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[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] Mineral Capital in HANSHIN
Nowadays jewelry is a loose (naked stone) principle!

■January 18th (Wednesday) → 24th (Tuesday)
■ 2nd floor “Event Terrace”
Loose (naked stone) refers to a stone that has been cut and polished to maximize its beauty before being polished. People called “mineral enthusiasts” are gaining popularity on SNS, and specimen events and exhibitions are held, and the attention to “minerals” is increasing. Meanwhile, the popularity of jewelry such as rings and necklaces is also changing. An increasing number of people are choosing products based on the charm of the loose items themselves, rather than the brand’s name recognition and best-selling principles. Also, since it can be enjoyed without seasons, it seems that it is regarded as a shopping that is worth investing in.
At the Hanshin Umeda Main Store, we will feature 8 stores that have a good reputation for their collection of rare loose and minerals for a limited time, with a wish for a good start to the new year. We have prepared a lot of experience content only for this time.
18th (Wednesday) to 21st (Saturday) Opening stores
[Image 1

“Natural stone around” (left) crystal dragon sculpture 260,000 yen (right) amethyst 242,000 yen
A natural stone and rock salt shop in the port town of Kobe. We pride ourselves on our selection of the highest quality crystals. You can also experience geode cracking during the exhibition period. [Image 2

“arth” (left) Russian demantoid garnet 68,200 yen, (right) Tanzanian purple sapphire 16,500 yen
There are rare loose pieces such as garnet with a rare inclusion called horsetail.
[Image 3

“Rinoc” Hyalite Opal 1,100 yen
It is the rarest stone among Japanese Opals because it is difficult to produce. It is characterized by its neon color when exposed to black light.
[Image 4

“SugarGem” (sugar gem) white opal loose 3,300 yen ~
Loose natural white opal from Australia. We will tailor it to your favorite jewelry.
Opening stores from 21st (Sat) to 24th (Tue)

[Image 5

“Precious stone carved ooyori x TO LABO” raw stone pierced earrings from 7,480 yen
Taking advantage of the shape of the raw stone, a traditional craftsman carefully tailored it into a one-of-a-kind pierced earring. [Image 6

We also sell loose, jewelry, and crystal sake cups registered as utility models by the Patent Office by nationally qualified
traditional craftsmen.
[Image 7

“Thousand red” 18-karat gold pearl brooch 165,000 yen
A brooch with 12 Akoya pearls set on 18-karat gold base metal. During the period, you can also experience pearl scooping.
[Image 8

“fukane stone” morganite Oregon sunstone wire wrap pendant 30,250 yen Original jewelry made with a unique method called “Fukane-maki”, in which the loose ends are fastened with a wire. You can order on the spot in about 10 minutes.
[Image 9




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