Happo-en Happo-en ∞ Kagamiishi Town , Fukushima Prefecture Holds “Kagamiishi Rice Field Art Festival” to Enjoy, Enjoy, and Eat at Shirokanedai MuSuBu

-Town revitalization through industry-academia-government
collaboration-Happo-en∞Kagamiishi Rice Field Art Festival, where you can enjoy watching, eating, and eating at Kagamiishi Town in Shirokanedai MuSuBu
We will also offer an event-only menu created by Chef Happoen MuSuBu, using rice from the 10th anniversary Kagamiishi Rice Paddy Art!
Happo-en Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshinori Inoue, Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Happo-en”), a comprehensive production company, aims to spread the word about local areas throughout Japan through PR support for promoting industries that make use of local specialties. We are working on revitalization and have held more than 90 pop-up events so far.
At Happo-en, from February 1st (Wednesday) to February 5th (Sunday), 2023, we will collaborate with local high school students and local producers in Kagamiishi Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, to hold activities centered on rice paddy art. The “Kagamiishi Tanbo Art Festival” will be held at “MuSuBu” in Shirokanedai, Tokyo to widely publicize local products. [YouTube LIVE distribution: Saturday, February 4, 2023, from 13:15 https://youtu.be/jPKt2-OzNBE]
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Enjoy watching and eating! “Kagamiishi Rice Paddy Art” Celebrating its 10th Anniversary
Kagamiishi Rice Paddy Art started in 2012 after the Great East Japan Earthquake with the aim of revitalizing the region in Kagamiishi Town, Fukushima Prefecture. You can see it from the observation room on the 4th floor of the Kagamiishi-cho Library. Based on the concept of “Picture book seen from the window -Another library-“, the theme is children’s songs, children’s stories, and songs, and the design is changed every year. increase. Last year, it was also the venue for the National Rice Paddy Art Summit, and the famous anime creator Tomoken Kogawa worked on a design based on the theme of “Tsuru no Ongaeshi” in gratitude for the support given ten years after the earthquake. I was. At the “Kagamiishi Rice Paddy Art Festival” to be held this time, there will be an event-limited menu using rice from the rice paddy art, which is said to be the best time to eat around February, and Kagamiishi-cho’s brand strawberry “Fukuharuka”. We will introduce the charm of Kagamiishi town, such as providing the sweets used, introducing “Kagamiishi rice field art” that you can learn through videos and exhibitions, and visiting the locals who know the charm of Kagamiishi town. . We will deliver 5 days of watching, eating, learning and enjoying.
[Details of “Kagamiishi Rice Field Art Festival”]
Date: February 1st (Wednesday) to February 5th (Sunday), 2023 Time: 11:00-18:00
Location: HAPPO-EN URBAN SQUARE 1st and 2nd floor, 4-9-19
Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
YouTubeLIVE delivery: February 4, 2023 (Sat) 13:15- https://youtu.be/jPKt2-OzNBE URL: https://www.happo-en.com/musubu/
[“Kagamiishi Rice Field Art Festival” 5 original contents]
1. -Gourmet-Limited menu for events where you can enjoy Kagamiishi rice paddy art rice and Kagamiishi strawberries
Ingredients from Kagamiishi Town, which boasts one of the most popular agricultural products in the prefecture. Based on the theme of this year’s rice paddy art, “Tsuru no Ongaeshi,” and with the concept of “giving back food”, the Happoen MuSuBu chef’s special event limited menu using ingredients such as rice and strawberries from the rice paddy art. will be delivered.
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Kagamiishi colorful set meal ~Give back~
1,800 yen (tax included, drinks included) *Takeout available It is a colorful set where you can taste plenty of products from Kagamiishi along with the rice of Kagamiishi rice paddy art. Please enjoy the colorful appearance and taste of the special set meal, which expresses the feeling of “thank you” from Kagamiishi Town to everyone all over the country.
・Kagamiishi colorful set
・Drink of your choice
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■Rice pudding with caramel sauce
400 yen (tax included) *Takeout available
Rice pudding with a gentle sweetness, made with Kagamiishi rice paddy art rice. In addition to the natural sweetness and smooth texture of rice, the sweetness of caramel adds just the right amount of flavor to create an addictive dish.

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Kagamiishi Strawberry Luxury Parfait
¥1500 (tax included) *Limited to 10 servings
An original parfait that uses plenty of Kagamiishi strawberries, which are very popular in the prefecture. In addition to strawberries, Happoen Patissier’s original limited special dessert that allows you to fully enjoy Kagamiishi, such as chiffon cake and yogurt made with rice flour from Kagamiishi.

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Luxury Kagamiishi strawberry (Fukuharuka) tart
¥600 (tax included) *Limited to 20 meals each day on weekdays / 50 meals each day on weekends
That strawberry tart, which was sold out every day last year, is back for a limited time! A luxurious tart that uses a whole lot of Fukushima Prefecture’s original brand “Fukuharuka”. The special strawberry sauce goes well with the aroma of the tart dough. Please enjoy it with the accent of almond chips. If you haven’t tasted it yet, please enjoy Happoen’s original premium sweets this time. 2. -Exhibition & Experience-Everyone in Kagamiishi Town is coming! A rice field art exhibition and photo booth where you can enjoy the charm of Kagamiishi Town
Kagamiishi Rice Paddy Art Exhibition & Kagamiishi Town Photo Booth Exhibition Through videos and photos, we will introduce how local high school students and everyone in Kagamiishi-cho work together to create rice paddy art, including sowing seeds, raising seedlings, surveying the drafts of drawings, and planting rice. In the photo booth, we will display photos that capture the charm of Kagamiishi Town, along with past works of “Kagamiishi Rice Paddy Art”. Experience the tranquil and beautiful Kagamiishi town.
■-Mamemaki experience and mochi pounding competition! -The people of Kagamiishi Town and Kagamiishi Town’s official mascot character “Ranch no Ahsa♪” are coming to MuSuBu!
Local people who know the charm of Kagamiishi-cho come to MuSuBu on a daily basis. Iwase Agricultural High School Students who have an industry-academia collaboration agreement with Happo-en, the Kagamiishi Town Community Revitalization Volunteers, the members of the Kagamiishi Rice Growing Group, who work on rice farming in Kagamiishi Town, and Kankanterasu, a town station that knows everything about local specialties. The station master and the town’s official mascot, “Bokujou no Ahsa♪” also visited the store! This is a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the locals about the charm of Kagamiishi Town.
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(From left) Iwase Agricultural High School Student, Koriyama Women’s University Affiliated High School Student, “Kankan Terrace” Station Manager
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(From left) Kagamiishi Rice Production Group, Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteer, Farm Arthur ♪ Past visits
[Visit schedule]
・-February 1st (Wednesday)-Fukushima Prefectural Iwase Agricultural High School Students (developed product sales, first-come-first-served rice gifts, etc.)
・-February 3 (Friday)-High school students affiliated with Koriyama Women’s University (sales of developed products, etc.)
“Kankan Terrace” stationmaster (15:00-“Setsubun bean-throwing experience” held) ・-February 4th (Sat)-Kagamiishi rice making group (11:00-“Mochi making event & kinako mochi behavior” held)
・-February 4th (Sat), 5th (Sun)-Regional revitalization cooperation team (handmade specialty product sales, etc.)
・-February 4th (Sat), 5th (Sun)-Ranch Ahsa ♪
3. -Sales-A collection of Kagamiishi-cho specialties, including rice and strawberries!
Kagamiishi-machi’s specialty products such as the popular
Kagamiishi-brand strawberries, as well as rice from Kagamiishi-machi, which is the main character of this time, are gathered together! Original products developed by the Community Revitalization
Cooperation Volunteers and goods related to “Bokujou no Ahsa♪”, as well as products jointly developed by high school students in Kagamiishi Town and Happo-en, such as “Kagamiishi Strawberry Butter” and “Iwase Agricultural High School Rice Additive-free Koji Ama”. Zake” will also be on sale. Enjoy shopping at the carefully selected seasonal produce market.
Four. [Experience] Various experience contents to experience Kagamiishi Town We will hold sustainable workshops that you can enjoy after tasting delicious rice, such as making eco-bags remade from rice bags and flower arranging using rice ears. Please experience it as a memory of the event.
[Making an original eco bag made from rice bags]
A workshop to remake rice bags and make original eco bags. Experience making your own eco bag, which is stronger than paper bags and easy to make with your children.
・ Date: February 4th (Sat) and 5th (Sun), 2023 *Limited to 30 groups ・Time: Held at any time (required time: about 30 minutes)
・ Participation fee: 500 yen (tax included)
[Original arrangement made with ears of rice]
We will hold a stylish original arrangement making experience using the ears of rice from “Kagamiishi Rice Paddy Art”. Based on the lecture by the flower coordinator, it is recommended not only for decorating at home, but also as a gift for that important person. ・Date: February 4th (Sat) and 5th (Sun), 2023 *Limited to 6 groups each day ・Time: 15:00-16:00 (required time: about 60 minutes)
・ Participation fee: 2,500 yen (tax included)
*Advance reservations are required by phone. (TEL: 03-6356-2030)

5. -Linked event-The same event will be held at Matsushigate in Matsushige, Tokushima Prefecture
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“MuSuBu” holds pop-up showrooms that change weekly with local governments. From February 2023, we will start holding a linked event at the exchange base facility “Matsushi Gate” in Matsushige Town, Tokushima Prefecture, which has concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Happo-en.
From this event, the same event will be held at “Matsushi Gate” after the event at “MuSuBu”. We will promote the appeal of each region, mainly selling specialty products and specialty products.
[Kagamiishi Rice Field Art Festival in Matsushi Gate]
・ Date: February 8 (Wednesday) to February 19 (Sunday), 2023 for 12 days ・Time: 11:00-17:00
・Details: Introduction to Kagamiishi rice paddy art, sales of special products from Kagamiishi Town, etc. (no food or drink menu)
・Place: Matsushigate, 10 Sanbangoshi, Hiroshima, Matsushige, Itano-gun, Tokushima Prefecture
・ “Matsushigate” official website: https://matsushigate.or.jp/ [Kagamiishi ∞ Happo-en ― Initiatives and achievements so far] [Image 9

Happo-en met Kagamiishi Town in Fukushima Prefecture while working to support the host town activities of local governments nationwide as the core company of the “Host Town Appeal Executive Committee” at the 2020 Tokyo Games.
Since 2019, we have concluded an industry-academia collaboration agreement with Fukushima Prefectural Iwase Agricultural High School, which is working to dispel the harmful rumors of agricultural products produced in Fukushima Prefecture, and then concluded a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Kagamiishi Town. We have carried out various initiatives such as product development and event production using Kagamiishi strawberries with high school students attached to Koriyama Women’s University.
The jointly developed product “Iwase Agricultural High School Rice Additive-free Koji Amazake” using GAP rice produced by Iwase Agricultural High School students is “Reiwa 2nd Year Sustainable Agriculture Promotion Contest for the Future (sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)” GAP We have won the “Production Director’s Award” in the department and the “2021 Excellent Quality Gold Award” in the “Monde Selection 2021”. In July of last year, as part of the utilization of local resources, the first wedding photo shoot in Japan against the background of “rice paddy art” became a hot topic.
We will continue to utilize the strengths and resources of both parties, such as the rich local resources and charm of Kagamiishi Town and the production capabilities cultivated by Happo-en. We will work on promotions and content development that will lead to promotion of tourism and tourism.
About the pop-up showroom “MuSuBu”
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E-MAIL: musubu@happo-en.com

About Happo-en, a comprehensive production company
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Founded 80 years ago, in Shirokanedai, Tokyo, Happo-en, which has a vast Japanese garden with a history of more than 400 years, has been widely known as a historic wedding hall in Tokyo. However, at present, we are planning and operating banquets and restaurants, promoting the MICE business, and working on product planning and event production through collaboration and collaboration for the purpose of
contributing to society and revitalizing the region. We operate as a production company.
Happo-en has continued to spread the charm of Japan to the world under the corporate philosophy of “For Japanese customers, the hometown of the heart. For overseas customers, Japanese culture.” We are working to create new value for the next generation while preserving history and tradition by utilizing the know-how we have accumulated over the years and the management resources of Happo-en.
[Happoen] https://www.happo-en.com/
[List of Happoen press releases]

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