Hanshin Umeda Main Store “Family ceremony style” for millennial dads and moms

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[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] “Family ceremony style” for millennial dads and moms Family style on the 6th floor, men’s fashion and baby goods

■January 25 (Wednesday) → March 21 (Tuesday/holiday)
■ 6th floor baby and children’s clothing men’s miscellaneous goods The 6th floor is for millennial families who are good at having fun with their families. Shopping and outings for the anniversary of the start of a new life will also become memories and anniversaries of your family. Hanshin Umeda Main Store specializes in products suitable for spring ceremonies so that you can enjoy shopping unique to spring. It is full of things and things that can be used for special anniversaries.
Children are the main characters! Especially the personality shines in the entrance ceremony style of elementary school
In Osaka Prefecture, children, who are the main characters of the ceremony, tend to wear uniforms at kindergartens and nursery schools, and plain clothes at elementary schools. For many children, entering kindergarten and school is the first time they have the chance to wear formal attire. And it seems.
“KIDS Ceremony Style” will be held at “Event West” on the 6th floor In order to prevent small children from getting tired of trying on clothes, “Event West” on the 6th floor collects dresses and suits that are perfect for kindergarten entrance preparations. In addition, we have accessories, formal shoes, and sub-bags that you can order with your favorite ribbons and laces, which are indispensable for styling, so you can complete your shopping in one place.
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6th floor “Event West” Until January 31st (Tue). After that, clothes will be available at the former sales floor until the end of March. [Image 2

“Zuppadi Zucca” boys suit set (110-130cm, jacket, pants, long-sleeved shirt, tie pin badge) 31,900 yen
A whole set of stylish coordinates. * After “Event West” ends, it will be available at the original sales floor until the end of March. [Image 3

“Zuppadi Zucca” ensemble (110-130cm, short-sleeved dress bolero) 31,900 yen A one-piece ensemble with a clean design that is easy to move around in. * After “Event West” ends, it will be available at the original sales floor until the end of March.
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“La Mer”
(Upper right) Long ribbon tie (medium) 3,630 yen (Large) 4,510 yen A stylish ribbon tie with a minimalist design. * Ends on the 31st (Tue) [Image 5

“Dresco” Alice enamel black shoes with navy ribbon (12-23cm) 5,580 yen Comes with a removable ribbon. Mary Jane type that is easy to wear. * Ends on the 31st (Tue)
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“Nana Enje” sub-bag 3-piece set 24,130 yen
Matching design with shoes and gym clothes. You can choose your favorite fabric and lace. * Ends on the 31st (Tue)
An array of excellent accessories that will make the usual suit dad look formal. Pocket handkerchiefs, ties, lapel pins, etc. are recommended for those who are looking for a new suit for their father for an important family anniversary. On the same floor, there is a gentleman’s sundries section, where you can find a variety of authentic sundries that will enhance your formal style just by adding one item to your usual style. [Image 7

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“Franco Spada” pocket squares 3,190 yen each
“If only I had this” pocket square. A versatile design that can be used in any formal setting and at any age. We have a wide variety of patterns such as gorgeous paisley and pop impression dot watermark patterns.
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“Fairfax” shirt (M/L/LL) 11,000 yen; necktie 12,100 yen each; tie bar 9,900 yen A brand based on the concept of “American traditional”, a style nurtured in New England on the East Coast of the United States. Although it is orthodox, it is not formal and directs a youthful and dashing image.
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