Hanshin Umeda Main Store Full of strawberries! Hanshin Strawberry and Chocolate Festival 2023 (vol.2)

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[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] Full of strawberries! Hanshin Strawberry and Chocolate Festival 2023 (vol.2)
When strawberry and chocolate meet, it’s a cute and delicious Valentine’s Day. Hanshin’s “#Strawberry Valentine”

“Hanshin Strawberry and Chocolate Festival 2023”
■8th Floor Event Hall: February 1st (Wednesday) → February 14th (Tuesday) *until 6:00 p.m. on the last day
Basement 1st Western confectionery floor: January 18 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday)
■ 1F Food Festival Terrace “Strawberry Valentine on Food Festival Terrace”: February 1 (Wednesday) → 14 (Tuesday)
■ 2nd floor → 6th floor Event terrace: The holding period varies depending on the floor. Please see our website for details. *Until 6:00 p.m. on the last day
■ Official website:
https://web.hh-online.jp/hanshin/contents/store/valentine/?utm_medium=prtimes&utm_source=hp&utm_campaign=valentine The long-awaited chocolate festival “Valentine’s Day” has arrived! Speaking of Hanshin’s Valentine’s Day, #Strawberry Valentine’s Day has become firmly established. From February 1st, it will be held simultaneously on each floor, including the 8th floor exhibition space of the main venue, the 1st floor food festival terrace of the symbol floor, and the event terrace on each floor. This year, the “Strawberry picking in Umeda” where you can eat and compare strawberry varieties is back! And there are plenty of strawberry chocolates and strawberry snacks, and it’s full of highlights. A large collection of cute and delicious chocolates such as chocolates made by domestic and foreign chocolatiers!
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Experience “strawberry picking” on each floor!
[Image 2

Finally, “Strawberry picking in Umeda” is back for the first time in 3 years! This time it will be held on the 1st to 6th floors and the 8th floor. You can choose and compare your favorite 5 types from a total of 7 branded strawberries such as “Kotoka” and “Skyberry”. Please enjoy the difference in taste while visiting each floor.
“Strawberry picking in Umeda”
◎February 1st (Wednesday) → 5th (Sunday)
◎ 1st floor food festival terrace, 2nd → 6th floor event terrace, 8th floor event space
◎ Participation fee: 550 yen
◎Capacity: The first 200 people each day
◎Ticket sales location: 2nd floor event terrace
cute! Cute sweets with plenty of strawberries are lined up!
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“Tower of the Sun Western Sweets Shop” -Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store- From left) Amaou Ruby Ring Parfait (1 piece) 1,540 yen
Awayuki pearl ring parfait (1 piece) 1,760 yen
8th floor event space
Decorate the pink raspberry mousse and lemon-flavored refreshing butter cream with bright red strawberries, and then enter the dream world with the strawberry ring! There are plenty of custards with strawberry pulp sauce, thick eggs from Tamba and western liquor, and homemade granola with freeze-dried strawberries! It is also
recommended to enjoy the difference between red and white flavors with a luxurious white strawberry parfait.
[Image 4

“Tower of the Sun Western Sweets Shop” -Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store- “Ronnefeldt” strawberry royal milk tea (1 cup) 760 yen
Amaou shortcake (1 piece) 800 yen
“Ronnefeldt” strawberry royal milk tea set (1 serving) 1,500 yen 8th floor event space
Strawberry cream with berry puree and fluffy sponge shortcake are sandwiched with sliced ​​strawberries.
Please look forward to the various patterns of the shop’s specialty sauce art drawn on the plate. There is also a set with a
strawberry-scented royal milk tea from Ronnefeldt.
[Image 5

“sweets gallery ℃ sesshi” -Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store- From left) Daiki strawberry parfait Hanshin strawberry and chocolate festival ver. (1 piece) 1,781 yen
Itsuma demo Daiki strawberry parfait Hanshin strawberry and chocolate festival ver. (1 piece) 1,650 yen
8th floor event space
A love story parfait made by a patissier from a famous hotel. The parfait on the left is made with love for berry terrine, ruby ​​chocolate, and rose jelly. The parfait on the right, which expresses a happy wedding day with a shortcake, is a refreshing lemon blancmange with amaretto cream. Accented with rosemary and rose scent and rock salt crumble.
[Image 6

“Ile de Petit Fève” -Limited to the Hanshin Umeda main store only on the left- From left) Strawberry pistachio ice cream parfait (1 piece) 1,870 yen Ice Chocolate Macaron Parfait (1 piece) 1,320 yen
8th floor event space
The parfait made by the owner, who honed his skills in Paris and Japan, is attractive for its delicate and gentle sweetness. The parfait on the left has strawberries, rich milk and pistachio ice cream, while the parfait on the right has rich chocolate and almond ice cream, and a large macaron sandwiched between ice creams. [Image 7

“Fuji France” -Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store-
From left) Premium strawberry parfait (1 piece) 1,451 yen
Strawberry from that time (1 piece) 651 yen
8th floor event space
Among the heaps of domestic strawberries, there are strawberry meringue and soft ice cream, strawberry chocolate wrapped salt cookies, strawberry and banana milk sauce, and many other textures and flavors! The parfait also has a white strawberry “Awayuki” version. Strawberry cake contains lychee-scented banana jam and strawberry sauce! It’s nice that you can enjoy it until the end with a stem made of chocolate!
[Image 8

“Fruit Garden Shin SUN”
From left) Strawberry parfait (1 piece) 1,201 yen
3 kinds of strawberry parfait (1 piece) 1,481 yen
8th floor event space
The parfait on the left is full of strawberries from Saga Prefecture, “Ichigo-san”, both inside and on top! Lightly sweetened fresh cream and chewy jelly with a new texture bring out the deliciousness of strawberries even more. The parfait on the right is a luxurious parfait where you can enjoy two white strawberries in addition to “Ichigo-san”.
[Image 9

“Hanshin Tigers x Morozoff”
From above)
Hanshin Tigers Book Milk Chocolate (124g/24 pieces + tin badge) 1,944 yen -Scheduled number of sales 300-
Hanshin Tigers Milk Chocolate (41g/8 pieces) 864 yen -Scheduled number of sales 800-
8th floor event space
There is also a set of milk chocolate and an original can badge in a book-shaped box, and a chocolate with a different label on a chic can with a tiger logo! If you are a Hanshin fan, please check it out!

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