Hankodo.com Natural precious wood nameplate New branding on the back as an option

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[Hankodo.com] Natural precious wood nameplate New branding on the back as an option
Pray for exorcism by putting the guardian deity of the Lord on the back of the nameplate.

Rinsyundo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture; Representative Director: Eiji Hayashi), which manufactures and sells seals and rubber stamps and operates the mail-order site
“Hankodo.com”, has renewed the nameplate options. We have added a new plan to apply the Mamoru Honzon branding to the back of the nameplate. [Image 1d25668-51-93824c9789d4740ccf33-0.jpg&s3=25668-51-4a83bae3504b2c7b202d79bcfeef4c12-1089x1222.jpg
Inkan, rubber stamp manufacturing and sales, and the mail-order site “Hankodo.com” deal with a large number of nameplates made of natural precious wood. As an option for natural precious wood, we have started a new plan to brand the back of the nameplate.
Select the material from the natural precious wood nameplate page and move to the product list page.
[Image 2d25668-51-0c446bbee7b76ee16863-1.jpg&s3=25668-51-53b6dab7ae00ff1842216d49c21a69dc-852x707.jpg
On the product page, enter the number of nameplate sizes and engraving methods you want to create, and click the “Add to basket” button to confirm the nameplates.
[Image 3d25668-51-6c6b9d95093e7b88aea4-2.jpg&s3=25668-51-20ee3dd9079af65bebefe866b7d07c38-875x502.jpg
The contents of your cart are displayed. Click the “Return to previous screen” button to go to the nameplate page.
[Image 4d25668-51-dbe203105ce8358e445f-3.jpg&s3=25668-51-56adf526c0922c32b87740999495e502-809x722.jpg
Scroll the nameplate page and click the “Go to the product page” button of the Mamoru Honzon branding in the item of the good luck option.
[Image 5d25668-51-80322264ef3a7cb7c505-4.jpg&s3=25668-51-a51939c91af2680479ba5f2293d7e8df-867x487.jpg
A list of back morihonzon brands will be displayed. Select your favorite Mamoru Honzon, put it in the cart, and proceed to the purchase procedure.
[Image 6d25668-51-6abce7d2dec4684bb19c-5.png&s3=25668-51-37682344b30cad8b29c60cb272d699e8-792x861.png
Please refer to the following URL for the natural precious wood nameplate of Hankodo.com.
At Hankodo.com, in addition to natural precious wood nameplates, we also handle many products related to stamps and seals.
For Hankodo.com, please refer to the following URL.
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