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[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] Local Brand Strawberry Collection January 15th (Sun) is “Strawberry Day”! “I’m sure you’ll find your favorite strawberry!”

■ January 15 (Sun) to February 14 (Tue)
■ Basement 1st floor fruits and vegetables section “Nishikatsu fruits and vegetables” and “Freshly picked fruit MIZUNO”
January 15th (Sun) is “Strawberry Day” (*). Strawberries are eaten all over the world, but it is said that Japan has the highest consumption of raw strawberries in the world. There are about 300 varieties of strawberries in Japan, and even now, breed improvement is repeated in various parts of Japan, and unique new varieties are born one after another. is included. Such strawberries gather at two stores in Hanshin Umeda Main Store. We will also prepare a “strawberry matrix” that can be understood at a glance, created by tasting with all the staff. There are about 35 kinds of strawberries, including varieties that are rarely shipped outside the prefecture where they are produced and that are difficult to obtain, as well as premium strawberries that are also appreciated as gifts.
* Established by the National Strawberry Consumption Expansion Council because it is a pun on “15 (strawberry)” and the full-scale harvest and shipment of strawberries begins in mid-January.
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“Strawberry Matrix” *Coordinates are dummy
15 varieties gathered at Nishikatsu Fruits and Vegetables, which boasts a strong connection with the production area
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Kotoka, Nara Prefecture Rare ☆☆
An original variety from Nara Prefecture. Bright red strawberries with a rich sweetness accented with just the right amount of acidity. It is also said to be the most popular recently.
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Kyoto Prefecture “Shibuya Farm” Kyo no Shizuku Rare ☆☆☆☆
Brand strawberries from “Shibuya Farm” in Yawata City, Kyoto Prefecture. We are committed to harvesting before dawn when the fruit is at its best.
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Wakayama Prefecture Marihime Rare ☆☆☆
An original variety from Wakayama Prefecture. Because it is large and has little sourness, its sweetness and juiciness stand out. Rare strawberries that are produced in small quantities and difficult to obtain.
*Product prices are not shown because they fluctuate depending on the auction prices in the wholesale market.
Fantastic strawberries appear in “Mozitate Kajitsu MIZUNO” where the connoisseur of a fruit specialty store comes alive
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Nara Prefecture Kotohime Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
A recent variety developed by crossing Nara Prefecture’s original varieties ‘Kotoka’ and ‘Tamahime’. The sourness of “Tamahime” and the rich sweetness of “Kotoka”. We firmly inherit the goodness of each. Precious strawberries from 3 producers.

[Image 7

Saga Prefecture Sakihime Rarity ☆☆☆☆
Known as the “phantom strawberry”, Kazuyoshi Nakamura from
Shiroishi-cho, Saga Prefecture is the sole producer. Juicy
strawberries with an average sweetness of over 15 degrees.

[Image 8

Tokushima Prefecture Sakura Peach Strawberry Rarity ☆☆
High-quality ripe strawberries that are red to the root. A special strawberry jointly developed by the Osaka Central Wholesale Market and Tokushima Prefecture, it is basically a rare product that can only be found in the Osaka Central Wholesale Market.
*Product prices are not shown because they fluctuate depending on the auction prices in the wholesale market.
“Strawberry covered sundae” appears at the juice stand “MOGITATE”

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