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Hagura Randoseru Toyooka Kaban Randsel (all 28 colors) for new students in 2024 starts accepting orders

Hagura Co., Ltd.
[Hagura Randoseru] Toyooka Kaban Randsel (all 28 colors) for new students in 2024 starts accepting orders
More than 240,000 types of bi-color combination workshops! The number of boys who choose yellow without gender is increasing. Long-lasting Toyooka Kaban quality and environmental friendliness

Hagura Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshinori Hakura), which has a workshop in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, the number one bag town in Japan, will accept orders for school bags for April 2024 admission on December 27, 2022. started on the day. There are 28 colors and 8 series of “Toyooka Kaban” brand school bags, which are hand-made by craftsmen with craftsmanship.
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Hagura randoseru has a simple design with no rivets on the flap, and the original colors created by Toyooka’s nature stand out.
A total of 28 color variations, with more than 240,000 bi-color combinations, the most in the workshop class
[Image 2

The new color “Pistachio” (middle left) has appeared, and the fun of choosing colors has expanded further.
Hakura continues to stick to the “tackless flap (*)” that has no tacks on the flap, which is the “face” of the randoseru. The 2024 admission model has a lineup of 28 colors of “Hakuiro” inspired by the nature of Toyooka, where the workshop is located. It is an original color only for Hagura, which was born from the interaction with rich nature, such as the flowers that color the season and the scenery that interweaves the sky and mountains. The new nuanced colors “pistachio” and “pink beige” that appeared at the request of customers are also colors that fit in with life. A simple design with no tacks on the flap, and the charm of “color” stands out in a smooth single piece of leather. *The “tackless flap” received a design registration from the Patent Office in 2018 (design registration: 1612572).
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“Hagura’s custom school bags” where you can choose the main color (flap), side color (large gusset, etc.), back color, shoulder belt color, etc.
You can choose from 24 main colors and 25 side colors for “Hagura’s Order Randsel” (cowhide model), which allows you to freely finish your favorite bicolor randsel. The bi-color variation has expanded further, with more than 240,000 variations, which is the largest class among workshop-style school bags. Hagura’s representative model “Resistant cowhide standard” has a total of 24 colors, and the “Resistant cowhide wing tip” with a motif of men’s clothing has a total of 7 colors, both of which have increased color variations.
Hakura is also making school bags genderless. The number of boys who choose “yellow” is increasing
[Image 4

Hagura’s representative model “Resistant cowhide standard” with a simple design that removes unnecessary decorations.
Children have different personalities, and their favorite colors are also different. At Hagura, we value the individuality of each child and want them to choose their own colors more freely. We review the color variations every year so that people can choose the color of their randoseru without being bound by stereotypes such as gender. The same is true for the interior parts, and this time, the leather color “red” interior (check pattern) has been changed from pink to gray for “Hakura’s order school bag” and “resistant cowhide standard”. Are gender stereotypes of color fading away? The purchase ratio of boys’ “yellow” randoseru exceeds that of girls’
[Image 5

Even in Hagura’s 2023 model, “black” for boys and “purple” for girls are popular colors, but changes are also occurring. Compared to the 2022 model, the number of customers purchasing “yellow” for both boys and girls has increased, about 1.86 times for girls and 2.69 times for boys. It seems that the so-called fixed idea of ​​”choosing from ‘colors popular with boys’ and ‘colors popular with girls'” is fading. In particular, the growth rate for boys has been particularly high, with the percentage of boys purchasing “yellow” randsel exceeding that of girls for the first time. “Yellow” has a strong impression of “girl color”, but in Hagura it is permeating as a genderless color. Last year, a “flap exchange service (paid service)” was started, allowing students to change the color of the flap during the sixth grade of elementary school. thinking about.
Bring colorful school bags closer to you. The latest catalog reflecting customer feedback
[Image 6

It is easy to imagine with a picture of children carrying colorful school bags Customers visiting the Hagura showroom said, “I can’t imagine my child carrying a colorful school bag.” In response to such requests, the catalog for the 2024 admission model includes many photographs of children carrying school bags at school and on school routes. At the same time, for customers who are confused about color combinations, we also introduce examples of combinations of “Hagura custom-made school bags”.
Image of a picture book, cherishing the excitement of a new world [Image 7

The catalog has been redesigned to create a picture-book-like atmosphere where families can enjoy choosing together.
The catalog for the 2024 admission model was created with the image of a picture book, with attention to the quality of paper and the atmosphere of the photos. At the same time as entering elementary school, children step into a new world centered on school life. We carefully think about the school life and the excitement of the new world that children have, and finish it.
In addition, in the 2024 model, the lightest artificial leather model (using Cordley) in Hakura, “Hanekaru” and “Hanekaru Arte”, have been further reduced in weight, realizing the 1,100g range (around 1,160g). .
By the way, Hagura randoseru is popular for its cowhide model. In the 2023 model results, about 85% of purchasers chose the cowhide model. It is said that the weight of a randoseru and the load you actually feel while carrying it are different. At Hagura, we design our randoseru so that the load feels light. In the showroom, we also give lectures on how to adjust the shoulder belt according to the physique of the child and how to carry it without putting a burden on the back. Being able to use good things for a long time while repairing them is environmentally friendly
[Image 8

School bag of “Toyooka Kaban” handmade by craftsmen
At Hagura, we believe that “repairing good things so that they can be used with care for a long time” leads to environmental friendliness. Hagura Randoseru passed a rigorous examination and in 2018 became the first randoseru to be certified as “Toyooka Kaban”. “Toyooka Kaban” is a regional collective trademark registered with the Patent Office, and its roots are said to be wickerwork from the Nara period. For 1,000 years, it has evolved while changing its shape by craftsmen who have refined their skills according to the times.
Hagura randoseru is also handmade by craftsmen. We are confident in the quality, but as the child uses it, it may become “unusable” or “unbearable”, such as the attached metal fittings breaking or the shoulder belt cracking or tearing. In such a case, regardless of the reason for the breakage, we will repair it free of charge (complete free warranty for 6 years).
[Image 9

Before flap replacement (left) and after replacement (right) As mentioned above, last year, we started the “Flap Replacement Service” (for a fee). Children’s minds and bodies grow during the six years of elementary school, and their favorite colors and colors that suit them may change. In order to use it until graduation, our craftsmen will untie the threads one by one and sew a new flap in a color that fits your grown child.
[Image 10

“Randoseru Remake” breathes new life into a randoseru that has been returned with many memories carved into it.
This year, we will start the “school bag remake service” (paid), which has been requested by many customers. Our craftsmen will take advantage of small scratches and used textures to bring them back to life so that you can spend time with them again.
We believe that the Toyooka Kaban quality Hagura randoseru, made in the millennium bag town, will be an opportunity for children to experience “using good things carefully for a long time.”
Contributing to Toyooka Kaban’s 60th anniversary, working together with the local community to enhance the brand power of Toyooka Kaban [Image 11

At Toyooka Koubou in Hagura, the marketing manager works together with the community to contribute to the enhancement of the Toyooka Kaban brand.
Hagura Co., Ltd. celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Founded in Toyooka in 1963, we have cultivated the technical capabilities to handle all production processes for all kinds of bags. Based on the motto, “Manufacturing is the only way to handle all processes,” we are pursuing a school bag that is convincing.
Until now, the marketing manager of Hagura randoseru was enrolled in Arts Co., Ltd. (Osaka Prefecture)*, which is the general agent of the group company, but on the occasion of the 60th anniversary, he will be working full-time at the Toyooka workshop. . From a workshop that is particular about manufacturing, we will disseminate the charm of Hagura randoseru more carefully than ever. We will also work together with the Toyooka area, Japan’s number one bag city, to contribute to the enhancement of the Toyooka Kaban brand.
*Arts Co., Ltd. Develop business on EC site that colors various scenes of life, such as printing of New Year’s cards and greeting cards “Otayori Honpo”, gifts, renovation, etc.
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