Hamee The era of personal color diagnosis for smartphones! ? Opened a special page for “Sumabe Diagnosis” that tells you which smartphone case suits you

Smartphone terminals are also in the era of personal color diagnosis! ? Opened a special page for “Sumabe Diagnosis” that tells you which smartphone case suits you

Hamee Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Ikuhiro Mizushima, Securities Code: TSE Prime 3134) has released a special page for “Sumabe Diagnosis-Your Smartphone’s Personal Color Diagnosis-” that diagnoses the color of the smartphone case that matches your smartphone. You can see it at Hamee head office (https://www.strapya.com/pages/smabe) and each online store developed by Hamee.
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When purchasing a case, about 80% emphasized the compatibility of the color with the smartphone itself. Teens are the most common for both men and women
In recent years, the words “personal color” and “yeve/brevet diagnosis” are often seen in cosmetics and fashion papers. There is a growing tendency to look at one’s skin tone to determine whether it is “yellow-based” or “blue-based”, and to choose cosmetics and fashion items in colors that really suit one’s skin.
Such a trend can be seen in the smartphone case industry as well, and Hamee’s own questionnaire survey shows that when purchasing a case, whether the color of the smartphone body and the case match is important. was found to be 74.9%.
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July 2022 mobile accessory market quantitative survey n=1,150 15-69 year old male and female smartphone case current users
Looking at the same survey by gender and age group, the percentage of “total importance”* was around 70% for all age groups, but when we narrowed down the percentage of “very important”, males aged 15 to 19 36.1% for women aged 15 to 19, 41.2%, the highest among all
generations, greatly exceeding the overall average of 27.2%. It was found that young people in their teens, regardless of gender, tend to emphasize whether the color matches the smartphone body when purchasing a smartphone case.
* Total number of responses for “very important” and “important” [Image 3

July 2022 mobile accessory market quantitative survey n=1,150 15-69 year old male and female smartphone case current users
Tempered glass was adopted on the back of the iPhone, and it became a glossy and beautiful design after the iPhone 8 released in 2017. The iPhone XR released in 2018 adopted six colors in addition to the back glass specification. Until then, simple colors such as “silver base” and “black base” were the mainstream, but when young people aged 15 to 19 got their first smartphone, the iPhone was already colorful, so the main body It may be natural to emphasize the compatibility between the color and the case.
As mentioned above, many users are conscious of the compatibility between the color of the smartphone body and the case, so Hamee categorizes the color of the smartphone body into 10 types, named “Sumabe”. We have selected a case with a color that really suits each smartphone.
[Survey overview]
Method: Internet research
Survey period: July 11-26, 2022 (16 days)
Target: 1150 men and women aged 15 to 69 nationwide
“Sumabe spring or snow?” Which one is your favorite? Choose a matching color case that will not fail
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A smartphone that I bought in my favorite color because I will use it for many years. However, when you put the case on, have you ever felt like “Oh, something is different from the image” or “It didn’t match the color of your smartphone…”?
In order to prevent such failures, knowing the personal color of your smartphone will make it easier to choose the perfect matching case. On the special Sumabe Diagnosis page, smartphones with a pink base are classified into 10 types, such as “Sumabe Spring” for smartphones with a white base, and “Sumabe Snow” for smartphones with a white base. We select “a case with a color that really suits you” for each
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[Image 6d9971-1020-166aa897b4ca47d9c0f7-5.jpg&s3=9971-1020-a016d3356c84618f62ffb2fe5cc4e254-1113x1062.jpg
■ Sumabe Diagnosis See the special page from the URL below
Hamee head office: https://www.strapya.com/pages/smabe
Hamee Yahoo Shopping:
https://shopping.geocities.jp/keitai/sumabe/index_yahoo.html Hamee Rakuten Market:
https://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/keitai/feature/smartphonebase/index.html Hamee auPay: https://plus.wowma.jp/user/3534661/plus/feature/sumabe.html ■Other Hamee official media
note: https://note.com/hamee_831_
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hamee_831
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hamee831/
Overview of Hamee Co., Ltd. (URL: https://hamee.co.jp)
Company name: Hamee Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime Securities Code: 3134) Established: May 1998
Representative: Ikuta Mizushima, President and Representative Director Location: Square O2, 2-12-10 Sakaemachi, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture Business description: EC support/SaaS business, smartphone accessory development/manufacturing business, EC development in the United States, China, and South Korea
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