ingredients There is a commitment to “Motsushige” in purchasing every morning. Please enjoy our delicious dishes when you visit us!
[Image 4

◆ Korean Bar Gangnam Smile
[Everyone has fun Kansma! ! ]
A popular Korean bar where everyone can smile with Korean food and delicious makgeolli. With the theme of “getting along well with everyone”, enjoy authentic Korean food such as sundubu and pancakes, and have fun with alcohol.
[Image 5

◆Thai Street Food Bar Boa Bangkok
[Thai Cuisine Creative Thai Food Stall Bar]
A public bar where you can drink alcohol with delicious Thai food. A shop where you can enjoy a trip to Thailand while enjoying alcohol and meals with small dishes such as the specialty red curry chicken and gapao.
[Image 6

◆ Straw-grilled Kimboshi
[Straw-grilled bonito]
A fish restaurant specializing in straw-grilled bonito that is grilled in front of you.
Umami full of fragrant aroma.
Please enjoy the authentic taste of Tosa.
[Image 7

◆Creative deep-fried skewers
[A popular skewer bar in the Yokohama Noge area has landed in Honatsugi for the first time! ]
More than 30 kinds of creative skewers (from 99 yen per skewer)! In addition, you can enjoy hand-made bar menus at reasonable prices! Take a look at the new world of deep-fried skewers that make use of seasonal ingredients from Kanagawa Prefecture!
[Image 8

◆Gyoza and Circus
[Not just grilled dumplings! ? ]
A gyoza specialty store where you can enjoy authentic town Chinese food. You can enjoy delicious pan-fried gyoza, which is the pride of the restaurant, in a shop with cute elephants.
We have a lineup of standard menus that are loved by a wide range of generations, so you can enjoy a little drink or a full drink! [Image 9d33076-45-ed51df84c2cebf854424-8.jpg&s3=33076-45-e5a5256cccfeb02342c7dbfc06f4c135-1004x1424.jpg
Hon-Atsugi South Exit First Street Operating Company: Yak Dining Co., Ltd.

【Facility information】
Facility name: Hon-Atsugi South Exit First Street
Address: 1-1-5 Asahicho, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture FTEM Building 5-1F Access: 1 minute walk from Hon-Atsugi Station South Exit
Business hours: Weekdays 17:00-24:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 12:00-24:00 (planned)
Grand opening: January 21st

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