Hands Co., Ltd. JOY! VALENTINE’S DAY “Let’s unleash yourself” As much as you like what you like! “Reward Valentine” to pamper yourself

Hands Co., Ltd.
JOY! VALENTINE’S DAY “Let’s unleash yourself” As much as you like what you like! “Reward Valentine” to pamper yourself
Reward for yourself Present campaign also implemented

Hands Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will launch Valentine special “JOY! We are holding VALENTINE’S DAY “Release and Jibun”. We have a wide variety of items to enjoy Valentine’s Day, such as butter sweets that have an irresistible sense of immorality as a “reward Valentine” that lifts the ban on patience and pampers yourself, and sweets recommended for Nunkatsu, which is a hot topic in 2022.
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Click here for the Hands Net special page
https://hands.net/event/valentine/ *Contents will be updated as needed.
Butter sweets with an irresistible sense of immorality
Butter sweets are very popular now! Butter sweets with a sense of immorality are appearing one after another from each company. The rich taste of butter that you feel when you eat it makes you feel a sense of accomplishment.
1. Torobata raisin flavor: 1,090 yen for 3 pieces, 2,180 yen for 6 pieces Raisin butter sandwich “Torobata” with plenty of fermented butter in the dough. A perfect balance of cookies and cream, it’s a masterpiece with the most amount of cream sandwiched in between.
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2. Kimuraya Sohonten Supervised Ogura Bean Paste Butter 498 yen Supervised by the long-established Kimuraya Sohonten, it has a strong aroma of Hokkaido butter.
3. Maeda’s finest crackers with mellow butter 280 yen
A cracker that is one rank higher than the familiar “Atarimaeda Cracker”. We use plenty of aromatic butter.
4. [Limited quantity] Milk fondue 702 yen
Arrange the cream of the local food milk bread that has been loved in Nagano Prefecture and make it into a spread.
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*In order from left to right: 2.3.4
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5. [Store limited sale] Taro’s milk manju with fermented butter 270 yen for 1 piece, 842 yen for 3 pieces
Osaka limited items will appear at Hands for a limited time. Fermented butter is kneaded into the dough, and the filling is white bean paste with condensed milk, giving it a Western-style buttermilk flavor. [Image 6

6. And butter homemade burnt butter
Canned chocolate 972 yen, cream chocolate 1,080 yen, chocolate cream sandwich S 918 yen, square chocolate 1,080 yen, chocolate truffle 864 yen
“and butter” is a new brand that features home-made charred butter made by simmering Hokkaido butter that goes well with chocolate over low heat.
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* Product name, listed clockwise from the upper left

Tea or coffee + sweets = “Nunkatsu”
“Nun-katsu”, which is a hot topic as a buzzword in 2022, refers to afternoon tea activities at hotels and cafes, but we propose Nun-katsu to enjoy at home with colorful and uplifting sweets.
[Suggest sweet time with milk tea + chocolate]
7. Comte de France Marriage Milk Tea Various 1,404 yen (honey, caramel) Tea leaves and milk powder are blended in one tea bag, so you can enjoy authentic milk tea just by brewing hot water.
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8. La Maison Shirokane Tablet Chocolate 194 yen each
Chocolate “tablet chocolate” that you can enjoy both taste and color. A wide variety of toppings such as fruits and nuts.
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9. Inic Coffee Marshmallow Chocolat 378 yen each
After preparing a hot caffe latte, all you have to do is add chocolate-coated marshmallow chocolate. You can enjoy a more luxurious latte than usual. You can choose from 3 flavors (caramel, cocoa, white).
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“Sustainable” chocolate that is not only delicious but also contributes We collected chocolates that can contribute to fair trade, employment support, protection cat activities, etc.
10. Galley Nano Bar Pistachio & Almonds ¥648
Belgian Royal Warrant chocolate brand. By purchasing chocolate, you contribute to improving the living conditions of cocoa growers in Ivory Coast.
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11. Nagi Chocolate 540 yen each
Using carefully selected fruits, it is handmade at a directly managed factory in Okayama Prefecture. The package is created from a network of disabled artists all over Japan.
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12. DADACA CACAOCAT 6 pieces 745 yen each (strawberry milk)
It features an original package of a lovely cat that collaborated with an artist. Part of the sales is donated to rescue cat activities. [Image 13

[Limited to Hands Club members] Reward for yourself gift campaign Purchase period: January 13 (Fri)-February 14 (Tue)
Application period: January 13 (Friday) to February 15 (Wednesday) How to apply: Purchase a total of 5,000 yen or more including tax at a store or online store and apply from the website or app.
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