Hakuhodo, Original Co., Ltd. and Centaur Works Co., Ltd. have launched a version for individual creators of “C-Guardian,” a support service for countering copyright infringement using blockchain technology.

Hakuhodo Inc.
Hakuhodo, Original Co., Ltd. and Centaur Works Co., Ltd. have launched a version for individual creators of “C-Guardian,” a support service for countering copyright infringement using blockchain technology. Pay-as-you-go system, also supports NFT infringement

“HAKUHODO Blockchain Initiative” launched by Hakuhodo Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masayuki Mizushima) is Haramoto Co., Ltd.
(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yang Tian Wang). , Centaur Works Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kenichiro Kawasaki), a service jointly developed in 2020 that protects digital content from copyright infringement using blockchain technology “C-Guardian” Guardian)” has been developed for individual creators. We will start offering from today.
■ Copyright infringement countermeasure support service “C-Guardian” https://c-guardian.jp/
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Advances in IT technology have made it possible for individual creators to share their creations with the world through SNS, etc., allowing anyone to enjoy the works of a wide variety of creators online. rice field. In recent years, due to Web3 technologies such as blockchain and NFT, inter-personal transactions of digital creations are also progressing, and the range of activities of individual creators is expanding, but on the other hand, illegal acts such as using those works without permission never stop.
Aiming to solve such problems, the three companies have developed a version for individual creators of the copyright infringement countermeasure support service “C-Guardian” developed for content companies in 2020. This version has the following four features. [Image 2d8062-670-2daf6d4846978733b5c5-1.jpg&s3=8062-670-ad0648eeb5df8e782fff4a543e86870a-642x262.jpg
1. Evidence of copyright infringement damage is stored
semi-permanently using blockchain technology
Information on copyright infringing websites and infringed content is recorded on the blockchain and preserved as evidence. Evidence data can be stored semi-permanently by using a blockchain system, which is virtually impossible to tamper with, instead of a normal database system.
2. It is possible to issue an “infringement record certificate” and take countermeasures against illegal sites.
Evidence data of copyright infringement damage stored on the blockchain can be downloaded as an “infringement record certificate”. By presenting the certificate along with a warning of copyright infringement to an illegal site, it becomes a stronger restraint. 3. Preserving evidence with one coin (500 yen) on a pay-as-you-go system The number of cases of copyright infringement varies from time to time. Also, depending on the size and popularity of the illegal site, the response will differ. With C-Guardian for individual creators, you can easily preserve evidence with one coin (500 yen) per infringement record, instead of a monthly fee. You can use it as much as you need according to your needs, such as limiting the number of times when the number of copyright infringements is particularly high, or narrowing down to illegal sites that need to be dealt with.
4. Respond to NFT infringement
With C-Guardian for individual creators, in addition to manga and anime, it is now possible to preserve evidence of NFT infringement, which has been attracting attention in recent years.
This service uses the public blockchain “Sanpō-Blockchain” from Japan. Hakuhodo will continue to work with external partners who have diverse knowledge and technologies to develop solutions that utilize cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain.
■ “Sanpō-Blockchain”
The Japan Content Blockchain Initiative, a general incorporated association of 50 Japanese content-related companies, specializes in the use of content, supporting it as a foundation for the safe and secure global distribution of Japanese IP content. A public blockchain from Japan.
Community site: https://sanpobc.io
Github: https://github.com/sanpo-blockchain
Explorer: https://sanpobc.tech
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