Happo-en New shrine A new shrine “Phoenix Hall” is born to deepen and cherish ties – A venue where Japanese tradition and new culture harmonize

[New shrine] A new shrine “Phoenix Hall” is born to deepen and cherish ties – A venue where Japanese tradition and new culture harmonize A major renovation from the traditional public ceremony venue to a new Shinto ceremony venue that brings out the beauty of traditional Japan in the modern age.

Happo-en Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshinori Inoue, Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Happo-en”), a comprehensive production company, will celebrate its 80th anniversary this year by transforming the venue for public ceremonies located on the 5th floor of the main building into a new shrine. A major renovation was carried out to the ceremony venue. In April 2023, it will be reborn as a new shrine, “Hou-o-den”, where the traditional Japanese wedding culture and traditional Japanese beauty are brought to life in harmony with a new culture.
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A wish given to two flapping wings.
forever into the future.
Happo-en, a comprehensive production company celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, has helped many weddings. With the times, awareness and styles of weddings have diversified, and even though the bridal industry is undergoing major changes on a daily basis, Happo-en continues to protect the unchanging “essence of weddings.”
Due to the recent situation, there are more and more customers who want to think more deeply about the meaning and value of having a wedding ceremony and value the relationships and connections with close people. Among them, Happo-en, which has a Japanese garden with a history of about 400 years, inherits the Japanese wedding culture and traditions, and there are voices requesting the “God’s ceremony”, which is a solemn atmosphere. I have received a lot of
In April 2023, the new temple “Phoenix Hall” will be born as a new Shinto ceremony venue in order to be a wedding hall that is close to that feeling.

The new temple “Phoenix Hall” – 4 features
1. The God of Marriage, Okuninushi Okami of Izumo Taisha Shrine The Phoenix Hall enshrines Okuninushi no Okami of Izumo Taisha, who has been known as the god of marriage and fortune since ancient times. We will hold a heartwarming Shinto ceremony that will deepen the relationship between the two of you, as well as the relatives and close people who are present, and value the connection. The Phoenix Hall is also suitable for small wedding ceremonies. In a space filled with a solemn atmosphere under the enshrined deity of Izumo Taisha, you can feel closer and deeper connections between the two of you, your family, and your guests.
2. Blessings from nature – A comfortable space surrounded by light [Image 2

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From the back of the altar, a soft light evoking the image of “blessings from nature” comes in, and the trees and the swaying of the wind envelop the couple. Since ancient times in Japan, it has been said that “the gods dwell in the trees”, and on the altar illuminated by the sun, “Izumo Taisha Yabutsubaki” and “Sakaki Hime Sakaki”, which is the yorishiro of the gods, are offered.

3. A symbol of celebration – a phoenix mural that continues to watch over [Image 3

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“Hou-o-den” will be reborn as a Shinto ceremony venue by greatly renovating the public ceremony venue on the 5th floor of the main building, which has held many wedding ceremonies.
The mural of the phoenix that remains in the front room of the temple leaves the setting of the public ceremony venue as it is. A legendary creature from China, the phoenix is ​​known as a bird that appears as an omen of auspicious events and is said to be a symbol of
celebration. The phoenix mural, which has watched over many
connections, will continue to watch over the couple’s departure. 4. Traditional techniques and modern Japanese setting ― Produce a wedding scene like a painting
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The shrine, which is woven from ancient Japanese woodwork, is a space where new cultures harmonize, making the most of traditional Japanese beauty in modern times.
The scattered hexagons come from the turtle shell. As the saying goes, “cranes live for a thousand years, turtles live for ten thousand years,” they symbolize longevity and health.
The altar, which is set up to resemble a picture frame, will create a wedding scene that will remain in the hearts of all the guests, as if the two standing side by side are like a piece of painting.

About Happo-en, a comprehensive production company
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Founded 80 years ago, in Shirokanedai, Tokyo, Happo-en, which has a vast Japanese garden with a history of more than 400 years, has been widely known as a historic wedding hall in Tokyo. However, at present, we are planning and operating banquets and restaurants, promoting the MICE business, and working on product planning and event production through collaboration and collaboration for the purpose of
contributing to society and revitalizing the region. We operate as a production company.
Happo-en has continued to spread the charm of Japan to the world under the corporate philosophy of “For Japanese customers, the hometown of the heart. For overseas customers, Japanese culture.” We are working to create new value for the next generation while preserving history and tradition by utilizing the know-how we have accumulated over the years and the management resources of Happo-en.
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