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Heartbeat! All-you-can-eat strawberry sweets Strawberry Party-Cheers in the strawberry forest-

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Heartbeat! All-you-can-eat strawberry sweets Strawberry Party-Cheers in the strawberry forest-
Safe and secure buffet menu with contactless mobile ordering
At RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura (Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City: General Manager Masato Munayasu), from February 1 (Wednesday) to April 28 (Friday), at “All Day Dining Ritos” on the 2nd floor, strawberry We will hold “Strawberry Party-Cheers in the Strawberry Forest-” with a variety of sweets. This time, in addition to the all-you-can-eat sweets lunch that was popular last year, you can enjoy a variety of lineups at the sweets buffet limited to Monday to Thursday.
At this fair, there will be an array of strawberry sweets that are full of the charm of “sweetness x sourness”. At lunchtime, in addition to petit desserts using 14 kinds of strawberries, you can enjoy all 23 kinds of popular classics such as mousse chocolate at the order buffet as much as you like. The sweets made by a pastry chef who values ​​seasonal ingredients and seasonality use plenty of fresh
strawberries from Kyushu so that you can enjoy the taste of
strawberries themselves. In addition to Western sweets, which we are good at, there are various arrangements such as Japanese-style sweets and almond tofu.
[Image 1

image photo
A thick, sweet and sour custard and strawberry two-layer cream is spread on a thin dough with a chewy texture, and a “strawberry petit cream puff” and a soft and moderately elastic rice cake are accented with a black honey-flavored “mini warabi mochi”. To Kuromitsu with Strawberries” and “Amaou Strawberry Jelly and Almond Tofu” have a smooth texture and milky taste. There are plenty of discerning menus that you can fully enjoy “sweet and sour” such as macarons.
In addition, red decorations with strawberries, rabbits, and flowers are applied inside the store, and you can enjoy your meal in a gorgeous and cute atmosphere unique to the strawberry sweets buffet. The order buffet of “All Day Dining Ritos” adopts a non-contact mobile ordering style from the viewpoint of infection prevention and safety and security, and offers “the pleasure of choosing many dishes by yourself”. I’m here.
We also offer a stay plan that includes this popular lunch and breakfast set, “Stay with Reward Lunch and Breakfast”. Please take this opportunity to enjoy a hotel stay full of strawberries.

Strawberry Party ~Cheers at the Strawberry Forest~ Overview
[Period] February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to April 28, 2023 (Friday) [Store] 2nd floor all-day dining Ritos
* Luxurious lunch with sweets buffet *
[Time] 11:30 to 15:00 (120 minute system/Last order 14:30) [Price] Adult ¥4,700 / Elementary school student ¥3,000
Children’s plate ¥ 1,000
*Monday-Thursday only Strawberry Sweets Buffet* *Excluding holidays [Time] 15:00-17:00 (90 minute system / last order 16:30) [Price] Adult ¥3,000 / Elementary school student ¥2,000
-Sample menu-
◆ Sweets (23 types in total)
[Image 2d16682-1355-25dbcea7f8132ea012a3-2.jpg&s3=16682-1355-67be3d8d9550df48b883de1527a2a276-2880x2160.jpg
image photo
*You can eat as much as you like.
・Strawberry and pistachio macarons
・Strawberry petit cream puff
・Strawberry Mont Blanc
・Roll chocolate strawberry accent
・Mini bracken-starch dumpling with strawberries and brown sugar syrup ・Western-style strawberry daifuku
・Strawberry rare cheesecake
・Strawberry tartlet
・Amaou Strawberry Jelly and Almond Tofu
・Milk pudding Amaou strawberry and condensed milk sauce
・Amaou Strawberry Chiboust
・Pistachio panna cotta and Amaou strawberry soup, etc.
◆Lunch menu
・Appetizer platter
・All-you-can-eat pasta Genovese
・Main dish (choose one dish from below)
・ Red sea bream grilled and potato crepe with white wine-flavored cream sauce ・Spicy roasted Itoshima chicken thigh
・Spaghetti with red snow crab and shrimp ・Peperoncino
・Grilled beef fillet with red wine sauce (+¥800)
◆Soft drinks
 Orange Juice/Apple Juice
 Oolong tea/coffee (hot/iced)/tea (hot/iced)

*Dishes other than sweets will be changed after March.
*Prices shown include tax and service charge.
*All photos are images.
*The contents of the menu are subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients.
*If you change the production area or variety of ingredients without changing the cooking method, the staff will inform you in advance. *Please note that business hours may change depending on the situation. -Reservations and inquiries from customers-
RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura Restaurant reservations TEL.093-531-1070 (reception hours 9:00-18:00)

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